Farming Simulator 22 Test

The main focus is on the hard-working life of a farmer, which includes almost everything that comes with it. It has everything from plowing the fields and the subsequent harvest, taking care of animals, and even the financial aspects of a farmer’s existence since, after all, there is money to be deposited into the bank accounts. This is the same fundamental concept: It could be extremely comfortable to drive through the virtual field using an actual tractor after working in objective reality.

Game of Seasons: Game of Seasons

Seasons is one of the most significant and simultaneously exciting developments within Farming Simulator 22. Contrary to previous versions, They do not just have visually appealing effects but also are essential to gameplay. Each crop has its timetable for growth: Oats, for example, are best planted during March through April, and harvest is expected to begin in August, at the time of the. Sugar cane, however, can remain in the fields for a long time into November before beginning harvesting. This can add an element of depth to the game. If you do not arrive at the perfect time for cultivation or harvesting, your yield is gone, and with it, the money you put into it. If you find this too stressful, there is also the option of deactivating the seasons. We would suggest against this as they can be a massive boost for your game.

The same applies to a different new technology which is the production chains. You can build your structures within Farming Simulator 22 for further processing your harvest or at least arrange for the transportation of your crop to other production facilities. It’s hinted at the older Tycoon simulations (Transport Tycoon, anyone? ). However, it doesn’t offer an excessively complicated goods cycle. This aspect that is played out is somewhat simple, but like the seasons, it can bring an extra flavor to the life of a farmer.

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Enormous scale, dumb AI

Giants Software’s creators Giants Software have also given the vehicles fleet a significant boost, meaning you can now use more than 400 agricultural equipment in your possession. These range from tractors with various versions of harvesting machines to vehicles that aid in harvesting grapes, for instance. People who are experienced in the subject will be in awe. The representation of the car fleet is precise and accurate in the same way as its predecessor. Comparatively to the predecessor, the appearance is more polished, rounded,, and, consequently, more consistent. The beginner-friendliness has also been improved but still has room for improvement.

Naturally, there isn’t a lot fresh in Farming Simulator 22. Certain things have been retained and then upgraded or added. This is particularly true for AI-controlled helpers. They assist you and perform different tasks. While your AI employees manage your orders’ harvest or fulfillment, you can focus on your other tasks. This is not just good for your nerves but also for your time. It’s just unfortunate that artificial intelligence, as it is referred to it, doesn’t always act reasonably. For instance, just a minor obstacle in a field, and they stop right before it, instead of trying to get rid of it, or at the very least to get around it. This is particularly irritating when they’re supposed to complete a deadline-sensitive task and cannot meet the deadline due to this insanity.

Also, it is a bit annoying graphic quality in Farming Simulator 22 has largely maintained the same quality as the previous versions. Sure, the vehicles and even the various seasons appear beautiful. But the visual growth of the show is constrained. There are also several clipping errors and dropouts in the effects of physics.

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