Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PC Review Review

This year, in The Game Awards 2021 the Japanese company Square Enix announced the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and it was released exclusively through Epic Games Store on December 16. Epic Games Store on December 16. What did the porting of last year’s smash PlayStation review go? Find out in this article.

  • Producer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Date of release: December 16, 2021

The first Final Fantasy VII from then Squaresoft was released in 1997 for the first PlayStation, and a year later, PC owners could experience the stunning graphics and, as we’ve discovered, fate was the same for the sequel.

Despite all the sequels’ amazingness, FFVII became the most talked-about and sought-after component of the series and had Cloud, Sephiroth, and Tifa making the list of the most famous characters from the history of gaming.

The fad for the game was so huge that in 2006 the game’s developers launched Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. It was a PS2 shooter (delightful, in fact) with Vincent Valentine several years after the first story.

In addition, Square created an amazingly gorgeous (for at the moment) CGI animated Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that developed the tale of Part 7 and the mobile games Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. However, their most significant ode to the classic game is The Final Fantasy VII Remake, an entirely reworked and modernized remake of the classic.

To the joy of the PC gamers of the game, Final Fantasy VII Remake was not a long time extended in the exclusives, and on the 16th of December 2021, the game was available in EGS with the updated Intergrade edition, which includes an additional Yuffie story, which included several enhancements, as well as a massive (by PC standards) price cost in 5719 rubles.

In this article, we’ll not discuss the gameplay or the remake’s plot because there’s already an extensive analysis of both the first Final Fantasy VII Remake and the native edition available for PS5 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade available on Make sure to check the game out if you haven’t yet!

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The developers have promised us “improved textures as well as lighting and scenery.” the ability to customize photo modes supported by 4K resolutions, HDR technology, compatibility with XInput and DirectInput controllers with keyboard and mouse, and an increase of up to 120 frames per second frame rate.”

The game’s lighting has changed significantly while the volume shadows got darker, and the surrounding area and, in particular, the interiors with lots of small objects became easier to read; however, the overall details of the game are lacking.

Each well-processed texture contains dozens of low-resolution components such as blurry, flat surfaces and piles of undeveloped items with blurry backgrounds and very shaded, barely noticeable reflections of mirror surfaces that are tinted.

The models for the characters appear incredible when viewed with great attention to detail, even in game-like scenes. Every crease on Tifa’s skirt, as well as every hairline in Cloud’s, is incredibly detailed. The light reflects and plays on the shoulder pads that are unevenly colored and the white scuffs that line the sword’s hilt made of leather. Every scene is a work of art!

The photo mode is included in the game; however, “detailed modification” is not the issue. It’s as straightforward as you can get. It allows you to quit the game, disable the interfaces, and if you desire the active characters, the camera refuses to separate or disappear from Cloud and can bump into any object in the surroundings.

There are no filters in Square Enix’s photo mode; you aren’t able to manually blur particular unwanted details, you aren’t able to focus on a specific element, and you aren’t able to play with the brightness, contrast, or colors.

However, you can switch to camera mode at any time, whether it’s walking through the areas as well as a fight or any cat-related scene. In the second scenario, the camera will remain stationary; however, it will block the dialog boxes. Also, since Final Fantasy VII Remake is packed with cinematic scenes that have the bokeh effect, you’ll be able to capture numerous amazing pictures.

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The controls are very perfectly adapted to keyboards and mice; however, I’d not say it’s convenient in the default setting. It is, however, possible to alter the keys, even those on the Xbox gamepad.

Optimization is almost without complaints. The frames are kept between 90 and 100 FPS; in scenes,, it is about 60. Sometimes, however, at certain times, it drops to 30, sometimes even 20, but there is nothing that can be considered critical.

The processor isn’t more than 7-10% used, while it’s graphics adapter (I have Nvidia GeForce 2070 Super) is utilized 98-99% for the majority of the time. In idle times even in the menu for games.

There aren’t any specific options available in the graphic settings. All players have to choose the appropriate presets for shadows and textures. select a frame rate of between 60, 90, and 120 (with the game automatically turning on adaptive resolution) and choose the number of characters displayed on the screen.

UltraWide screens Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, however, is not able to support, but it can be played in 4K, and the game comes with a fully integrated High Dynamic Range (HDR) function that includes the ability to alter the intensity of UI interfaces.

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade isn’t perfect, it has beautiful low-resolution textures, mediocre backgrounds, and lots of framerate dropouts that seem to be unavoidable. The game is playable and very beautiful as it comes with a great combat system, stunning character designs, as well as an incredibly addicting Final Fantasy VII atmosphere.

The story that we are reliving now twenty years later is an experience that’s difficult to put words into words if the story once affected your heart. The only thing that really bothers me is yet again the outrageously overpriced price.

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