Escape from Tarkov Helmets Guide

The idea of walking through Tarkov without your head covered is as if you’re throwing yourself into a horde of adversaries with knives in your hands It’s possible to defeat some however, you’ll be unable to make it through. For those who are just beginning and aren’t yet deciding on their option of a helmet We’ve prepared the following guideline for Escape from Tarkov helmets.

The helmets that are used in the game are a must-have in addition to the torso shield we covered in the earlier Escape from Tarkov guide – body armor. They might not be the same way as bibs however, in the event of Tarkov any kind of protection is more effective than none.

The heads of characters are typically divided into five parts the head, the behind of the head, eyes, ears and jaw. Any direct hit to one of them can be fatal. The more areas on the face are protected and covered, the better chance players will outlast an injury to the head.

Headgear’s characteristics are noted for their durability and movement-related penalties, as well as the amount of protected areas (most will cover the front, the top of the head, and the ears) ergonomics, as well as compatibility with other gadgets. Additionally, there are indications for the soundproofing of the device and for ricochet risk.

The first parameter influences the squelching of sounds from outside while the second will guarantee the possibility of the bullet rebounding after striking the helmet. The fighter may be hit in this instance however it is not injured.


  • 1 Helmets First Class
  • 2 Second Class helmets
  • 3 Third Class helmets and Fourth class helmets
  • 4 Fourth class helmets
  • 5 Fifth class helmets
  • 6 Sixth class helmets
  • 7 Which helmet do prefer?

First class helmets

Tank Helmet TSH-4M-L It comes with an insurance space in the range of 100 and does not impose any penalty for the wearer and is highly susceptible of ricocheting bullets. However the helmet is restricting the surroundings and isn’t compatible with other equipment.

Second class helmets

Cap 1 Impact Helmet
is all it takes 25 Points strong, -2% to be up and running, -1% to turn and has a very low chance of ricocheting. The soundproofing is excellent, and is compatible with the K1C visor.

“Fireman’s” Helmet It has 40 points of strength, with a low chance of ricocheting. It protects the back of the head, ears and the top it does not affect the speed of running, and reduces the speed of turning by 12 percent. The visor isn’t removable.

Shelmet PSH-97 “Jet” – has 65 points of armor, no penalty for sprinting, -13% to turn.

Third class helmets

Kiver M helmet comes with 35 strength, -3% to speed of running, and – 5percent for turning. Keever has a moderate chance of ricocheting. You could wear an armored visor to shield your jaw and eyes and offer a higher chance of reflecting a ball.

Objective Protective Helmet 6B47 “Ratnik-BSh”
25 strength, -1% running, -5% turning. Sound isolation is not there, but it’s compatible with headphones for tactical use. High chance of ricocheting.

U.N. contingent helmet in Tarkov
25 Strength points, -2% speed, -0.1% mobility. A high chance of ricocheting and soundproofing is low, not compatible with headphones.

100 strength, -2% running speed, -1% turning. Chance of ricochet, average High soundproofing.

Ballistic helmet DEVTAC Ronin
60 points of armor -5% to be up and running, -1% to improve agility. The chance of ricocheting is very low However, the helmet covers the entire head by the helmet.

Shelmet LZ – Strength 30, -1% to speed of running, -7% to turn. It only covers the back and top part of the skull. It is compatible with the headgear the visor, and any additional armor available from Ops-Core. Risk of ricocheting is minimal.

SH-68 helmet with underarmor 30 armor, -2% running speed, -8% turn. It only protects the back and top of the head. The risk of ricocheting is high.

Fourth class helmets

Ops-Core Fast MT Super High Cut helmet40 strength, -1% to speed, -7% to turn. Compatible with Ops-Core’s modifications. A high chance of ricocheting. Only protects the front of the head, and the top of the head.

ZSh-1-2M helmet – armor 30, -3% speed, -8% mobility. It is compatible with the ZSh-1-2M armor plate. Chance of repelling the projectile.

Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA Helmet 38 points of armor, -2% run, -1% turn. The helmet is a good chance of ricocheting. It covers only the back and the top part of your head. It can be worn with headphones.

Highcom Striker AHC IIIA helmet30 strength, -2% speed, -7% turn. It is a little lighter than its predecessor and covers only the back and top on the face. Risk of ricocheting is very quite high. Also, headphones can be used.

Shelmet Mask-160 strength, -3% run, -6% mobility. High ricochet probability and medium soundproofing. You can put on Mask-1Sh armor, which has moderate chance of reflecting an incoming projectile directed at the face.

Crye Precision Airframe helmet Crye Precision Airframe helmet 40% strength No penalty for run speed. 33 percent for turning. A high chance of ricocheting. Compatible with headgear as well as Ops-Core FAST shields for visors. It covers only the front and the top part of your head.

MSA ACH TC 2001 MICH Series helmet25 strength, -2% to run, -8% to turn. High ricochet chance. This headset is compatible. It was modified in 2002 with the strength parameter being increased to 27. The head is covered on top and the back of the head.

Shelmet BNTI LSZ-2DTM 55 points of armor -3% to run at a high speed, -15% to turn. Most likely to reflect the projectile. It is not possible to wear headphones while wearing it, however you can put on armor shield with a high rate of ricochet in addition.

Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet – 45 strength, -1% speed, -6% rotation. A high chance of ricocheting. Compatible with headgear and brand armor. Only covers the back and top on the face.

MSA Gallet TC 800 High Cut Helmet – 30 strength, -2% running speed, -8% turn. Chance of reflection from the impact of a projectile. The head is covered on the back and top of your head.

Fifth class helmets

Altyn Helmet with Armored It has 45 strength, -7% to speed of running, -17% to agility. Risk of ricocheting is very high. You can install Altyn armor. The helmet is not compatible with headphones.

Sixth class helmets

Vulcan-5(LSZ-5) – 55 strength, -7% run, -24% turn rate. It is compatible with the name armor. Excellent reflection on projectiles.

Which one do you prefer?

The game offers an broad selection of choices to protect your head. Like any other game, you must take note of more than the type and parameters that protects you, but the likelihood of ricocheting the price, as well as the option to alter the protection, or to use it in conjunction with headphones.

There isn’t a universal guideline for those who are just beginning. You should buy the best you can manage to afford. Make sure you choose a helmet that provides the maximum amount of coverage. Also, upgrade your helmets and avoid setting yourself up for failure – even Vulcan-5 isn’t a guarantee of survival in the event of a direct head-on collision.

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