Evil Genius 2 Room Guide

The enticing hideout of real Evil within Evil Genius 2 is simply impossible without minions and rooms where your deeds are performed. A place like this requires areas to relax your minions and provide sources to take on the world.

The range of rooms available can be complicated at first, especially due to the ever-changing symbolism and roles. If you can identify the available various room types, It’s a great way to help you discover the underground fortress you’ve always wanted at the end of the peninsula.

The characteristics of all spaces within Evil Genius 2 can be separated into three major categories (with corridors being added):

  • Rooms for employment
  • Life-support rooms
  • Special rooms and support
  • Corridors

This walkthrough will take an review all the rooms-related aspects in Evil Genius 2.

Rooms for employment

The workroom is the backbone of your dungeon. They are the primary resource players can use to carry out Global Swipes and develop their base.

The Power Plant provides the lair with energy, and the Control Room gives the capability to carry out Global Scams; the Vault can increase the number of funds that can be stored. The Lab will permit Scientists to study new products and technology, and the Cover will serve as the first defense against agents and could even earn some cash.

Life Support Rooms

In vital rooms, the maids are likely to get exhausted and lose interest in their job. Essential rooms should be constructed to accommodate the demands of your employees.

The Quarters are a place for your acolytes to rest and recover their health and vitality; in the Dining Room, they eat and get back some mental and physical strength and strength, while in the Infirmary, they recover from explosions or fights with enemies.

The Room for Staff Room is essential to improve the morale of the employees through various tasks, and the Archives educates the staff and improves their intelligence which is crucial for Scientists.

Support Rooms and Special Purpose Rooms

The other rooms serve diverse needs that aren’t directly linked to resource creation or life support. They’re just as important as the others. However, they are more advanced or have more specific capabilities.

In the room for training, workers are trained as specialists in the training room. The Armory is storage space for weapons, guard cells, and Guardian housing. The prison will serve as the location of confinement for captured agents and allies of those who support the good forces, and The Inner Sanctuary is a place for the Genius to relax and mingle with his followers. Every villain requires an area to work from and laughter.


Technically, Corridors aren’t rooms, but they’re equally important as primary types of rooms. Traps, security cameras, and other security equipment should only be placed in corridors. The proper planning of corridors could be the foundation of the defenses of a home and should be given the highest priority.

Like minions, all contribute to the mastermind’s plans to rule this world. The efficacy of rooms can be significantly enhanced when they are used together. Each of them is a tiny block in your castle of evil. The trick is to determine the mechanism behind these blocks and then position them in the best way to maximize their impact.

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