Escape from Tarkov guide – trading tips

The economic model in Escape From Tarkov is built around trade. This isn’t just about selling garbage to the first seller, but also currency transactions, lucrative barter, commercial relationships and of course trade in dealings with NPC traders as well as other gamers. To assist new players to comprehend the complexities of the flea markets, we’ve put together a brief checklist of suggestions.


  • 1 Update the market
  • 2 Use the vishlist
  • 3 Be wary of cheaters
  • 4 Research price trends
  • 5 Keep an eye out for highly-demanded items
  • 6 Check out the filters at flea markets
  • 7 Do not compete with dealers
  • 8 Choose the most suitable timing to make a trade

Market update

Once players reach the their tenth level of character at which point they are granted admission to the market. It’s the place where exchanges are held locally. Newcomers flock to the market, grabbing any extra items in hopes of selling it for profit, and also purchase something of value.

The first suggestion is to refresh the list of products that are available in your drop-down menu. You will see white circular arrows that are located in the upper right corner directly over that “buy” description. By clicking on them, you can change the expiration date of the deal and will also include items shared by players as you were looking into the market.

It is an essential tool that provides you with the possibility of buying things at a lower cost and also to sell them at more profit in the event an unexpected shortage.

Make use of the Wishlist

Between the offers and view A tab that tracks items is located to the left. When you click on the arrow next to the buy button on the item you are interested in an open window will open where you can include the product to your wishlist.

This is an excellent feature to keep track of cost of items of interest and the resources you typically trade for, and also to swiftly purchase items (ammo and first-aid kits) that you frequently go to flea markets for.

Beware of fraudsters

In each online venture, there are scammers who rely on the inexperience or lack of awareness of the participants. In Tarkov these traders deal in inferior products, and then put them up for sale for a good price, however nevertheless, a lot more expensive price.

In this way, you could risk paying too much for anything from armor and weapons to food and medical supplies. To filter products by wear, you can use the gear on lower left hand corner.

See the latest price trends

If you are planning to put your item up for sale, ensure you have calculated the correct amount. Examine the market to get an idea of what the market is worth and then determine which is more profitable. sell the product to a retailer or not, and do not chase the quick cash.

To stand out from competitors and to be first to appear on the list of items that appears when sorting things by cost (and thus most appealing) Sometimes, people over-state the cost of their products and are able to sell their items at the loss.

Be aware of the products that are in high demand.

It might be worth having a look through the various items available that are available to discover deals that offer a large price variation for the same product.

In this scenario you may want buying low-cost stocks to sell them in the near future at a value than the higher deals. This is a risky strategy and you stand a good probability of being foolish. You can try this at your own discretion.

Remove the hoarder filtering system

Understanding how sorting works is essential for a quick and efficient search for information on the flea market. Pay particular focus on the filters below:

  • Sorting by Currency allows you to choose the currency unit to which the seller is offering his goods
  • Sorting by maximum and minimum price lets you quickly choose the best price
  • Sorting by the quantity lets you find products that have the amount you’re searching for at a fixed cost
  • The Sorting process by state eliminates unscrupulous dealers I’ve written about it in the past.
  • Eliminating barter offers will eliminate from the search engine listings merchants offering exchange in lieu of selling goods for cash
  • Remove merchant offers will conceal the items that are traded by NPCs
  • Only workable items can conceal weapons that are sold in disassembled form
  • Show only expiring items allows you to monitor items that are thus expiring

Never be competitive with dealers

The products offered by dealers can be compared to a ceiling that is impossible to beat. Increase the price – and players will choose the seller in the end.

Pick the best timing to make a trade

It’s easy the more players that are online and the more items are put in the marketplace and the more competition, and prices fall dramatically since everyone is trying to sell their treasure quicker to be able to join another raid.

In essence, try to locate your own window in the area that isn’t sleeping in shelters. If you notice that the positions are getting filled up quickly and prices rising after a refresh, test your chances with a different product or visit again.

Then, you can use trash containers. Storage space is very restricted, particularly in the beginning stages of the game where you don’t have the time to get it going yet. It is worth purchasing some containers that can store your items in a compact manner.

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