Escape from Tarkov – Asylum Guide

In between the violent clashes in the streets that have been abandoned in Tarkov and the selling of goods to traders who are willing to comply The fighters rest in abandoned bunkers, regarded to be a safe, but not well-maintained shelter. With a little money, you could not only improve the quality of your life and improve the condition of the building with useful functions. Learn more about it about it in our Escape from Tarkov guide.

A sanctuary is an ideal space where characters can replenish their health, build ammo and can even earn an income from passive sources. It is not a requirement but a great alternative, and the investment will pay off in bonus points that make it easier to continue living in Tarkov.

This guide will attempt to explain the main components that comprise the shelter. We discuss the benefits they provide and provide hints to anyone who is new about the most appropriate sequence how to build.


  • 1 Air Filter
  • 2 Bitcoin farm
  • 3 Generator
  • 4 Heating
  • 5 Intelligence Center
  • 6 Bathroom
  • 7 Library
  • 8 Medical block
  • 9 Food block
  • 10 Rest areas Rest
  • 11 Solar panel
  • 12 Ventilation
  • 13 Water catcher
  • 14 Workbench
  • 15 Other modules
  • 16 Warehouse
  • 17 Safety
  • 18 Lighting
  • 19 Tir
  • 20 Moonshine Machine
  • 21 Wildbox


The system mounts in air vents, providing shelter from pure air. Once it is installed your character will receive an additional 40 percent boost in physical ability enhancements (stamina vitality, health, stamina).

Installation costs 10,000 dollars, and includes the Generator as well as Ventilation Mines Ventilation Mines themselves, pumped until they reach level 3 as well as Level 3 loyalty with the Skier. It takes 2 days to put together and is worth the effort.

Farm of Bitcoin

You may have observed that alongside the principal currencies used in the game, there are bitcoins. This is because they’re mined exclusively by this device, and it in fact is extremely expensive. It’s many high-level mining that takes a while to discover.

Module generates bitcoins in a passive manner based on the quantity of video cards that are inserted into it:

  • The first level Ten CPU coolers and five power supply five power cables, one power drill and a pumped-up 2nd level Exploration Center. The main system can hold up to 10 graphics cards at a time.
  • Second stage You’ll need to locate 15 coolers, five more power supplies, five additional circuit boards and two Phase control relays. You’ll have 25 slots for units.
  • 3 for 50 slots, you’ll require 25 coolers 10, 10 silicon tubes two electric motors, pressure sensors as well as a solar-powered panel that is pumped into level 2.

Be aware of these parts and make sure not to sell them, or even better keep a separate bag in the cache just for these items.


The addition of containers to shelters. This is an essential component of most modules and forms the basis for the power grid in general. If you’re adamant about the development of shelters this module is worth your time to invest in immediately.
  • Initial stage cost 100 thousand rubles, is built instantly, and comes with two slots for canisters.
  • Second stage requires three phase control relays one electric motor, and 15 wire bundles and safety Ur2 as well as Ventilation Ur2. Therefore, you already have four canister slots.
  • 3 – You must find six more Phase control relays two electric motors, five spark plugs, five power sources, construct ventilation Ur3 along with Safety Ur3 and then earn the third loyalty level from the mechanic.


The primary function that the system of heating serves is to replenish your character’s vitality. The more warm it is inside its shelter, the quicker the regeneration. The basic module increases regeneration by 2 EP/h. the advanced module will increase regeneration by an additional 5 EP/h, and the highest level of module allows characters to regenerate very rapidly. Together, the fighters will gain an extra 14 EP/h, aswell with a 50% increase in the rate of removal of negative effects.
  • The first stage costs 250,000 rubles, and it builds immediately.
  • Second stage Costs 50 million rubles and Stamina Upgraded to the second level.
  • Level 3 is a requirement for the Generator Ur2 along with the Workbench U2 8 spirals of incandescent, and bundles of wires. It also requires the second phase in loyalty towards the hoarder.

Research Center

The most fascinating modules in Tarkov that has a wide scope of use. The first level, where you first need to develop safety and Ventilation to the second value, provides users with 5% increase in your rewards for quests in addition to a reduction of 15% on the amount of rollback for Wild.

In the next phase in the second stage, the bonus to “pay” will be increased to 10%, this is a total 15 percent bonus. Additionally, there will be a reduction of 20 percent in the amount of time required to return items covered by insurance.

