Escape from Tarkov guide – body armor

After getting acquainted with all the merchants, getting the shelter in place and purchasing two useful guns the newly-adopted member of Tarkov starts to think about what to use for security. For those who haven’t discovered the distinctions for armors during Escape from Tarkov, we have created a quick guide.

As you might have realized by now, the gear in Tarkov isn’t all that easy to find. Helmets and armor are chosen not just based on the class as well as by price quality, durability, level of protection, as well as penalties. When you choose an armor, it is important to consider all the aspects of it, which is usually the case with everything you pick for yourself during the game.

It’s important to know that developers are always making balance changes, because no matter what is the top thing today is, the next update it will end up being nothing more than that. In this guide , we’ll go through the current protections available and explain their categories and provide some guidelines about how to select them.

The the body armors are described as they are:

  • Strength is a reference to durability and armor in one. The stronger strength is the greater number of shots the breastplate can withstand.
  • Speed Penalty speaks for itself.
  • pivot penalty reduces the speed that your character rotates according to the rules, and increasing the amount of time needed to stabilize your view.
  • Protect Zones are responsible for the locations which cover the body armor, such as the abdomen, chest, and, sometimes, arms.
  • Ergonomics determines the amount of stamina it takes to keep an object in the right direction.


  • 1 Armor Second Class
  • Second class armor on the body.
  • Class four of 3 armor.
  • 5 Armor class four
  • Five Armor class six
  • 6 Which armor should I pick?

Second class armor

The second is the cheapest level of armor available. It’s relatively inexpensive, is readily available in the early stages of the game and isn’t so bad to lose which makes it a great option for new players.

However, there’s no protection for second-class armor. They are able to withstand the blast of a shotgun and absorb some pistol rounds however they aren’t an issue for experienced adversaries. They only protect the stomach and chest.

  • Modul 3M Armor has an endurance ratings that is 40 and it slows down the speed of your movements by 77% and turns by 6percent.
  • PACA Soft Armor – With 50 strength, it removes of 6% of your hero’s speed , and 5 percent the ability to turn.
  • Combat Armor 6B2 is the best of its class , with 80 and the lowest penalty to movement, 6percent penalty for movement, and just 33 percent to turn.

This kind of armor isn’t ideal however it will provide protection to the fighter with no major financial investment. Regarding cost, PACA can be considered the best option, but make sure to not be too long with your second choice.

Third class body armor for the third category

The second kind of vest is also designed to cover the abdomen and chest. The body armor of the third class vests are better at defending against shots, but aren’t costing as much. They are quite resistant to shotguns and rounds fired by rifles. Highly recommended for those who are just beginning to get familiar with the game.

  • The armor MF-UNTAR armor fifty durability, which severely reduces mobility by up to 18 percent and also penalizes agility by six percent.
  • Bug 3 Armor Strength the same as 50 units, however, it is a mobility loss of 10 10% which is only 4.4% reduces the turn.
  • Combat Armor 6B23-1 The armor is hardened into 60 points and punishes runners by 11 percent as well as five percent penalties agility.
  • Kirasa-N armor BNTI also the 60 strength, which only 8 percent penalizes movement, and 5 % rotation speed.

BSTI in this instance is the most effective option However, it is more than other options.

Body armor of the Fourth Class

Highly effective bibs which far outperform their predecessors. It is a great way to earn some cash without taking a risk of losing too much to better-known fighters.

Fourth-class body armor is able to stand up to the rigors of shots from shotguns, machine guns and pistol rounds, but it is still able to withstand the all serious Tarkov weapons.

  • Highcom Trooper TFO Armor – wear resistance 85, penalty for movement 9.9% and only 22 percent in turn.
  • ASsault 6B13 body armor (available with two different colors) is a body armor that comes with an impressive 47 power, 12% penalty for running and 3 percent reduction in agility.
  • General Service Armor 6B23-2 With 55 points of strength, -11% to run and 33 percent in turn.

Highcom Trooper is a good choice in the ranks of the fourth grade. It’s extremely sturdy, is less restrictive than other models and is priced lower than other models, however it is only a chest protector as opposed to the “schoolmates”

Fifth-class body armor for the fifth class

The most durable armor that can withstand the most severe shots. It is more often than not it’s the best option due to the cost difference between the sixth and fifth classes. But it’s much more costly than the earlier models, and is also more difficult to locate. Ideal for serious raids.

  • Gzhel-K armor from BNTI – which was not too long time ago, it was moved into the 5th class. Its strength is 65, 10% penalty on mobility and -3 percentage to the rate of turn.
  • The IOTV Generation 4 body armor, with complete body protection that covers not just the stomach and chest area as well as the arms. Very sturdy 95 units, but very weighty and uncomfortable 33 percent in speed. to turn and -19 to turn and -19% for turning.
  • The IOTV Gen4 armor (Assault version) is a lightweight version with a reduced 75 strength. Penalties for running are 20 percent and stiffening is 14 percent.
  • The IOTV Gen4 (mobile) armor is another variation of this armor with no hand protection. Its strength can be measured at at 65 points and speed is reduced by 11 percent and turn is reduced to one-seventh of a percent. The class’s heaviest.
  • Modified armor 6B13 Light and reliable , with sixty strength, 13 percent penalty to speed , and only 33 percent penalty for turning.
  • Fort Redoubt armor It also comes with the strength parameter which is 60 points, -13% to run and -12 percent for agility.
  • for Fort Redut-T5 armor comes with a stronger variant of FORT that offers complete protection. It has the strongest record among all Tarkov bibs at 100 points and is also the most heavy armor that is 37 percent penalty for run and 15 percent for turning rate.

The basic idea is that each of the armors that is listed in its own manner, and is dependent on your goals to achieve during the raid. For instance, FORT could be better than IOTV however it is more expensive in cost.

Sixth Class Armor

The most costly and durable armor that is able to withstand nearly all shots. It’s extremely difficult to penetrate, and at this point , only four cannons that are available in the game are able to take on the task, which is why it’s so expensive.

  • Armor 6B43 6A Zbralo-Sh Fullbody protection 85 strength parameters, -42% to mobility and 21 percent in turn rates. Perfect for heavy attackers. Extremely heavy.
  • Bug-6a armor is a protective armor that contains 75 strength, reduces movement by 13 percent and increases turn speed by 5percent. The chest and abdomen are protected. The ideal choice to form a powerful, well-armed team.
  • The LBT 6094A Slickplate Carrier – Strength 80 and penalty for speed 10 percent and speed cut only only 2 percent however it only protects the chest. It’s a great, but expensive bib for speedy single raids that yield important loot.

What armor should I select?

The sixth class is by far the best of the armors available however its price isn’t quite in line with the different protection qualities when compared to the 5th class. If you aren’t able to afford the armor for the fifth class or don’t feel at ease in your own abilities, you should look at the fourth and third classes. They offer the most affordable price-to-quality ratio, for sure.

Remember that every repairs you make to an armor Tarkov the strength of the armor diminishes. There are two shops that repair armors, Prapor and Skier. The first is cheaper but significantly decreases its resistance to wear on the breastplate. The second repair method is more precise however is much more expensive.

Class and durability of the armor are the two key parameters for its effectiveness in battle. If you’re using expensive bibs we highly recommend that you be aware of this.

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