Fallout 4 secrets and surprises

Within the Fallout universe, there’s always space for Easter eggs and other references. Through the years, fans have found many more surprises by the creators, which is why Fallout 4 is no exception. It’s been over five years since its release, and the curiosity about the game’s mysteries isn’t gone.

The game’s fans who wanted to know more found numerous “Easter eggs” within the game; however, only a handful could find all of them. This isn’t surprising since The world in Fallout 4 is immense, it’s possible to explore it for hours, and on this level, it’s difficult to miss some obvious clues. There are plenty of them. Sometimes it’s not easy to locate them: they can be located on the rooftops of buildings, beneath cracks of the ground, or even within the densely populated city. Certain, however, is at the top of the list, but the Easter eggs in them can be identified as the different ones.

We’ve put together a list of Fallout 4 secrets for you. The list might not be complete; however, it includes the most intriguing secret locations with successful references and some exclusive loot. Be ready for the road; we’re heading to explore the local attractions.


  • 1. Fallout 4 Secrets of 1: Pop reference to pop culture
    • 1. 1. Roots of Nirn
    • 1.2 Cask of Amontillado
    • 1. 3 Cheers Bar
    • 1.4 Nostromo
    • 1. 5 Blade Runner
    • 1.6 Titanic
    • 1.7 Die Hard and Lethal Weapon
    • 1. 8. The Kid in the Fridge
    • 1.9 Dunwich Drillers
  • 2. Fallout 4 Secrets of 2 Fallout 4 Secrets: Secret locations
    • 2. 1 Old Karst Throat
    • 2.2 Cat Shack
    • 2. 3. The Plumber’s Secret
    • 2.4 Death Maze
    • 2.5 Rocket Shed
    • 2. Drop site for UFO 6
  • Three Fallout 4 secrets to keep: secrets to loot and much more
    • 3.1 Power Armor X-01
    • 3. 2 Landing Armor
    • 3.3 Grognac Barbarian Armor
    • 3.4 Volt-Tec Phone Number
    • 3.5 Unknown Secret

The secrets to Fallout 4: popular culture references

A massive group of players was involved in the development of Fallout 4, and they each put apart their personalities into it. In addition, they included references to their favorite pieces of artwork; it could be literature, movies, or any other. All over the Commonwealth, there are many Easter eggs. This is another reason to be reminded people with different preferences and interests have invented this game. Let’s take a look at a few of the eggs.

Root of Nirn

You probably know that Fallout 4 was created by Bethesda. What is Bethesda most well-known for? Yes, The Elder Scrolls series, especially its most recent installment called The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It’s not surprising that creators can’t resist giving the game the appearance of a fake theme.

The world of fantasy Skyrim is full of fascinating creatures, diverse races, and stunning plants. One of them is located within Fallout 4 and in an unusual location on the Pridwen, the flying fortress that is part of the Brotherhood of Steel. The lab of Neria’s senior scriptor is a lab that produces “experimental plants” that can make the eye instantly recognize the Nirn Root from the Dragonborn game. What brought it there?

This has also caused fans to think about the connections between TES and the Fallout universes. While the idea that the action in the sequel is set in the future of the first is most likely far from the truth, it’s possible that the origin of Nirn was able to travel between worlds because of some of the magical experiments performed through the magic of Tamriel. If so, no one knows what else could have been brought from Tamriel to an era where war does not change…

Cask of Amontillado

Fallout 4 has many references to the works of a range of famous authors that range from Howard Lovecraft to Henry Thoreau. The most notable, related to Edgar Allan Poe, is frequently overlooked by players.

Helping the Minutemen search for their former base allows you to discover the depths of this magnificent citadel. In the basement, which is surrounded by his vast collection of wines, is the location where General McGann was able to find his final resting spot. A closer look at the area will reveal that he’s not the only person who did not have the intention to be alive when he left the room.

