Evil Genius 2 cheats and console commands

Within Evil Genius 2, you’ll need to take on the part of a highly skilled and evil character who is seeking to rule the world. Even the good old Maximilian and his crew might need a little assistance. For instance, by using console commands or cheating.

Consoles are available since the game’s launch through pressing the standard Tilde () key that is to right of number 1, on the primary keyboard however console commands and cheats weren’t available.

Commands for consoles

The hotfix, released on April 1st, 2021, has improved the issue by opening various commands and cheats in Evil Genius 2. However, only a handful is truly beneficial among the available ones. These are the only ones worth a look at:

  • Mute – Mute
  • Quit – Quit the game
  • Clear – Clears the console
  • ListCmds – List of all commands available
  • Aid – description of command

It isn’t possible to play the Evil Genius 2 console commands yet, to earn more gold, minions, or instantly defeat those pesky Super Agents that are always trying to steal your cash and burn down your home.

We’ll be watching out for any updates and make sure you update this article if we discover there are new commands available that will help when attempting to take over the world is becoming difficult. In the end, a criminal is expected to break as many rules as they can, and that’s the way to go, right?

You can learn them by yourself, naturally, by looking through the list of commands available as well as their descriptions after every update. While waiting, you can look over our acolytes as well as our room guides to better understand the rules about the sport.

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