The upgraded scouting center will provide you with an increase of 35% in wild rolls, and an increase of 30% in hoarding costs. Additionally it’s Mechanic can connect your laptop to Tarkov’s secluded network, allowing you get information from secure flash drives.

  • The first level will require improvements security to the second level and ventilation, in addition to one intelligence folder.
  • Second Requires 3 folders for data and 3 flash drives. 4 power cables, four damaged hard drives Ur3, Medblock Ur3, Catering Ur3, Medblock Ur3, Catering Ur3 Second stage loyalty, with Mechanic and Attention advanced to the third value.
  • 3 Find two COFDMs from the military 2 VPX SSDs and 3 gas analyzers four cable for military use, and become acquaintances with Prapor towards Loyalty Level 3.

Sanitary unit

A crucial element of any home is the kitchen. In Tarkov this is enhanced by a variety of important functions, including manufacturing specific products. For instance, the base toilet unit can be used to make toilet paper as well as gas masks with air filters.

The toilet’s advanced technology produces soaps, glass cleaners bleach, corrugated and hoses fuel canisters, WD-40, and storage cases. The upgraded version also lets you to create absorptive filters.

  • The first stage cost 2 thousand rubles.
  • Second stage is required three corrugated hoses, five packs of self-tapping screws an electric drill, as well as Ur1 water collector.
  • Level 3 – You require 6 corrugated hoses, two pressure sensors, a tool kit, 3 foams for assembly and the Ur3 Water catcher.


House Library House Library allows your character to gain an additional 15% of experiences from any source and increases the amount of skills that are practical (barter initial aid and storage) by 30percent..

Due to the substantial demands to build, it is recommended paying attention to the module is advised during midgame. To build the library , you will need 400 million rubles, and the rest area Ur3 along with Memory which was developed according to the eighth value.


It is one of the vital modules of Tarkov in which vital medical equipment for first aid is created. The development and construction of it will greatly speed up the regeneration of your character’s health (up at +174 HP/h by 3 levels) It will enable you to create 2 IFAK First aid kit tactical as well as a Grizzly per hour along with the use of stimulants, soaks and a plethora of medications.
    • 1. Instantly creates for 20000 rubles.
    • Level 2 requires the equivalent of 50,000 rubles, a transfusion kit, 3 bottles of saline and the skill Health Level 2. The second level that shows loyalty to the Therapist.

Level 2

    – requires 50,000 rubles.
  • Stage 3 is required to obtain 150 thousand rubles, five bottles of saline, a LED Transilluminator Generator Ur2 Sanitary Ur2 The ability Vitality Ur3 and the third level of trust with the Therapist, and the third one for the Skier.

A single of the exciting modules for primary development however, it is quite expensive. amount.

We suggest that you focus on it as soon as you can.

Food unit

Another component is responsible to restore health and energy. Food is extremely helpful in early stages of development, particularly when it is combined with other sources of regeneration.

In the first stage the energy gain will be 6 EP/h. In the second phase, it is possible to make dry diets of Iskra. The second stage regenerates at a rate of +12 EP/h. It will also the rate of regeneration will increase by +32 HP/h, allowing the creation of condensed milk Wilston cigarettes, and sugar packs. In the third phase you will rise to 36 HP/h, and a Hydration bonus of 12 WP/h will be visible.

  • The first stage The requirements are 25 thousand rubles as well as 2 phases control relays.
  • Second stage Bathroom ur2 four wrenches, two corrugated hoses and the stage control relay.
  • Level 3 You will have to spend 125,000 rubles on 3 cans coffee Majaica three packets of soda get up to the level 3 of metabolism and construct Bathroom Ur3 along with Warehouse Ur3.

Rest Area

A third area in which your player can increase their strength and allow the healing process to take place and pain to lessen. Due to the demanding nature of the game the game places on it, it’s not recommended to create the system from the start of the game. Instead, supplement it with cost-effective and practical regenerators.

The initial level will boost the effectiveness of eliminating adverse effects of 10%. the higher level will increase the energy regeneration rate to +3 EP/h, and health up to +23 HP/h. Finally, the fully upgraded module will increase +46 HP/h, and boost the maximum energy reserve of the fighter by 10.