A wall behind the brickwork conceals an ode to Edgar Poe’s work from 1846, “The Cask of Amontillado.” In the story, the author narrates how he took revenge on his coworker for his past misdeeds (which could have been fictional) by inviting him into his home to sample expensive wine drinking before shoving him up within the walls of his home. In the room of General McGann, there is a skeleton hanging on chains on the wall behind it, being a victim of the same fate. and there are even bottles of that same wine close by.

Facts to know: Poe believes in writing this tale inspired by a tale of soldiers who were encased in a wall to retaliate for killing a lieutenant in a duel. According to the story, the incident occurred at the same fort that was a model for the Castle site. It’s possible that you could not locate a better location to get a comparable basis.

Bar “Cheers!”

Fallout 4 has many references to television and films popular during the 1980s, particularly with audiences who spoke English. One such show is the comedy in the US called “Cheers,” where the action is set in a bar. the bar’s owner and bartender, Sam Melone, chats about the regulars Norm and Cliff repeatedly.

To the southwest of Massachusetts State Capitol, across from the Swan Pond gazebo, there’s an unmarked spot with the same name as the Cheers Bar! Inside, the bar’s interior in the television show has been meticulously recreated. There’s a section that is dedicated to baseball. Although they’re Skeletons, two patrons look familiar at the counter in the center.


This Easterling speaks to another Eighties film classic, but a better recognized one this time. It’s”Alien,” a sci-fi thriller “Alien” and came out in 1979 (however, the film was released to Russia a little later). The tale that the spaceship crew Nostromo was confronted with a threatening danger during their space journey is well-known to most, yet it’s extremely easy to miss the hint to the film in Fallout 4: it’s very explicit.

If you’re willing to help in the Brotherhood of Steel, you’ll be required to assist its members and sometimes perform routine tasks. Scripter Haylin, as an example, is interested in a range of aspects that you’ll need to go through the Commonwealth to find. There are intriguing items like”the “reflex condenser” and the “flux sensor” If you’ve seen at least one film in the Back to the Future trilogy (another classic! ), You’ll likely be familiar with this “flux condenser” that was an integral part of creating the idea of the Time Machine.

The uniqueness of the flux capacitor is because it has two references in one. While the first that we mentioned earlier is obvious from the name, the second is difficult to recognize unless you’re a large Alien fan. Take note of the registration number: CM-88B 1809924609. The same registration number was found on the Nostromo. That’s quite a hiding place.

Blade Runner

Additionally, in Fallout 4, there are references to the iconic Blade Runner, not only one or two, but more than two. The first is visible at Diamond City if you walk around the local stalls and stores. Within the center of the marketplace, you’ll come across a bustling noodles shop operated by a robot called Takahashi. If you greet him, he’ll respond with “Nan-ni Shimasu-ka” (you could translate this into “what do you need? “) The same query actor Harrison Ford’s character Deckard was asked in the noodle store at in the opening of the film as well as by an automated.

The other source is more difficult to locate. You can visit the Mass Fusion warehouse, which is located between Breakhart Banks and General Atomics Galleria, and walk through the building, and you’ll see pipes that allow you to climb until the top. The scene you’ll see is from the end of Blade Runner: a disabled synth kneeling right in front of him is an unidentified corpse of a raider with tight clothing. The arrangement of the bodies in this scene is straight out of the film, but there is a difference. Deckard was able to survive the fight on the roof. However, his version here, unfortunately, was not so lucky.


Another film connection. Maybe everybody has had a glimpse of Titanic and the tragic liner as well as the 1997 film in which the romance unfolds against the backdrop of the wreck. The scene in which Jack and Rose are reunited in the final moments was one of the scenes of most memorable scenes in the film and was also among the most tragic moments in the cinema.

It’s a good thing that the Fallout 4 development team decided not to keep it out and included a pertinent reference to Far Harbor. Far Harbor add-on. When you’re in Far Harbor, go to the lake from the Core, and you’ll see the same scene of a door floating over the water. There are two skeletons, one of them lying on top and the other clinging to the edge and just waist-deep in the water. This is ironic because there could have been enough space for two on the raft that was made up; however, in the end, nobody was able to escape.

