Far Cry 6 Walkthrough & Guide: All Missions, Find All Criptograma Tables

The initial mission is easy and, most importantly, straightforward in that it does not give you much flexibility. Follow Lita and the orange marker for target and be aware immediately upon descending the first steps so that you do not get noticed by the soldiers to the right, under the underpass.

In general, be mindful, be patient, and take your time instead of speeding ahead. Don’t be upset by the people that you must sneak past. They’re not at risk if they do not turn their backs on you.

If you cannot locate yourself in the sewers because of the lighting issues, Be sure to look out for blue arrows. They’ll show you the path to your destination and return you on the road. Then, you’ll be on the rooftops of homes, and you’ll need alternately slide down ropes and sneak into the apartments open to the inhabitants. They don’t cause any trouble even if you go straight through them.

Have you reached the huge square with the statue? Then grab your legs and sprint to the pier, where a rescue boat is waiting for you.

Fortuna’s No. 1

After you’ve washed up, you need the right weapon to protect yourself. The first marker for a target will take the way to an FND Crate that holds a pistol. Check around and get yourself oriented to the radar in the lower left. You will see an eerie blue mist indicating an enemy on the edge. If you go in the same direction, you’ll find an abandoned bunker, which you will pass on the left. After a while, you’ll encounter a wall with an arrow of blue pointing towards the right. This incidentally is the same image that was stored on their phone of Lita, which is believed to have been a mark taken from Libertad.

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If you are following the direction of the arrow, then, according to the radar, your position should be in an area of red mist. Also, you will see an enormous stone right in front of your face with another arrow. This time, it’s pointed to the left, which indicates two enemies. The first one is dead, who is leaning on some sandbags, using your machete and sneaking ahead of him. If you do, it is unlikely that you will survive an unarmed fight with your light gun.

For the second adversary, it’s your choice to decide whether you will employ the machete again or choose to shoot a properly-aimed headshot. In any event, there aren’t any others in the vicinity who can hear the firing of the gun.

If you go through the underpass, you’ll notice an unmarked blue crate on the left side, with the pants you can use and a piece of paper bearing the heading orders. You can then orient yourself using a radar. Follow the blue-marked track. Be aware that at the first crossroads, a wild boar comes up on you. You must take it out!

The radar will guide you to a dead stop by using the aid of a hanging hook for climbing. It is possible to use it right away and throw it at the beginning, hanging over your head and then climbing up the rock. You have now finished the task, but you must endure an action sequence before moving freely through Isla Santuario.

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