  • First stage Costs 10,000 rubles (it’s worth it to start building in the early stages).
  • Second stage is required 35 thousand rubles. It is the second level of loyalty to the Hoarder Heating ur2 and Generator Ur2.
  • Third grade requires four power cables, five capacitors, 7 bundles wires, 3000 dollars, Generator Ur3 and the third loyalty of the Skier.

Solar Battery

A unique, but expensive solar cell module that can cut consumption of gasoline by 50 percent. You’ll need four military cables, two Phased array modules, four Military power filter, four military cables and the Ur3 Generator The Ur3 Workbench Fourth Peacekeeper’s loyalty Score and 15000 euros to put in.


Another aesthetic module that has nothing to offer. But, its creation is a requirement to pump the other components in the structure.

  • The first stage will need 25 million rubles.
  • Second stage An electric motor and car battery are required.
  • level 3 Requires Generator Ur2 and the Force Ur3 skill, as with two electric motors 8 wire bundles three circuit boards and three car batteries.

Water collector

A water collection system that can help you solve your water shortage issues. It is relatively affordable cost, allowing you to increase up your supply of water until the maximum value earlier in the game increasing the amount of hydration you gain by 42 WP/h, and allowing you to make canisters of water that is purified.
  • The first stage is required four corrugated hoses, five bolts, five nuts and 3 tapes for mounting.
  • Second stage It requires 6 hoses two electric motors two kit kits for tools at your disposal, Attention Ur3 Workbench Ur2 and an additional commitment to the Huntsman.
  • 3. Costs 250 thousand rubles 2 pliers Elite five cans Shustriolo assembly foam generator Ur3 and the 3rd stage of loyalty to Jaeger.


A very effective modules that can be used to make different ammunition, grenades and other essential items. It could even be used to construct the components of a Kalashnikov assault weapon. If you can, to focus on improving its performance.
  • The first stage 2 bolts 2 nuts 1 Leatherman Multitool needed.
  • Level 2 Requires Illumination Ur2 three toolkits, two bolts with power drills and another trust from the Mechanic.
  • Third stage costs 195,000 rubles, two Elite pliers as well as #FireKlean gun oil, and third loyalty to the Mechanic.

Other modules


Another important feature for wealthy players. The warehouse expansion will significantly increase the amount of storage to store your possessions. When you upgrade to the maximum level the size of the stash will be able to reach the number of 660 slots.

You’ll continue to upgrade your collection through the course of the game. You’ll finish in the final game after you’ve achieved the best popularity of many players. The majority of machines are well-developed as well.


A decorative module that is essential to develop an attractive module, which is essential for the development of Generator and Intelligence Center. Apart from that it’s of no practical value, and demands an investment of a significant amount to ensure the best development.


A simple and decorative piece that can fill your home with warm illumination. If you want to place candles made of paraffin within it, it will cost 10,000 rubles. If you find five cords of wiring, it will become more bright. For 50 million rubles, 7 capacitors and another degree of trust from the mechanic could be used to purchase a shelter light bulb.


An ideal place to quickly and efficiently try out your firearms without leaving your shelter. The shooting gallery takes approximately one hour to construct and requires four nail packs five bolts, 5 nuts and 3 mounting tape along with the Light Ur2.


A rather specific unit within which Moonshine “Fierce Axe Maker” is made and then stored. The diluted version is Tarkovskoy vodka, which is traded with a variety of traders on the cases as well as the armor and night vision devices.

Building requires four silicone tubes, two analog thermometers 2, 2 pressure gauges 5 corrugated hoses an water collector as well as a Food Cell pumped to level 3.

Wild Drawer

A strange program which lets you employ Wild to look for specific objects for you. They’ll need to be paid for their services. At present, there is a single phase of module development, and numerous dispatch options that differ in costs and durations that the Wild will be spending on the journey.

For building, you’ll need the Ur2 Intelligence Center, 2 bronze lions, two Gold skull rings six chains of gold, and 8 golden Roler watches. In addition it is you can use the Moonshine Machine and Reconnaissance Center can be useful, since in exchange for the most lucrative deals Wild will demand an ounce of “Cruel Axe” or a Folder that has Intelligence.

As you can observe that a sophisticated hideout could be a location that allows your character to be able to recover quicker from raids, make vital consumables, and mine electronic currency.

The first thing that you must do is focus on creating a Bitcoin farm. The money you earn from it will ultimately be used for other purposes, including the development of additional modules that can save you lots in time as well as effort.

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