The Hardcore as well as the Lethal Weapon

Yes, the people who created Bethesda are indeed awestruck by ’80s films and action movies and active ones. There are references to them throughout Fallout 4, and here’s one that you can find in the BCOANTOLO Regional Office northwestern from Bunker Hill.

The information is concealed in the terminal, in the entries of the diary of the police chief. In one of the entries, the chief complains of two officers subordinate to him: Willison and Gibbs. The result is that Willison isn’t able to operate in a way that doesn’t harm private property, while Gibbs puts his own life at risk time and time.

This refers to the principal characters in two of the most famous action films from the eighties, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. The first is detective John McClane, who loves to drink, fights with his boss, occasionally is a wreck which Bruce Willis performs, and the second, the intentionally dangerous cop with the suicidal tendencies Martin Riggs – embodied on the screen by Mel Gibson. The names of the officers who are in trouble from the chief’s diary tiny bit, we learn the names of two film actors.

A Child is in the Fridge

The passport functions as an information source and the start of an extremely entertaining and thrilling side trip. In the 2008 movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the protagonist is trapped in an area of nuclear destruction and is forced to hide in a refrigerator to escape. Miraculously, he can escape after the blast, and the film continues without a scratch.

In the south, between University Point and east of Jamaica Plain, you can find a basic refrigerator inside is there is a young boy named Billy believed to have been influenced by the epic adventure film and then decided to recreate his feat when the nukes started to fall. Billy can be freed and reunited with their parents who, by chance, are alive and healthy, if you could say that about those who’ve turned into monsters. Naturally, they’ll forever be grateful to have returned their child.

The second link to the refrigerator scene within the Fallout universe. Similar ghost stories are featured within Fallout: New Vegas, but the local Indiana fanatic was less fortunate: after finding the refrigerator and inspecting it, the player discovers it’s only a skull and a cap remaining of the person who got into the fridge. Fridges aren’t all equally well-equipped to withstand nuclear attack…

Dunwich Drillers

Literature works with references found throughout the Commonwealth could be put on several lists. However, we’re focusing on the most intriguing ones in this collection, and here’s a good example. It’s a map of a location known as the Dunwich Drillers that is an exact reference to the Howard Lovecraft novel “Dunwich Horror.”

The actual site, known as the Marble Quarry located in the northeastern region of the Commonwealth, located to the west of Hugo’s Hole and east of the Sweatshop. It’s worth a trip, even if it’s just because there are valuable objects in the area, such as an animal and a magazine. But the most important aspect it’s the dark environment of the mines that lie beneath the quarry that is a maze. It’s all like Lovecraftian stories. There’s one scene we’ll not reveal for you; it’s best to experience it by yourself.

The Fallout 4 Secrets of the Game: Secret locations

There are many secrets to be found across the globe. There aren’t just places with cultural significance, but interesting places that could be found only through an accident while exploring the region. The majority of these locations aren’t marked. However, some places have a mark, but the location itself is not obvious without looking at it carefully. Here are some interesting Fallout 4 locations where you would not normally go.

The “Old Throat” map

The location is clearly shown on the map, making it easy to find to head west of the Grintop Greenhouse and then go towards the middle of the area that houses residents. It is believed that because of the seismic activity, there was an area destroyed by homes and communications. The area appears as a large pit brimming with particles on the surface, but it’s not so simple.

Be careful as you descend, and be prepared for The Death Claw that has settled in this. When you reach the bottom, it will be apparent that the gap is an underground cave accessible via a river of water. Inside the cave is an area of water, somebodies, radtaracans cooking station, and a magazine, which you’ll certainly require. Returning towards the top, you’ll need to traverse into the cellar of the destroyed home and be cautious since you’ll be confronted with dangerous googles on the route.

