Evil Genius 2 Minions Guide

In the game Evil Genius 2, the player has to command the entire army of minions to execute his evil strategies. They are the circulatory system required for successful working in the lair. To get the most out of your troops, it is essential to know their roles and the roles played by the different classes.

The servants of Evil Genius 2 are divided into four classes principally:

  • Workers
  • Guards
  • Fraudsters
  • Scientists

This is all you should know about them.


The most basic servants are Workers wearing yellow overalls. They are not expensive and indeed a waste of money; however, the lair is unable to function and grow without them. Enough workers are crucial in the execution success of the evil genius’s plans.

Workers construct rooms, set up equipment and perform work, set fires out and dispose of dead bodies, escort and interrogate agents who are captured as they travel around the globe performing operations, attend specific training, and then fight intruders are not invited.

In battle, the workers aren’t going to last very long, but they have time to strike back against the Guards of your home and the Minions and even that Genius. Most classes that specialize can perform these essential tasks. However, only the workers can construct rooms.

When one or more Workers is to be more efficient than the typical guy wearing the yellow suit, he could be retrained into one of three specialized classes: Guardian, Deceiver, or Scientist. They usually have to be paid and are no longer as valuable as Workers and are primarily employed for specific jobs that Workers perform poorly or cannot complete even.

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Guards are the security force or a defense system for the den. Of all the experts, they are the most durable equipped to protect against enemies. They may still be employed to carry out Global Fraud, disposing of corpses and interrogating prisoners; however, their main purpose is security.


The Deceivers will operate within the casino and act as shields for the hideout. They will serve as the first line of defense against Law Force agents. If the Guards favor the direct and brutal method to remove threats, Deceivers can evade fighting and block the agents identified or distract them, leaving the victim altogether. Furthermore, Deceivers can make a good amount of money from their cover when they are instructed to defraud tourists of cash.


Although guards and deceivers provide security for the lair, Guards and Deceivers offer protection for the lair Scientists are closer to their fellow workers and help maintain the shelter and keep it growing. Like the Deceivers and Guards, the Scientists can avoid combat by focusing on fixing damaged objects, transporting things to their lair, and experimenting with new methods to open new opportunities to the players.

The best lairs and plans for supremacy in the world can’t be built on just one kind of minion. It’s a team effort even if the team itself cannot be repaid–no one is more important than the genius, can they? The most important thing for Evil Genius 2 is understanding the capabilities and functions of each kind of servant and finding the best balance to satisfy every need of the Lair.

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