Far Cry 3 – Achievements in the game

All achievements in Far Cry 3

The names of the accomplishments are the names of the achievements in English only. However, a lot of actions include locations in their descriptions. You can find them in the upper-right area of the map.

How do you achieve that Fearless Or Stupid achievement

Look for the dark blue and the most profound areas in the Ocean Map. Scuba dive to it, swim and then swim back towards the bottom. Make sure to utilize the acceleration feature.

How do you get Free Fall? Free Fall achievement

There are two choices. The first is to go to the point with the coordinates X:442.4 and Y:651.1, where an aircraft will be on the summit of a mountain. It is a glider that we board and then continues to fly in a straight line until we arrive at the ocean. We then get off the glider and then dive into the sea.

The other option is an adventure. First, you must fly the glider, and then you jump out to activate the suit for the wing. Do not use the case; instead, simply dive into the water. You’ll be awarded the achievement, and the mission will be completed by restarting once more.

How do you get the award? Improper Use

Purchase from the store’s repair equipment (Repair Tool) or find them in the box filled with weapons and provided for the launch of the next tower. Make sure you have them and find a lone enemy. You can then attack him using the repair tool at a small distance for about two or three seconds, and you’ll are rewarded with the long-awaited victory.

How can you achieve the award? Love The Boom

Find a more powerful launcher for grenades (in the shop or the weapon container) and enter X:437.9, Y:795.0. Engage in a fight with the stronger post-fighters, and they’ll call for reinforcements. But make sure you keep one of the fighters alive. The mounts will come in jeeps, but we’ll need one that does not have a Machine gun turret. Blow it up using a grenade launcher. There usually are four soldiers in it, which is sufficient for the feat.

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How can I obtain the Toxophilite achievement?

Take a curved bow (magazine or container for weapons) and a Sniper scope. After that, locate the enemies in a group, then get away from them by at least 70m (to accomplish this, put your marker in the enemy group and record their distance) and shoot them. You can achieve this by locating the area with those coordinates X:437.9 and Y:795.0.

How do you get the unheard-of achievement?

A simple task. We discover some of the points in the game and determine which alarm switches are inside the storge post. We then sneak up to the button, disable it, and kill the enemies. The killing of enemies is not a cover-up – they mustn’t activate the alarm.

If you cannot get the result on your first try, let them do it. Then you’ll be revived at the end of the line and will be able to try again.

Every achievement in the game and the conditions to achieve them:

  • Free Fall – fall from 100 meters and stay alive
  • Linked Up – to get five tattoos (tattoos are obtained by learning skills)
  • Fully Linked – Get all tattoos
  • Money to Burn – to spend 5 thousand dollars in a store
  • Aftermarket Junkie – buy all the upgrades and coloring options for weapons
  • Rebel With a Cause – free 3 hundred posts
  • Island Liberator – free all the posts in the game (34 of them)
  • Unheard – Release the stakeout post without letting its guards turn on the alarm
  • Full Bars – activate nine communication towers
  • Archeology 101 – collect 60 relics
  • Dead Letters – collect all the “Letters of the Lost”.
  • Memory to Spare – collect all the memory cards
  • Jungle Journal – uncover 50 entries in the survivor’s journal
  • Bagged and Tagged – complete the Path of the Hunter quest
  • Road Trip – Complete the Supply Drop quest
  • In Cold Blood – Complete the WANTED Dead quest
  • Let the Trials Begin – Beat any score on Trial of the Rakyat
  • Poker Bully – Win $1,500 in Poker
  • Hunter Hunted – Hunt down and kill any predator
  • Poacher – Hunt, Kill, and Skin any rare animal
  • Artsy Craftsy – Create five upgrades for your equipment
  • Needle Exchange – make 25 needles
  • The Good Stuff – make special syringe
  • Say Hi to the Internet – Find the Lost Hollywood Star
  • Heartless Pyro – Kill 50 enemies with Flamethrower
  • Love the Boom – Kill four enemies in one explosion
  • Rock Always Wins – Distract 25 enemies with Rocks
  • Island Paparazzi – Tag 25 enemies with the camera
  • Fearless or Stupid – Plunge 60 meters or more into the water
  • Never Saw it Coming – Kill the enemy by falling from a glider, parachute, or balloon
  • Improper Use – Kill your enemy with a repair tool
  • Toxophilite – Kill your enemy from 70 meters with a bow
  • Here We Come – Complete the cooperative mission Ready or Not
  • Return to Sender – Complete the cooperative mission Sidetracked
  • Rocking the Boat – complete the cooperative Overboard mission
  • Hide and Seek – complete the co-op mission Lights Out
  • Late Night Pick-up – complete the cooperative Rush Hour mission
  • Getting Even – Complete the co-op mission Payback


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