Fallout New Vegas – secrets and surprises

The Fallout game New Vegas is massive. The bigger the game is, the more secrets are revealed and the higher chance that you’ll miss any of the secrets. You’re now able to test whether you’re familiar with details of Mojave Wastes.

After the launch of Fallout 3, the community is split. The players of the previous two installments were dissatisfied with the way Bethesda approached creating the series, whereas new players were thrilled with the transition from an isometric view to a first and third-person shooter. The fans who were loyal to this series felt disappointed in the least in the gameplay but by the plot and the shortcomings of the role system. The fallout was well-known for its capability to play various characters and was described as a “role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world.” They were thrilled to hear that Obsidian was a studio with the original game’s creators. It was announced that they collaborated in conjunction with Bethesda for Fallout: New Vegas.

The game combines elements of the previously canceled Fallout 3: Van Buren and Bethesda’s game engine. Though some players complained of the game’s glitches and poor animation, the fun storyline encouraged them not to abandon their attempts at other games. Obsidians considered the game’s role-playing to make it entertaining enough, yet they did not forget the gameplay secrets and bells. They were aware that most players simply go through the main storyline and never return; however, some are willing to look through every inch of the Mojave to find something unique. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to entice true enthusiasts.

Many people believe they’ve discovered all the secrets inside Fallout: New Vegas that was kept secret by the game’s creators throughout the years that the game has been in existence. It’s possible, however, that in our list today, you’ll discover something you’ve never thought of before. Remember that some of the descriptions include spoilers.


  • 1 Pumping brambles
  • 2 Whispers in the dark
  • 3 Aid a dog in a good way
  • 4 A meaningless and stupid ending
  • 5 Fridge 5 Fridge, which turned into a grave
  • 6 Love stretched out for miles
  • 7. It’s no tears. rain.
  • 8 Tragic Return to the farm of the family
  • 9 The remedy for an pain in the heart
  • 10 Be on the lookout for the villainous… Dog?
  • 11 The return of an amiable mutant
  • 12 The fate of your friend is in your control
  • 13. From Courier from Courier to Battle Organizer
  • 14 A Girl as well as Her Soldier
  • 15 Gang of Old Ladies
  • 16. House of the Wind Brahmin House
  • 17 A dress exchanged for the development of a new technique
  • 18 An incentive to take in the sights
  • 19 A clean slate
  • 20 Pieces of Sirodil in Freeside

Roll on Brahmin

Within the Mojave Badlands, there are small ranches and farms where the inhabitants maintain Brahmins as livestock. The mutated cow’s transport loads are employed on farms and serve as food sources. They have a funny side to them. When you go towards the animal and then press the button to activate it to topple it, you can do so into the earth. Brahmin will grumble a bit, but don’t worry because, in the end, it will rise to its own.

There’s a good chance that the Brahmin will become angry and aggressive, but knocking him over will give you a bonus to your “Knockdown” challenge that requires knocking down 100 enemies. The gameplay is borderline animal cruelty. However, the game’s creators didn’t come up with the concept – it’s simply an homage to real-life stories of flipping cows. However, you’re not able to do it on your own.

whispering in the darkness

Funerals at cemeteries during Fallout are not unusual. In the course of the war, almost all of the population was killed by bombs, and the lucky ones to live went on and remembering the who were less fortunate. When it was time for them to go to heaven, families and friends grieving laid the bodies to rest, and funerals began to pop in the vicinity of settlements.

If you pass by Goodsprings and Bitter Springs at night, you’ll hear the anxious whispers of those who never see the white light again. These whispers are heard in every cemetery within the Mojave and even in certain locations such as Sanctuary 22 and the Sierra Madre Casino.

Help a good dog

In each game of the Fallout series, you’ll be able to use a dog as a friend. Your dog is your only partner in the Badlands that will not be able to judge your actions even if they’re cruel. In the game Fallout: New Vegas, the role of the loyal dog is performed by Rex, the cyber dog. Rex suffers from a serious condition due to his age. his brain is beginning to fail.

If you are awestruck by your dog and want to aid him, you can search for an older brain for him. There are three possible brain replacements. One is located in the brain of Violetta, the dog that guards belonging to the Cherty faction. Of course, her owner Violet is strongly against such a donation, and to reach Violetta’s head; you’ll need to cut down all of the camps. With a fresh brain and a new body, old Rex gets more agile during combat.