Cat Shack

The world of Fallout 4 isn’t just about horrifying monsters, brutal bandits, and frightened colonists. In the northwest, the northeast of Walden Pond, there is a tiny, unremarkable spot where you can take some time away from the battle to live your best life. It is a respite from endless searching for resources and, in the meantime, away from the shambles of the world. The hut is small and filled with SEALs.

There’s a whole cat world waiting to be discovered, complete with cat pictures on the walls. You might have passed through without paying attention, and now you’re aware that you can get involved with the cats at this location. This is atypical for a post-apocalyptic desert and certainly is worthy of a spot on our list of places to visit.

The Plumber’s Secret

A second, unnoticeable but interesting location within The Commonwealth is the store for plumbing located south from the Gravel and Sand location. It seems like a normal warehouse; however, inside, at the top of the building, there’s a hidden gem that’s hard to be aware of.

Once you’ve dealt the Radtarakans and slowed down the mines scattered throughout, Pay attention to the ceiling. There’s a plunger chain stuck on the back of the ceiling. The chain connects to wooden planks shoot off, a carbine with a short injector, and a cache full of lids will fall. Here’s the secret of the plumber.

Labyrinth of Death

Is there a true death maze, similar to the Saw films? The Commonwealth also has one. It’s a fully-fledged horror home. The entrance is situated within Milton Hospital and Fallon’s Department Store. To ensure that you do not be able to miss it, the owner has thought of adding the arrows of the pointer around the entrance.

Goolies, traps, labyrinthine passageways, and a creepy movie ambiance await you inside. If you can survive and make it through your journey, you’ll be rewarded with two treasure boxes. But it’s still too early to be relaxed – you must figure out which of the boxes you can get open because one will explode when you attempt to get inside the one.

Missile shed

It’s not hiding anything of value. Its sole purpose is to amuse you and amaze you. Look for it towards the northeast on the relay tower OBB-915. It’s a basic barn that sits on the edge of a slope. Inside, you won’t find unique items and enemies; however,, there are many tanks for propane and wooden rails that look out into the sky above the Commonwealth.

A spark will ignite at the valve of any of the two cylinders lying on the rails, and it will shoot into the air driven by a burning jet and explode colorfully. What’s the purpose? It’s not, but it’s enjoyable! Let’s face it, you’ve got a reason to have a break from creating settlements and shooing raiders, and let yourself enjoy some fireworks.

UFO crash site

The southeast of Oberland Station and south of Beantown Brewery, you will experience a truly unique phenomenon. When your character is 20 levels, a scripted sequence begins: a bizarre object will be seen in the sky. It will slither toward the ground at high speed leaving behind a trail, and eventually take an hard landing further away.

If you can figure out where it went and where it crashed, you’ll see a crashed UFO and a nearby cave. In it, you will find an injured alien who is the driver of the crash machine. He is hostile to anyone who comes near, so it is more efficient and quicker not to attempt to establish contact with him but rather to take him off and find him. The green man is equipped with an extremely powerful weapon in his arsenal, the Extraterrestrial Pistol, which is enough to kill the only living creature of the extraterrestrial from within the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 secrets: Secret loot, and much more

This world in Fallout 4 is not only packed with threats; there are also many magazine covers, collectibles, and rare models of weapons. Most of these items have a connection to quests and will be found in one way or another throughout the game; however, others are hidden, and only the most interested can find these items. Here are a few of these awards.

Seal Armor X-01

What exactly is Fallout without power armor. The mechanized armor can significantly ease your life, making traveling in the least friendly areas of the Commonwealth more secure. It’s quite real – the armor of the original model T-60 can be found in the world of games; this is not saying that it happens very often. However, if you’re looking for something different, you’ll need to search for it.

An excellent option for sophisticated armor would be X-01 armor, pieces of which may be discovered during your travels. But, it takes quite a long time to acquire the entire set in this manner, and it is not extremely reliable. It’s better to acquire the entire set at once and complete the required requirements.

