Escape from Tarkov Quick Start Guide

Before joining a raid, each player must be able to pass an equipment test. Anyone who is new to the game might be struggling at this point of the game because of lack of knowledge. Particularly for those looking to be able to fight faster We have put together an instruction on how to start quickly with Escape From Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov gets better every patch and is now attracting players and streamers. In the context of an active stream of new players and the ferocious nature of the project it’s a good time to talk about ways to make it easier for players to join the game.

In this video tutorial, we’ll detail the key principles of how to set up the raid. We’ll also guide you to select the best balanced, well-balanced and affordable priced equipment for a swift starting point in your game.

The most important equipment items that are used in Tarkov include weaponry, modification, medicines and armor. Most of the items you require are accessible from merchants and at the market, or the one in your local. The players, however tend to be more profitable to purchase from than the NPC.

If you’re aware in advance what you should look for in shops, you can swiftly and inexpensively prepare your weapon for the attack. In this article we’ll go through every type of equipment and present you with options for cost-effective and efficient options.


  • 1 Ammo
  • 2 Guns
  • 3 Modifications
  • 4 Armor
  • 5 Medicine
  • 6 Backpack, Headphones and a Backpack


An essential element which directly affects the effectiveness of your opponent’s strikes. Ammunition that has an excellent penetration rate will cause more damage to flesh that isn’t protected, whereas armor-piercing ammunition will be capable of breaking through armored equipment.

Newcomers should concentrate on ammunition that has good armor penetration. While their damage isn’t as great but you are much more likely knock out the target.

While you’re at it, you need to learn how to weigh the cost against the performance. Not every ammo item is worth the price. Follow an average penetration of 40+. Don’t be tempted by the most expensive options. Learn more about ammunition within The Escape from Tarkov guide – the best ammunition.


It’s a matter of the individual’s preferences and abilities that are not always the same. Market newcomers often make purchases without having a clear understanding about the value/quality ratios of the choices available.

Players-traders and vendor-dealers offer a variety of exciting and useful weapons options that are suitable for beginners, as well as some. There are several choices, prices could differ, but they are usually within acceptable limits. in the efficacy of these weapons, there is no reason to question:

  • Carabiner ADAR is one of the most sought-after assault rifle that is available. The price isn’t too high and it’s quite powerful. It is ideal for novices who aren’t quite sure about their preference. The benefit of the ADAR is comfortable and doesn’t require an numerous modifications that are available You can simply purchase with a telescopic scope to traverse various maps, and alter the distance of the fire.
    • The AK-74 is a low-cost and well-known option for low-cost sights. It is a great option for novices to earn cash for the dodger or a more efficient weapon.


  • The Vepr Hunter semi-automatic carbine that allows you to get plenty of practice in precise shooting. The adjustable mount lets users to attach any scope to the.

If you’ve accumulated some cash, but not sure of the best gun make sure you read out our Escape from Tarkov – The Best Guns guide to make sure you don’t miss anything..


Modifications will depend on the firearm you choose, so you’ll have to test. Here are some suggestions regarding the types of dodges to take a look at:

  • The PWS CQB blowpipe brake drastically reduces the recoil of the gun.
  • Collimator (Red Dot) sights are very useful and affordable alternatives for virtually any medium- or short-range weapon.
  • Pads with RBP or Recoil sights are very effective in control of recoil and ergonomics. ideal for novices.
  • Exploring the traps you encounter in raids, enhancing your knowledge of how items function.


A second, and initially unobtainable essential item in Escape from Tarkov. The budget but at the same time efficient options in the game are not that easy so here are a few ideas for choosing the first option:


  • 6B3TM is an outstanding armor available at affordable costs. It can also be found in a wild version that gives you the opportunity to acquire an unarmored piece without the need to purchase it.
  • 6B515 is class 4 armor that has the strength rating of forty that provides some protection. It lasts for a long time and is reliable, and is a good option for all kinds of scenarios.


  • SSh-68 Head armor that has a high reflection rate. It’s affordable and inexpensive which makes it a good first-time option.

Medical care

There is no way to take on a roughing-up mission without a first-aid kit. Tarkov comes with a variety of different medications that are reasonably priced, while others are a huge quantity of dollars. Fortunately, most injuries can be treated with a reasonable budget

  • Painkillers are a low-cost and effective method to help your stricken fighter make an emergency exit even with an extremely serious injury. They can’t save you however, they can buy you the time needed to get out.
  • The vehicle First Aid Kit restores 220 health points and is inexpensive. A balance between cost and performance.
  • First aid kits for cars gives 220 health points, and is inexpensive.
  • First aid kits for AI-2 is ideal for treating minor injuries, without having to use the car kit. It can also be applied fairly quickly and is also utilized in a firefight. It’s not cheap but certainly effective.
  • Fracture Shield effectively neutralizes the effects of a damaged limb. They’re not expensive and will aid you in reaching the safest location. Make sure you have a few in the form of a container.

Backpack and headphones

The two most important elements of equipment that are featured are the two most important pieces of equipment in Escape from Tarkov. Headphones are useful even in the beginning phases of the game, therefore it is strongly recommended to get one. The backpack is often taken off the corpse of the person who was killed wild animal or another player. cheap options are also available on the flea market.

There’s a lot in the game, including a an abundance of choices for every item listed and the number of options is growing. If you’re not well-versed in the mechanics of the game and want to jump into the action as quickly as you can read our comprehensive guide.

Be aware that these are merely guidelines only. A perfect clothing that is fully suited to your individual preferences should be picked out each for yourself. More tips for novices in the appropriate section on our website.

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