Famicom Detective Club Review – High School Poirot Review

Visual novels are an incredibly well-known genre within Japan however, they’re not the most loved in the Western and more so in the case of Russian gamers. If you mix some of the text components of the classic quest , and hunt for objects, you’ll find an extremely interesting mixture. Famicom Detective Club is Nintendo‘s attempt to breathe vitality into the old classic and present it to the the world. We must say, it’s quite successful.

  • Producer: Mages Inc.
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Date of release: May 14, 2021

What exactly is Famicom Detective Club

You can tell from the name The Famicom Detective Club will be an Switch version of the detective simulation of the Famicom days, or as the NES console that we recognize it today as “Dandy” was known in Japan. Apart from the Famicom the game’s components was released on the Super Famicom (aka Super Nintendo). The series is currently transliterated into English to the very first time and made available without Japan.

What it looked like before

The set contains two games: The Missing Heir, which was released in 1988 as well as The Girl Who Stands Behind The Girl Who Stands Behind, a prequel, was released one year later. On the Switch each game runs independently, and can both games can access the saves of each other to match with the main character’s name players enter. It’s a minor thing that’s nice, but it’s an important thing.

Both games are identical to one another.

Both games appear similar in terms of gameplay and visuals, but differ only in the plot. For The Missing Heir we investigate an alleged murder within an elite family, and the game The Girl Who Stands Behind we look into the murder of a high school student in a mysterious manner. Anything more could make the entire review one big spoiler, which is why it’s best when you rate these books by yourself.

As far as gameplay In terms of gameplay, the Famicom Detective Club titles appear like a blend of a visual novel and an object search. We search different places looking for clues and clues, as well as we talk to different characters looking for the information they’ve shared which can be useful in the investigation.

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As we learn more information, new subjects of discussion or even an opportunity to move a new place could emerge and the story is advancing. It’s not difficult, after all, the origins of these games date back to the age of eight-bit.

The plot is straightforward.

These controls are text-based and when you are in Explore or Search mode, you can move the cursor around the screen , and then select areas that are of interest. To ensure you don’t miss any details, our protagonist has an account of the victim as well as all people who were interviewed. It’s also used in the form of a mini-game during the dialogues where you must fill in the blanks of certain statements using the available information – similar to tests at school. When you open the save, you’re asked to read an “summary of the previous series.

What I enjoyed about HTML0

  • Amazing graphics. This isn’t an updated version or even a remake of the 1980s classic however, a complete remake came in on Switch. The characters and locations have been redrawn to be compatible with the current game console. The images tend to be static however they are mixed with animations, light effects and cut-scenes. The overall look is cool.
  • Fantastic music. It has long been a major feature of Japanese games as Famicom Detective Club is no exception. The soothing music is perfectly matched to the setting and creates a perfect mood as well as all dialogues are completely voiced in Japanese. The actors work hard and well to convey emotions. At times , it is like watching an excellent anime with original subtitles.
  • Controls are simple and intuitive. From the very beginning, there’s no game only a few tips on how to play how to navigate new techniques. Even the option to rewind the dialogue isn’t shown. But, the controls are so easy to have to do everything by yourself within the first few minutes.
  • Interesting detective story. Because of the distinct kind of game that are at the intersection of visually novel and quest, I wouldn’t discuss the story in this article because any detail can be spoiler. Both games are extremely engaging and interesting The Missing Heir is evidently influenced by the Agatha Christie-inspired classic detective novels The Girl Who stands behind is a detective that incorporates elements of horror from school and an Japanese flavour.
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What I didn’t enjoy

  • The lack of replayability and linearity. In contrast to other modern visual novels however, this one, Famicom Detective Club doesn’t contain no plot branching. It is likely in part due to its source material used – back in the day, you could only imagine non-linearity. In any event, returning to the game after having completed it’s almost useless.
  • Different options of identical items in dialogs. In conversations about the same topic, we do not select specific lines, but rather general subjects of conversation. No matter what the other person says, the topics do not change. Instead of following the flow of the story, the conversation turns into the “finishing” of each topic until we don’t find new answers.
  • Pixel Hunt. Alongside the dialogues, we’ll be required to search through various locations to find clues. The objects that are of interest are not being always evident. You must search for them by moving the cursor across the screen.
  • Insufficient localization. Similar to all games similar to this genre you have to read extensively and comprehend the meaning of the text. This can be a problem when you don’t speak English.

Do you think it is worth picking it up?

Name of victim of some of these games was Kojima

If you enjoy detective tales and the meditative, measured gameplay the Famicom Detective Club is the game for you. It will pull you into its story and delight players with its stunning music and gorgeous images. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly expensive in full at the same level as the most expensive Nintendo games. However, it’s offset by the fact that it includes two games in one and not just only one.

You’ll be able play the game simultaneously at the at the same time.

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