Euro Truck Simulator 2 Developers Debunk The Myth Of Bad Russian Roads In The Dlc Heart Of Russia

SCS Software released another blog post in which they discussed the work being done on roads added in Heart of Russia for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The team was hard at work to make the transfer of the national road network with every variation ranging from smooth roads to dirt roads that are bumpy.

The developers started collecting materials to create Heart of Russia following the release of DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea in 2018. In the beginning, the tracks selected to be used in the add-on were aged and worn-out, But because of recent updates, the roadbed has significantly improved – which will show up in the game.

Developers have also pointed out that roads in Russia aren’t as bad as they claim: “The truth is that many of the main roads used by truck drivers are maintained in excellent working order. Particularly in the vicinity of big cities such as Moscow, they’re well maintained. ”

There will be some additions and roads that are less smooth. The distinction between local and federal roads is noticeable. The latter is more frequently used since there are more roads in Russia. Some roads have no pavement.

In the Heart of Russia the architects carefully examined their road signage. “In in addition to traditional poles’ signs, We were faced with a brand new issue in the form hanging signs” as well as dynamic displays and other items. Curbs, fences, and railroad crossings, were taken into consideration.

The Heart of Russia add-on isn’t yet given an announcement date.

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