Epos H6 Pro Open/Closed Test

Head pads are lined with high-quality synthetic leather-like ear pads. However, the surfaces that contact the skin are constructed of a textile fabric that is soft against your skin and generates less heat. The microphone boom on the left side of the ear is equipped with an adjustable flip-to-mute feature. However, it can also be completely removed using a magnetic attachment and then substituted with a bezel that matches the color. The sole control component is a volume knob built into the right-hand bezel.

It’s stylish and thinner compared to GSP 600, which serves as the foundation for the H6 PRO. The H6 PRO comes in three colors: Sebring Black, Ghost White, and Racing Green. The secure version in white and the available version in black were both available to us to test.

The connection is made using a 3.5-millimeter jack cable, of which two variations are available. The more extended version has a Y-switch that connects to two different plugs. And the shorter version has a combination plug, suitable for use on gamepads and mobile devices. The H6 PRO can be used with all platforms that connect to jacks, i.e., notebooks, computers, Nintendo Switch, the gamepads of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and mobile devices with a jack connection. An all-rounder, that is to say.

Thanks to the soft pads, practical design, and light weight of 322 grams (Closed) or 309 grams (Open), the wearer’s comfort is maintained when wearing glasses for longer durations even though the headset is quite snug. We played the entire Far Cry 6 test with the H6 PRO and had no trouble with it. In addition, we tested the microphone and left the impression of being very positive. Speech transmission is clear, smooth, and free of distortion. Background noise is removed well.

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Let’s move on to the audio. Particularly about gaming, the H6 PRO exceeds its premium price. The bass from the 42mm drivers with an amplitude that ranges from 20 to 20.000 Hz at 28 ohms is a lot of power and a little dry. On the other hand, treble isn’t a problem, and we are happy with the clarity of speech and the soundstage size. The overall mix is well-balanced, with a slight lean towards bass and a warmer sound. We did not hear any unpleasantly high-pitched peaks for video games and movies top.

The open version allows the game to sound more space and natural, but it’s not suitable for more loud environments since it naturally lets in greater ambient noise. However, it’s airier and is significantly more enjoyable, especially in warmer temperatures in comparison to its closed counterpart, which has a sound that is hardly reduced.

We weren’t happy with the recording quality while enjoying the music. A few tiny gaps appeared, particularly on the high end of the midrange. The bass notes higher in slap were a little slower, and so did the cymbals on drums. This is probably because the design is a gaming headset. If you plan to listen to a great deal of music on this headset, then you may prefer an audio card that has an equalizer to overcome the minor flaws in detail.

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