Escape from Tarkov – Beginner’s Guide

Escape from Tarkov is an extremely hard-core shooter, where error can cost players valuable equipment and loot. To avoid mistakes and reduce the threshold to enter We’ve created an introduction guide for novices.


  • 1 Motion
  • 2 Stands
  • 3 Armaments
  • 4 Outfit
  • 5 Insurance
  • 6 Health
  • 7 Exits


In Tarkov, the movement of the fighter isn’t limited to walking or running, as is typical in other first-person shooters. The game is based on the character’s equipment and its weight. weapons and armor. You can move, sneak or even crawl at various speeds, which affects sound volume.

Any unintentional movement could make you vulnerable to the dangers lurking nearby. Being aware and attentive to your surroundings is just as crucial as the ability to shoot. When walking on damaged glass or metal debris or along a boardwalk, every surface and object produces a distinct sound, so you must be able to act quickly and with a sense of prudence.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that skilled fighters typically use tactical headphones that block out noise from shots and amplify the sound of footsteps which allows them to discern the various sounds of and even the most cautious adversaries.

Tarkov speeds are classified into three kinds:

  • Walking slowly is accomplished instantly when you press Caps Lock or by using the mouse wheel. In the lower left corner of the screen is a tempo indicator. you can lower it as required.
  • Walking doesn’t require any modifications, it defaults in walking at a moderate speed. This is influenced by the strength that the gear you’re sporting.
  • Walking is the preferred method for walking, however you can alter it according to your needs.
  • The running is typically performed by pressing the Shift button which consumes stamina that fighters utilize, for example, for shooting target. In this case, it is essential to determine the distance and whether you’ve got enough stamina to run to cover it or rest in the trees. Running also creates lots of noise.

Tarkov is not the only one with two useful motions, among them:

  • Step Sideways is initiated when you press Alt + Q/E simultaneously and is split into two different types: a simple pressing of the keys that cause the character to walk away from the direction then return to its original position. pressing down will cause the character to stay in the desired position until you remove the keys.
  • Sliding occurs when you hit the C key at a sufficient speed during a sprint. In this instance, the character is firmly grazed on the ground, and it will slide towards the direction of your running for a short period. It is also possible to get into a supine posture, which is helpful when you’re using fire while running.


The advantages of surrender and tactics can’t be achieved with the ability to sneak around. It is also necessary to put yourself in a good position. The possibility of altering positions in conjunction with the mechanics of movement gives players the agility needed to combat in all terrains and enhance the mood.

The fighters use three stances, each having an individual tempo for moving:

  • Standing up straight the player can move quickly. However, it produces quite a lot of noise and is easily noticeable from a distance.
  • Moved fighters have at least double their height, making them difficult to identify. He can move fairly well but is quieter.
  • A lying shooter appears almost invisibly, even in green grass. His accuracy grows exponentially. It’s crucial to know that crawling creates quite a bit of noise; therefore, hiding in this manner is only possible if you remain in slumber.

If you press C and then spin the wheel, it is possible to alter the size of the crouch so that you can gently crouch on any cover.

Another skill seen in modern shooters. However, it is especially well demonstrated in Tarkov, and other shooters are the ability to peek. When your defense is a tall fence, your ideal method is to peer at it from behind with the barrel pointed. Regarding the advantages of this method, I would say that it’s not necessary to talk.

Holding Q and pressing E will cause your opponent to bend towards the side you prefer. If you want to alternate methods of watching out, make use of the step on the opposite side as that was previously described.


Weapons at Tarkow is the only reason to consider it, and we’ll be certain to write separate articles on it later. The decision of what to embark on a raid is totally up to you. There is a slight exception to the wild ones, which are equipped with various gear.

To make the most of your firearm, You should consider modificationsand be able to utilize the weapon correctly. Achieving the perfect balance between your guns is an essential element of the game, and it is what makes Tarkov distinct from other shooters who are session-based.

  • In deciding on modifications, it’s crucial to consider a variety of elements, like the distance you’ll shoot the gun at, whether you plan to use it to strike armor plating, or you plan to shoot wild animals that aren’t protected on the heads.
  • Optics selection is dependent on individual preference and style of play; however, shooting at Tarkov is much more effective than shooting directly from your hip. It’s important to remember that you may occasionally need to shoot at an exact point, especially when you have small space. So, play around.
  • When deciding on the ammo type, Be aware that the most effective isn’t always good. If you’re not planning to go on a raid on your own against a heavily armored group, it may be more affordable and more effective to select ammunition that is less likely to cause armor damage; however, it is more damaging to your body.
  • Think about the kind and amount of magazines you carry during a raid. In an intense battle all you’ll need to worry about is empty sounding horns. Remember that you are able to use different types of ammunition into them, and change them according to the need.