The most stupid and absurd ending

This Dead Money add-on has an end that many players might not have discovered. In the Sierra Madre Casino is a vault, one of the final locations that this add-on offers. In the terminals, you’ll discover Sinclair’s notes. When you try to log into his account, you’ll be able to see an email addressed to Dean Domino personally.

Then, the secret conclusion will begin when the door of the vault will be shut as well, making it nearly impossible to exit. In the voice of Vera, Keyes will explain that the Courier is stuck in the vault and will stay in the vault for all time. The casino has developed a hologram that mimics his appearance and does his tasks, creating an entirely new replacement for him. the Courier is no longer needed. In the final sequence, you’ll witness your character dying alone in the most secure location within the casino. Then, immediately after, the last saved game will begin loading.

The refrigerator that later became the grave

In films about adventure, events are often happening that excite viewers but are illogical when it comes to normal sense. For instance, the Indiana Jones film series is packed with these bizarre instances. The most memorable was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in which the famed adventurer can survive a nuclear blast in a refrigerator.

The scene that is the source of this reference is found in the southwest corner in Goodsprings Cave. A skeleton is buried in a refrigerator that is not being used, and right next to it is the object “Exquisite Player’s Hat,” quite akin to the costume worn by the character of Harrison Ford. Unfortunately, Indiana’s luck is not in the right place and convincing him to partner up for a new adventure isn’t possible. Maybe it’s concerning the model of the refrigerator. After all, Billy Googly from Fallout 4 somehow managed to endure being in the same hiding location for two centuries.

Love that stretched miles

The first scene you will encounter during Fallout 3 is the birth of Lone Wanderer, your character. The child’s mother, Katerina, is killed right in front of your eyes. Lone Wanderer’s future education is overseen by the father of his character, James. Both men were scientists and collaborated to develop their project called the Purity Project. James was not adamant that his child forgets about his mother. He always kept in mind Katerina. In his possessions was a photograph of the couple.

The same photo is featured in Fallout: New Vegas; the same image is within Sanctuary 21, next to Sarah’s bedroom. I’d like to believe James and Katerina’s romance was a hit across the west of the United States, but the most plausible explanation is that the developers just repurposed the game’s elements without any thought into the story. Whatever the reason, the photo you’ve seen is a sort of cut of the central desert in the desert of Mojave.

The tears aren’t real; they’re raining.

Fry of “Futurama” could have had a fascinating time later on. However, the unsuspecting family members missed the character. They needed to come to terms with the notion that he wouldn’t be coming back. Episode “Jurassic Barking” looks at the fate of Fry’s dog Seymour who was never patiently waiting for his master’s return. In the end, Seymour waited patiently for 12 years for Fry when he went to leave him and then died from old age.

The Lonesome Road supplement has a mention of this tragic moment. A petrified dog can be seen to the left at the entry point into Avaddon’s Cave, the dog standing on an upside-down file cabinet looking out towards the cave. It is possible that he was told to go outside, and the wait can go on for decades. The dog has been frozen and is left to wait for the master, who was never likely to return.

The family’s tragic return to the farm

It is no secret that the Fallout game series always included references to popular culture. In the end, the creators have their passions beyond work, and the desire to continue something they enjoy with the Fallout series is reasonable. In addition to other Easterlings, there’s at least one related to Star Wars, a universe many claim to have inspired their love for imaginary worlds.

If your character is equipped with a Wild Wasteland perk activated, you’ll observe a familiar scene in the town of Nipton. The charred bones from Beru and Owen are buried in a decaying house. It’s a reference to Star Wars Episode 4, in which Luke Skywalker, a young boy, returns to his farm to discover his uncle and aunt, Beru and Owen Lars, with the same tragic fate.

The remedy for pain in the heart

Craig Boone once fought in the Army of the New California Republic and was a great sniper. After his service in the Army, he got married to a woman known as Carla, and together they moved to Novak. All would have gone well, but Carla disliked Novak and was not afraid to discuss the issue, which ultimately caused a rift with some of the residents. To get revenge, she organized the kidnapping of the woman Legion soldiers, who then decided to sell her to slavery.

Craig was forced to kill his lover to protect her from the horrible fate of being a slave. So it’s not surprising that he went into depression. When you first meet Boone, It will take an extended time before you can earn his confidence. The place where he resides during his free time is not an easy one to access. If you can do it, you’ll be able to discover medical equipment, such as Buffout and other products. It is possible that to ease the pain of losing a loved one, the sniper has a habit of taking strong substances.

Caution, evil…dog?

