Escape from Tarkov – How to make money

In order to make sure that the arsenal you have is always replenished with all the items you require and your home doesn’t stagnate it is essential to be able to make the escape route of Tarkov profitable. We’ve put together a few strategies for earning money in the game that could help newcomers.


  • 1 How do you earn the escape from Tarkov
  • 3 key Spawn points
  • 4 Have a review of the cards
  • 5 Protected Gamma container
  • 6 Frequently make use of wild
  • 8 Go to the flea market
  • 9 Fit Cards

How can you earn money in Escape from Tarkov

There are some things to know for those who is looking to earn extra cash in Tarkov. The first is to remember these:

If you’ve got a lot of non-weapons items piled up in your home, space is limited and you’re trying to get it sold, speak with a Therapist.

She’s the person who can offer you the lowest prices for non-combat supplies like water, food medical supplies badges for soldiers, technical items.

If you are looking to sell your guns to a dealer, you can visit Skier. Skier will not purchase whole guns however, but will offer a fair price for disassembled weapons. Anything that is not able to be taken by the Skier will be given to the seller and ask for the Prapor.

Don’t be hung up on PvP.

The pursuit of other players isn’t an ideal way to earn money, however it can lead to financial loss. Even if you’re an extraordinarily tough hunter the odds of survival are not more than fifty percent. Take into consideration the losses from insurance and equipment that is lost during combat.

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Key point of spawn

If you’ve studied the routes on maps well and know the locations where valuable keys and other items are located You can earn good cash mining them and then selling keys and mining them. If you happen to be close the location where the key is ensure you visit and search for it. The potential profit will be greater than any losses in the event of a collision with an opponent.

Make sure you check the maps thoroughly.

It’s a common suggestion that can be useful for any player regardless of their goal for raids. Start with a single place Explore all routes, and then remember the exact locations of objects that are important to you.

A determined exploration can allow you to understand the nuances of appearance and appearance of players as well as the regions that wild animals can be found as well as their variety and patterns of behavior. Any information you can gather about the region can be useful in the future.

Protected Gamma container

These containers are specially made to let players save their valuable treasures However, you must first look over the market and the prices attentively to know what you want you can hide. If you’re killed or injured by another player and you die, the only thing the other player is able to remove from your body is the container.

Use wild whenever you can.

Alongside your main characters, every 20 minutes, players can take part in a raid as wild, randomly equipped fighter. It is possible to beat your opponents, gather the most valuable items and then swiftly leave.
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Once you have reached the base take the wild one of his clothes. The items he has might not be the most valuable on the table, however they will certainly draw the attention of traders.


You can earn some money with just few raids if you’re persistent and cautious. Even small amounts of resources scattered around areas that have no other players on the scene can generate a significant amount of cash.

Check the corpses of dead enemies even if you didn’t kill them. Most of the time, more skilled players leave less items left behind. Take anything that’s not pinched or even the hats.

Visit the flea market

Once they reach a certain point at which point, players are able to access an auction in their local area which offers many opportunities to earn money, such as reselling things purchased at the mechanic and Skier with a high standard of repute. Find out more on the market’s history in Escape from Tarkov – tips about trading.

Matching cards

In the Shore Map, one are able to go east towards a safe town or visit the shoreline’s buildings by scouring for war crates and slaying wild animals in the process.

Think about the Unchained map with care. Locate the most comfortable area of the store You can sift through the military containers there and attempt to get everything.

Another great option for earning money is to go to the Forest which allows you to make quick money particularly when it is revived as an animal. Take out the gang members and then collect the treasure and then flee.

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