Escape from Tarkov guide – the best weapons

One of the major distinctions in Escape from Tarkov and other online shooters is its extensive arsenal of weapons designed by Battlestate with an amazing level of precision. We’ve put together a brief guide for beginners to assist them in choosing the right weapons.

In reality, the selection of weaponry to be used continuously to be used in Escape from Tarkov is a very personal thing. If you are asked which weapon to choose experts advise that newcomers focus on the weapon they feel most comfortable shooting.

In the same way it is likely that you don’t have enough money at beginning to buy the equipment, put it up and test all available guns. Therefore, we’ll take it upon ourselves of offering a few suggestions regarding options that are guaranteed to be effective in a fight.


  • 1 SA-. 58
  • 2 M4A1
  • 3 AS “Val”
  • 4 RSASS
  • 5 AKM
  • 6 AKS- 74U
  • 7 SKS
  • 8 Saiga-9
  • 9 SIG MPX
  • 10 DVL-10


  • Type: Assault rifle
  • Caliber 7.62×51 mm
  • Weigh: 3,951 kg
  • Retrition: 350 vertical, 600 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 700

SA-58 OSW (Operations Specialist Weapon) American assault rifle with massive damage and a high potential for modification. One of the most popular guns of veteran fighters. It is available in four variations of Mechanic as well as Peacekeeper. The most popular is the assembly process through the magazine that is 50 rounds.


  • Type: Assault rifle
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm
  • Weigh: 2,395 kg
  • Return: 147 vertical, 405 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 800

Another assault rifle used from an army of US Army and Marine Corps. The ideal weapon for combat at medium range. It is simple to control and hits its target with enough precision. It comes in six different designs that are based on the Peacekeeper and the Mechanic.

As “Shaft”

  • Type: Assault carbine
  • Caliber 9×39 mm
  • Weigh: 2,587 kg
  • Return: 110 vertical, 195 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 900

A gun for the domestic market with an integrated silencer that is specifically designed to be quiet. It is ideal for small groups or individuals who like quick and quiet sweeps.


  • The type: Marksman rifle
  • Caliber 7.62×51 mm
  • Weigh: 5,491 kg
  • Return: 270 vertical, 560 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 700

Remington’s R11 is a highly precise semi-automatic rifle that can penetrate all armor. The rifle is extremely effective in ranges ranging from 800m to. It is available at Peacemaker after finishing your task “Wet Affair. Sixth Part.”


  • Type: Assault rifle
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Weigh: 3,575 kg
  • Retrition: 225 vertical, 468 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 600

Version modified of the AK-47 with better precision, lighter weight and greater range. Because of its lower recoil the weapon is extremely effective at medium distance. Additionally, the base model of the Prapor assault rifle will give away just a few cans stew.


  • Type: Assault rifle
  • Caliber: 5.45x39mm
  • The weight is 2,7 kg
  • Return: 152 vertical, 455 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 650

Shorter version of AK-74 with a folding buttstock. A little less precise, but less expensive and smaller weapon is a fantastic option for players who are just beginning their journey.


  • Type: Assault carbine
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Weigh: 3,68 kg
  • Return: 182 vertical, 400 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 40

The Soviet Simonov self-loading carbine is a weapon that needs no introduction. It is ergonomic, effective and strong. With the right modifications of the SKS can be a formidable weapon for the most skilled shooters.


  • Type: Sub-machine gun
  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • The weight: 3,041 kg
  • Return: 85 vertical, 355 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 650

Although the gun was intended for recreational and sporting purpose, it’s effective in combat at small distances. It can shoot extremely single shots and is very comfortable when you have collimator sights.


  • Type: Sub-machine gun
  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Weigh: 2.9 kg
  • Return: 67 vertical, 333 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 850

It is a compact and speedy submachine gun that has a full-length scope rail, which offers an extremely wide range of optics. It can be a great medium- and short-range weapon if it’s well and refined.


  • Type: Bolt action rifle
  • Caliber: 7.62x51mm
  • Weigh: 5,1 kg
  • Retrition: 130 vertical, 650 horizontal
  • shots per minute: 30

The lightweight and compact Diversant Sniper rifle is awe-inspiring in its force of impact and comes with built-in silencer. The rifle is expensive, yet it is able to meet the job well and at a low volume.

This rifle is an excellent alternative to the Sniper rifle.

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