“Fallout”: New Vegas has enough variety of content to please everyone, And with the additions, it’s even better. The new pass holders are among the characters that you must see. Within the Old World Blues add-on, a tiny creature is a must-meet at night. The location is Higgs Township, behind house number 103; there’s a pet enclosure in the yard that was once the property of cyberpuss Gabe. A giant death claw called Stripe is living there, which is a reference to the film Gremlins in which one of the small creatures was named after the same.

The Streaky might appear homey, but you should not attempt to feed it or pet it. It’s an aggressive and deadly beast comparable in strength to that of the Legendary Claw of Death. Luckily, it doesn’t get too far away from its kennel and can be shot at a safe distance when desired.

The return of an amiable mutant

The Obsidian was aware that the loyal players of the series were missing characters from earlier installments. A character from Fallout 3, namely Harold, caused an outrage. The designers decided to bring back the character that was a favorite of Fallout 2 – super mutant Marcus, who helped with the Chosen One to save Arroyo. The two ended their journey; they found the Chosen One founding New Arroyo and became its ruler, while Marcus continued to live at Broken Hills until he decided to quit.

The journey of adventure took him to the Mojave Wilderness, where he discovered Mount Charleston and made a home for mutants and other creatures deemed undesirable by society. Marcus has named his home Jacobstown to honor his lost friend Jacob, a paladin from the Brotherhood of Steel named Jacob. If Currier encounters Marcus and Marcus, he’ll show him respect and warn him about the hostile mutants’ camp on Mt. Black.

The fate of your friend’s friendlies in your control

The Currier’s story was almost ended by being buried in the backyard of Goodsprings, in which he was destined to die. Only through the generosity of strangers that the hero is able to escape this fate and continue his adventure. Following that, the Courier himself is able to assist anyone in need and attempt to make the cruel world a bit fairer or decide to go in a different direction. All it depends on is your preference.

As you go about your journey, you’ll come across one of the medical researchers named Arcade Gannon. When you persuade him to be a part of your with you, you are given a partner who is an expert marksman and a doctor. As the adventure progresses, you learn that Caesar, who is head of the Legion, is suffering from cancer within his brain that is slowly taking his life. If you’ve been an ally of the Legion and are concerned about Caesar’s recovery, there are many ways to help Caesar. One option is to solicit the assistance of Arcade. Arcade is averse to the Legion and won’t agree to assist against the realm of his free will; however, if you obtain his help to make him a slave and he’ll be the personal doctor of the ruler.

From courier to battle planner

The main storyline in Fallout: New Vegas is not too long. The true charm of the game is made clear in the course of fighting for supremacy over the Mojave and the other additional quests that you’ll come across a lot of number of. Near the south-facing entry point to the Westside, there is an underground town called Thorn. It’s not a Sanctuary. It’s an actual underground sewer that is inhabited, and where a person is Red Lucy, hostess of an arena that hosts fights that are fought to the death by creatures, mutants, and humans.

The organization of fights is her principal job and primary interest. If you’re keen to take part, you are able to participate in it and battle fighters against the beasts of the desert, as well as make money from stakes. You don’t need to simply watch other people fight. You, too, can enter the arena to fight. The amount you earn will depend on who you decide to fight. You can also purchase creatures’ egg eggs for Lucy to rear as fighters. You’ll be given a generous reward for your hard work by the arena love interest.

Girl and her soldier

The slave owners treat all in the same way. To make quick money, they will kidnap anyone, either young or elderly. Melody can be located in the Fort grounds, is one such petty slave girl. Caesar’s Legion had kept her from when she was a child and has forced her to work the dirty work of Caesar’s Legion without mercy.

An exchange with the girl revealed that the dog’s handler Antony has taken her sole pet, the teddy bear of Sergeant Teddy, and handed it over to the dogs of his family. You can obtain Sargeant or steal his brahmin from the paddock or contact Antony. Based on your abilities and standing within the Legion, and your reputation, he could offer it for free or invite you to compete against his dog in an arena. If you are a skilled combatant, the second choice is the easiest.

Take the toy and present her the gift. She’ll be extremely happy, and you’ll earn points for experience. If you’re a con man, you could tear a bear’s cub directly in front of her. If you do, your standing in the Legion will rise, and your character’s karma will diminish.

The Gang of Old Ladies

Older and children living in a post-apocalypse environment have experienced a difficult time. When they played Fallout 3, the children who were left to their own choices decided to organize Little Lamplight’s settlement Little Lamplight to at the very least live with one another. Through the formation of communities, the children no longer felt powerless and assisted with the Lonely Traveller.

