Escape from Tarkov Guide – Maps

A large wooded area on the outskirts Tarkov or in the small corridors within the complex. Before going to the area for a hunt make sure you have the right equipment in accordance with the terrain and know the terrain you will confront. We’ve prepared a brief guide to Escape from Tarkov maps for newcomers.

Escape From Tarkov is a complex game that has a sophisticated game economy, a complex gear system, and a gruelling gameplay. A lot of elements of the interface which are that are familiar with players from Fortnite or Call of Duty, are not present in Escape from Tarkov.

The newcomers must learn to pay attention to their surroundings as well as interact with their teammates and also be able to navigate around the field. The ability to navigate maps is crucial for this sport, which is why we’ve put together some suggestions for every player.

The maps of Escape from Tarkov are quite intricate and unique and will require an amount of time to master the map completely. Certain locations are more accessible to beginners than others. In this guide, we’ll review the fundamentals and explain which places to go to when you start the game, and which one you should visit when you’re confident in your abilities.

We also released all of the maps to players. You can purchase the exact maps in Tarkov to keep them on hand, but bear in mind that you won’t see any arrows that have pointers on them. These guides will continue to be revised whenever new locations are announced.


  • 1 Escape From Tarkov Maps
  • 2 Factory
  • 3 Customs
  • 4 Forest
  • 5 Beach
  • 6 Junction
  • 7 Lab
  • 8 Reserve

Escape from Tarkov Maps

As of this writing there are seven maps accessible in the game and five more maps are in development. There are a few points to consider prior to taking a trip:

  • There won’t be an e-map miniaturized – you’ll need use the actual map to help you navigate the terrain and decide your route by referring to landmarks. If you’re able to, display the map on an additional monitor or device to avoid getting distracted by the battle.
  • Some maps are perfect for novices, while other maps can significantly increase the risk for a player to enter the game. For instance, you shouldn’t leap into an area that is crowded when you’re not confident that you’ll be able to navigate through it.
  • The most effective way to master playing the game is to play the game using bots. So, you won’t lose any gear even if are killed however, you’ll have to play, practice, look over the caches, and be aware of the most important objectives.


The Zavod is among the smallest maps from Escape from Tarkov, but nonetheless quite big compared to other games. The action is all within the map, with PMCs and wilds each with three escape points. Keys will be needed to get out of the basements as well as gate #0.

A very dark map, with numerous locations and rooms in which you’ll need to engage in close-quarter combat in the event of encountering enemies. Factory events can are incredibly fast-paced, and could be disastrous for new players. A game map is where headphones can come in very handy.

The map is quite small it is imperative to be cautious when firing. Do not fire unless absolutely necessary because the sound will be get all over the place and will reveal the area. Stay calm and take care of what you’ve come for.


The customs house is larger than the factory , and very densely built-up. There are warehouses as well as a bridge and river as well as several buildings with three or two stories gasoline station, construction site along with military checkpoints. There’s a lot to look at from this location, making matches can last longer.

Customs House Customs House is good for players who are new to various kinds of games however, it’s easy to get lost in the event that you choose to play randomly. Choose a specific region to investigate first, and then locate its location on the map prior to going on.

There’s a rogue boss that can be found near the petrol station, or the dormitory or a group of four armored guards and usually there are quite some wild ones wandering around the checkpoint.

The location is home to 8 exits to PMCs and an abundance of exits of wild ones, meaning you don’t need to go on a long walk filled with loot to reach the closest one. A further benefit is that the majority of them don’t require additional gestures. One exit is the only one that is paid for the operatives.


Contrary to traditions in the forests, they are an easy place to visit and the games are played for long. The majority of the area is covered by woods as well as the vast coastline in Lake Dalnee. There are many plains and mountains in the land, which are a favourite of the wild , as well as numerous bunkers hidden that are scattered throughout the map.

The majority of the action in this area is outside of buildings The best weapon to use in the forest would be an weapon that can strike at medium and long distances. The map is full of natural shelters, however beware of the abilities of shooters. Be cautious when walking through areas with no protection, and avoid them if you can.

There seven points of retreat for PMCs, however certain aren’t accessible to all. For example, to get access to Southern exit you’ll need to pay several thousand rubles. To escape through in the wild boar’s Fang requires an ice axe as well as paracord.


One of the biggest maps of Escape from Tarkov, located at the beach. There is ample time for you to spend exploring, ensure you keep in mind that you are on guard as it could be that you need to travel the distance in order to escape. An inconvenient rush is sure to attract adversaries.

The map is a bit distinctive design and a rich filler. There’s a town and a tiny sunken village, a enormous Pier as well as a radio station and a sanatorium that’s quite large which could have been an entire map, considering the size of it.

There are just five evacuation points at the site which isn’t a lot considering its size. Try to move swiftly as you enter as you explore close to the exit. The shore is ideal for those who are just starting out and searching for sources.


Large-scale maps for indoor competitions. It is comprised mostly of the mall, an enormous three-story structure with an abundance of shops within. If you want to stay clear of fighting in cramped areas, roads around the structure as well as an underground parking lot as well as a go-kart race are put in place.

In the background of the shopping center is the CHP which is the main source of power for the complex. The power supply will permit access to several secured rooms, however it can also activate alarms at certain stores. These alarms can be removed by hand.

The exchange isn’t good for fighting, but it can be confusing for new players. In order to be successful in raiding here it is necessary to examine the entire map, the exact location of objects of use as well as places where other players are more likely to cross paths.

Another issue is that the operatives have only three exits and wild ones only have two exits, making it easy to get caught in an ambush in the middle of an evacuation.


The lab is a huge underground facility that is located in the center of Tarkov. According to unconfirmed accounts, this is the place where Terra Group Labs conducted its secret research in high-tech technology.

The map is stuffed with treasures that are the best but insurance doesn’t work when it comes to loss of life, all equipment used by the fighter will be lost along with the player. Due to the large number of rooms and corridors, players need to be prepared for battles at close and middle distance.

The area has seven exit routes within this zone Be aware that if you attempt to escape by escaping through the parking lot or hangar within The Complex, the alarm system will go off. It is a generous place with useful things and a highly dangerous map.


A medium-sized map that has lots of open space and also structures of various sizes. If you’re good at medium to long range battle this is a great starting point.

It’s best to behave with caution – there are plenty of refuges in the area, make sure to stay hidden and observe the movements of your adversaries. Be patient until they are ready for shooting and avoid making excessive noise. The area is full of supplies, resources and medicines.

There are a variety of exit points for PMCs. Some of them have specific requirements to leave. For instance, exiting through manholes in the sewer will only be possible if don’t carry a backpack, while an armored train that arrives at a repair station will be held for a lengthy time prior to departure.

There are many resources that are available on Web including interactive maps which will aid you in your navigation through key areas and evacuation zones. However, even with these maps games, when you are playing in the first person perspective, everything is quite different. Explore the locales yourself and discover your own routes that let you escape Tarkov effectively.

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