Escape from Tarkov guide – the best ammo

One of the major barriers to the rookie escapee from Tarkov are the other experienced, better-trained players. It is important to prepare well in the long run, but theory is more important than actual practice. Our beginner’s guide is focused on the different types of ammunition used in Escape from Tarkov, which will determine the success of a player.

The main feature that distinguishes Escape from Tarkov is an advanced weapon system that players have to spend hours studying, due to the wide variety of weapons, the game features complicated modification mechanics and a variety of ammunition that can be used.

The latter is not as straightforward as other shooters in session. Each kind of ammo will cost money and impact the game’s style. A well-thought-out selection is yet another essential element of the planning process that is not to be ignored completely.

Although only a specific calibre is suitable for certain types of weapons, in it, there’s an option. In the majority of cases, better ammunition is more expensive for players however if you’re new to the game and only learning the art of aiming, and other techniques and techniques, paying too much for it is not advised.

In this article we’ll go over the best ammunition for each kind of gun, so that you gain a basic understanding as well as a choice for yourself.

What is the most effective way to use ammunition?

The ammunition used in Tarkov could be compatible with various firearms and be referred to by various names, but it’s all based on two fundamental factors that are crucial in the selection of a particular kind:

Ability to penetrate-a parameter that decides the severity of the damage rounds cause to unprotected flesh.

The ability to break armor is a metric that measures the capability of ammunition to penetrate the defenses of your opponent. The most experienced players will prefer to fight wearing body armor, and helmets, so you’ll require ammunition that will break through both.

The problem is finding an ideal equilibrium between this and the second parameters. You’re not likely to alter your horn each time you slash through an opponent’s armor in order to kill him with the maximum amount of flesh damage So it’s essential to set your priorities correctly.

The best ammo available to use Escape from Tarkov

To summarize the above, the most effective ammunition for us is not the one with the highest penetration or ratings for damage, however rather the one that meets two of those parameters in addition to the price which is most balanced.

Here’s the list of our favorite:

  • 12 caliber. 12/70 flychette. Has a penetration of 28 and an armor injury of 26. A great choice for firearms as well as carbines.
  • 20 caliber 20/70 6.2 buckshot. Has the best balance of 13 penetration with 2 power penetration.
  • 9x18mm PMPMM. Properly balanced ammunition for a variety of PPs and pistols that have 34 armor penetration as well as 24 flesh-damage.
  • 7.62x25mm Pst GZH. Optimal for TT and PPSH-41, with an armor penetrate of 36 and 24.

  • 9x19mm, AP 6.3. Excellent penetration with the parameter 48, and an AP score of 29.
  • 9x21mm, AP13.Best choice with 47 damaged armor and 36 damage on flesh.
  • 5.7x28mm SS190. It’s not the most affordable however, it’s the best option with 43 piercings and 37 penetrating damages.
  • 4.6x30mm Ap SX. Slightly more recoil but is the most effective for 47 armor damage and 46 flesh damage.
  • 9x39mm, 7N12 BP. Also with an increased recoil to favor armor penetration of 68 and 48 flesh injuries.
  • .366-TKM Eco. Balanced stock with 30 and 30 parameters slight lowers the accuracy of rifles.
  • 45x39mm. There are two excellent options The BS with 51 and 57 penetration, and the 7H39 “Needleman” with 60 penetration and 62 penetration however, it has more recoil.

  • 5.56x45mm M995. Good for AK and other rifles. The penetration factor is 58, and it is a flesh-damage of 53.
  • 7.62x39mm BP. More ammunition available for several kinds of Kalashnikov and Simonov carbines. Damage to armor is 63, skin damage 47 but recoil and accuracy are affected little.
  • 7.62x51mm M61. Sniper shell with armor penetration of 85 and the penetration is 68.
  • 7.62x54R SNB. Favorite among owners of Mosin rifles. Damage to flesh – 62, penetration – 87. to flesh and skin – 60.
  • 12.7x55mm PS12B. Ideal choice for ASh-12 with armor damage of 57 with 46 penetration.

This is a list of the standard ammunition that is optimally suited for every type of weapon. It’s clear that cost is usually a major aspect and you may not necessarily afford the most powerful ammunition but you can now have some guidelines for the types of raids you choose to prepare for with care.

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