If you’re carrying a weapon you’ve found during a search, make sure you check the magazine using left alt + t key combinations to ensure that it’s fully loaded. Following that, you need also to examine the chamber using the Left Shift +T combination.


Equipment that you can use in Escape from Tarkov is replete with various options such as flak jackets and caps to backpacks and jackets. A well-organized gear kit to go on a raid won’t just increase your odds of survival, but it will also let you take more items from the area.

It’s crucial to know that the amount of protection is contingent upon the type of armor. Therefore class II armor can not protect you from a rifle, whereas class VI armor will be able to withstand any type of blow except for larger-caliber armor-piercing guns.

Another very desirable item can be head-protection. For Escape from Tarkov, your bowler is split into five hitboxes. They are located on Your head’s top and behind your head, the ears, jaw, and eyes. Different helmets protect different parts of your head.

Three factors will be considered when choosing the right equipment: affordability, quality, and cost. The most expensive kit can store lots of items, stores, medicines, or loot and defend you from dangers. However, it’s challenging to obtain a thing if you’ve got a bad reputation with merchants and lack of funds. In contrast, the low-end gear won’t shield you from harm and will not allow you to take a lot of loot from raids; however, it is less expensive, especially in the beginning stages of the game.

Additionally, cool guns with low-end equipment pose an unwise risk. There is a good likelihood of being a victim in a fight and losing everything, including expensive weapons. You are free to look through the remains of your dead foes, and often the same savages own excellent backpacks. The Ragamuffin’s warrior could locate a great weapon on the route.


Insurance will allow you to claim your gear back if you pass away unless it’s the case that another person has taken it. If you’re planning to go on an expedition and your bag isn’t located in the laboratory, ensure that your equipment is insured before entering the lobby. There’s an option “insure all of your equipment” to ensure that you don’t leave anything out.

Two providers currently offer the service. Prapor’s costs less but takes between 24 and 36 actual hours to receive and gives you two days to take it out of the post; Therapists is 1.5 times the cost, but it requires 12 to 24 hours to get it back and gives you 7 days to receive it back before the mail is sent out.

Ensure you have a security net for items that aren’t considered high-value. There’s always the chance your assassin will not take the items from your body or even take it away if he discovers something more intriguing.


It begins with 435 health points, divided into seven body parts: chest, head, and stomach, as well as both the arms and legs. The indicator displays the health status of each body part in three different colors three shades: red, gray, and black.

Gray is a sign that everything is in order or that the limb could be affected. Red indicates that you require treatment, while black means that you’ve lost your limb and cannot use bandages. There are various types of injuries and wounds in sports and medication that you must manage.

    • It’s not always possible to stop the problem by taking medication, so the best method of saving legs is to be vigilant when fighting
    • If you have lost your legs, then your character will experience difficulty walking, running, and even aiming at the ground
    • If you lose your arm, the player will have trouble getting his gun in the right place and collecting treasure. The weapon shakes when he holds it and can seriously impact shooting accuracy

If you lose one of your limbs, painkillers, morphine, and other stimulants come to your aid. They’re not inexpensive; however, they’ll aid your character to move in a straight line and stop them from choking due to severe injuries. You can find them on the edges of maps and take them along on each raid.The blackened limbs can be treated with field surgery kits; however, after using these kits, the healed part of the body will have only one health system. Therefore it is crucial to integrate these with other treatments. It is not likely to heal the wound entirely on the field in any event. The injured athlete must take a break and recuperate in a safe place.


On every map, you will find numerous exits where you can complete your quest. To find the available escape points, simply click O twice. The exit points can differ from raid to raid, depending on your location and which character you are playing as.

Certain exits are open throughout the entire session, and others are only accessible during certain hours – questions marks mark them. You can determine if an exit is accessible by the distinct lights and spotlights, as well as the green smoke could also serve as a sign.

Sometimes you need to be required to make a payment to get out, and on certain cards like Lab, Reserve, and Unleash, you may need to take special steps for accessing the exits.

If you see the word “escape point” in red, that means somebody has already left through it. If the color is green, that means you’re nearby, but not enough to be able to escape.

If you’re in an evacuation zone, a timer will be displayed in the upper-right corner. You’ll be evacuated from the area when it has reached zero. The duration can range between a few seconds and several minutes.

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