The east side of Good Neighborhood, next to Faneuil Hall, is a building referred to as “35 Court”. It’s a bit risky on the inside, but its payoff will be worth it. When you take off all the robot guards, you’ll have access to 2 red buttons, which, when pressed, will provide you with a complete array of X-01 power armor. This is only possible when your character is level 26 or above. Low-level characters are more likely to receive less armor.

Assault armor

There are plenty of high spots within the Commonwealth. As you climb up roofs or bridges that leak and extremely narrow parapets, numerous players have experienced falling off more than once, and the contact with the ground wasn’t pleasant. It is especially risky to climb up for those eager to make their descents as the game demands.

Fortunately, there’s an armor modification specifically designed for such situations called “Landing Armor.” It permits you to fall from any height without suffering damage. It is only available on the upper level within the Mass Fusion Company building, located just north of Good Neighborhood and west of Fanel Hall.

To do it the right method, you’ll require power armor equipped with a jetpack; therefore, if you’ve not yet changed your avatar to the proper level, you should get to it later. If you’ve got everything you need, make your way to the top of the stairs and pick up that useful collection of items from the safe locked.

Grognak and the Armor of Barbarians

The shadiest part of the Fallout 4 map lurks a tiny comic book shop known as Hubris Comics. To enter, you must find the bright red entrance near Swan Pond, just west of the Boylston Club, but be prepared for many gangsters.

Some unique items can be found on the store’s upper level collapsing. To the rear of the room, in the area where the most deadly Goole lurks, There is a Silver Cloak suit and a weapon. Even if you’ve not yet completed a quest involving this character, the item is considered an item for quests and cannot be taken out of your inventory. However, you can dress in a suit and march throughout the Commonwealth wearing a fashionable criminal-fighter look.

In a separate section of the room, inside the lockers open close to the windows, there’s an even more bizarre outfit called the Grognak the Barbarian costume. The armor (if the gauntlets, loincloth, and boots can be classified as armor in any way) is not just a magnet for attention but also grants you a chance to take melee damage.

Then on the top floor of the building, inside an unlocked display case is the final glimmer to the image of the barbarian that is The Grognak battle ax. It is a prop in the tale, causes serious damage to enemies, and causes them to lose blood and stumble. The season of realistically authentic cosplay has begun!

Walt-Tech’s telephone number

This isn’t about loot. However, it’s worthy of mentioning. There are several times in the game; you’ll have the chance to go to your character’s home and look around. Even though a nuclear war ravaged the world, some of the furniture and furniture inside the home remained in good condition, although they had a dingy previous shine.

One of the most well-preserved items from the prewar period can be found in the Walt-Tech calendar still hanging on the fridge. It’s an ordinary piece of art that is present in many to be found, but there’s a company telephone number in it, and it’s not a surprise that players chose to dial it.

The actual number 1-888-4-VAULTTEC is more than typical American phone numbers. If you attempt to call it, it’ll do what it says: You will receive a game-themed voice message and be informed that it’s currently busy due to an unexpected increase of calls. It’s not that bad; however, thanks to it, that the universe of Fallout 4 seems a little more real. Keep in mind that calling another continent, at the very least in a conventional way, is an expensive undertaking, so it’s best to take our word for it.

Unknown secret

Fallout 4 has one secret that many players don’t think exists. Yes, I believe it is because many gamers want to go through every area of the game for all ways to conceal the developers, yet after countless hours of research working on this specific secret, nobody has ever found it. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from the comments made by Fallout 4 producer Todd Howard spoke about at the DICE Summit in 2016. DICE Summit.

The mystery has kept fans entertained for years. The team has turned each terminal hidden spot and underground tunnel within the Commonwealth upside down, yet we haven’t yet found anything similar to it. Perhaps, when you’re done exploring every one of the places on our list today, and you’ll be who is lucky enough to locate it. Someone must solve the mystery that was left in Fallout 4 sooner or later.

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