In the story of Fallout: New Vegas, there’s a group of elderly women that are more powerful than they appear at first sight. But, unlike the residents in Little Lamplight, you shouldn’t be expecting assistance from the gang. Maude’s Robbers – – that’s the name given to the gang of ferocious grannies wearing pink dresses that are a scourge of the Mojave by attacking passers-by without warning. If you have the Wilderness perk, you’ll be among the people watching from Freeside. The elderly ladies don’t require any help from anyone else, but rather they are the majority of us who need to be wary of them.

House of the Windbreakers

There is a Tumbleweed Ranch on the northwest border of the map in which the shadow super-mutant is a resident. Most players do not make it this far, and, consequently, they don’t get to meet the Shadow. The Shadow isn’t acting properly and will often offer to purchase “wind-bramine,” a common tumbleweed name. The mutant takes the offer seriously, and he gets aggressive when you start to debate him.

You can purchase the miraculous creature at “just” everything blankets you’ve got on you. If you do not accept this lucrative offer and the rancher can switch into the violent language, and the only option is to take him down. In addition, there are numerous tumbleweeds that are laying on the corral in front of the house. They come back to their places in the event that you remove them from the corral. The game files contain (but do not contain) creatures known as “wind-bramins,” which are a baby and an adult.

Wearing a dress in exchange for a new technique

The Fallout series is a great game. In New Vegas, it’s difficult to connect with your friends. They’d rather take them as Courier like a boss, rather than being a friend. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try.

One of your friends could be one of the members of the Brotherhood of Steel, Veronica Santangelo. The woman is dressed in a robe and a hooded hoodie. She is very much in search of a stunning dress, and it’s in your hands to achieve this desire. To achieve this, you need to get The Solemn Clothes, either by receiving them as a reward from the quest or by taking down the previous owner. A White Glove outfit is also acceptable, but you aren’t able to obtain it without difficulty. Give Veronica something to give her as a present, and she’ll be delighted to show you a new hand-to-hand combat skill known as “Scribe’s Reception,” which allows you to attack immediately after successfully stopping an opponent’s attack.

Time to take a look around

The game artists working in New Vegas put a lot of effort into creating the scenes. The desert scenery is so realistic that you feel like you’re walking on sandy. Because of their efforts, There are plenty of fascinating places to explore within the game, and there’s even a separate challenge that specifically invites players to take a peek at a few of them.

Within the South Strip, Michael Angelo lives and works in his workshop, which is an obvious connection to the famed Renaissance creator. He is scared of the open spaces and dangers that the world outside is filled with; however, he’s determined to see a glimpse of it, and so he’s going to try his “Source for Inspiration” challenge a shot. The goal is to snap pictures of five distinct Mojave landmarks using a codec R9000 camera. The master will present to you a film that’s 24-frames. If you can deliver the images for him to be able to get the cover as well as the satisfaction of having brought some happiness to Michael’s dark world.

A clean slate

Within the Dead Money supplement, the Courier is introduced to Father Elijah, a former Scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel whose views were deemed to be radical even by the standards of the group. He left his former comrades in arms. He set out to pursue his own agenda and came across the Sierra Madre, where he got many people to fall into slavery which included the Courier. Elijah’s dream is to create the new world first by eliminating the old one, and he’s willing to go to any lengths to accomplish this.

The majority of players are not happy with the old man’s brutal tactics and decide to stop his crimes. But there’s a second alternative. If you’ve got a bad reputation within the NKR, then you could be on Elijah’s side and join along with Elijah to assist him in “cleansing” Mojave with the weapons that were leftover from the previous world: Cloud, holograms as well as REPCONN rockets. The end is activated, and you are waiting for the completion of your strategy together as the sole people to survive this Sierra Madre.

Piece of Sirodil in Freeside

After it was acquired permission to use The Fallout game series Bethesda started adding references to their other popular game, The Elder Scrolls. When it came to Fallout 4, players found an alien plant on Pridwen, the Pridwen (the fly-byway fortress that is part of The Brotherhood of Steel). Brotherhood of Steel) that is only located in Skyrim, and they began to formulate the idea that both universes are interconnected, and one precedes the other chronologically.

The first mentions of The world, that is, The Ancient Scrolls, appeared back in Fallout 3, but New Vegas was not left out. In Freeside, there’s an unassuming sign on several pillars that reads “TES-04” This is an ode of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Because the pillars aren’t exactly the fascinating element in the game to view and it’s easy to overlook the sign, especially when you’re not a big enthusiast of this universe.

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