Epos Gtw 270 Hybrid In-Ear Test

It is clear from the beginning that EPOS concentrates upon quality at a minimum in terms of the artistry and the range of services offered. The in-ears are made well and don’t have any weak points. A charging box made of aluminum is included, which allows the in-ears are recharged using contacts. It also comes with the USB-C charging cable, a USB-C dongle, and a USB-A adapter cable. It also has an assortment of three ear pads, in addition to those already installed. The instructions included are abstract, however, and could be more precise.

GTW 270 Hybrid GTW 270 Hybrid is powered entirely wirelessly, so you have two options. One is that it is possible to connect them via BlueTooth 5.1, or to the contrary, you can use a USB-C device with low-latency aptX to attach to notebooks, computers, or PlayStation consoles, for instance, as well as the latest Android smartphones. The aptX protocol is particularly appealing to gamers who would like to have the lowest audio output delay. Bluetooth is much less effective in this respect. The range of wireless transmission is stated as 15 meters. However, it can be even more extended in actuality. Our office experienced the first drops in BlueTooth operation at around 19 meters.

The aptX protocol has, however, some disadvantages that must be considered. Although the GTW 270 Hybrid does indeed have microphones, they cannot be utilized via BlueTooth because aptX allows playback to lower latency. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow for microphone transmission. Therefore, it is not an option for those who don’t prefer to cut out their voice chat. But, it won’t impress you at all; it’s well-suited to an occasional phone call. However, it’s not much more since it does take in a lot of background noise.

for mobile gaming, GTW 270 Hybrid is a better choice. GTW 270 Hybrid is otherwise an entire poem. Due to the different connection types, it is possible to use the GTW 270 Hybrid on notebooks, PCs, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5, and phones equipped with Type-C ports. BlueTooth can cover the remainder of the gaming range, but only Xbox owners can access the well-known tube. However, most people prefer in-ears when they travel and use speakers instead of traditional gaming headsets when they are at home with their consoles.

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The fitting of the in-ears could nearly be described as exceptional. The housing shape mimics what’s inside the ear very well due to the vast database of ear information. The various ear pads guarantee the right fit for your individual so that the ear canals close from the auditory canal effectively and sound can be fully developed. Even if it doesn’t appear like it initially, The GTW 270 Hybrid is bomb-proof and waterproof, and sweat won’t damage them.

The GTW 270 Hybrid’s aluminum box is not just for storage but serves as a charging station and power source. The battery lifespan of the in-ears is around five hours. Likewise, the power source of the box gives you another 15 hours, which is an entire recharge duration of approximately an hour and a quarter. The device is charged through a USB-C cable. You only need to insert the in-ears inside the appropriate cases. They will then be recharged directly through contacts. There’s a button for pair-up and resets in the unit, and a five-digit LED for pairing and various modes. Voice messages are also a great help when operating. There’s an option on the left side of your ear that allows calling and using the phone for media.

Connecting to the USB-C dongle or Bluetooth is easy once you know how it functions. You can download an EPOS Gaming Suite on your laptop or computer if you wish. It also offers sound enhancements such as 5.1 modes, equalizer, and specific presets. However, the program was not the best in our tests and, at times, would not acknowledge the in-ears, even though the PC utilized them correctly. In addition, the charging box was occasionally recognized as a USB drive that doesn’t appear logical. A firmware update coming up is expected to address the issue shortly.

The sound quality of GTW 270 Hybrid’s sound GTW 270 Hybrid strongly depends on the fact that you’ve selected the appropriate earpads. They must also be able to close the auditory canal effectively to ensure high-quality sound on the one hand and to reduce ambient noise on the other passively. After this is accomplished, it is hard to stop looking around, as this GTW 270 Hybrid blows excellent audio directly into your ears. You will get plenty of quality for your money.

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In-ears were used for various mobile games and PC games, and were completely awed by the quality of sound. In-ears have a clear, detailed sound and are well-balanced. The bass is clear. However, it’s not too strong as is typical for in-ears. On the other hand, the mids aren’t let down, and the trebles do not lose any detail. The soundstage is also lovely, and a large stereo soundstage helps to make directional perception of the sounds in games quite precise.

In games such as Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Warzone, The Division 2, Cyberpunk 2077, or Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the in-ears can be convincing in all ways. Effective firefights, excellent spatial effects in open-world games, and great voice quality in games that require a lot of speech are not a problem with gamers with the GTW 270 Hybrid.

Particularly on the mobile device, you’d prefer to be able to do more, like watching the same or another YouTube videos and getting covered in music. In-ear headphones also make an excellent figure in this instance. The subtle power of Danny Carey’s drumming on the song “Invincible” is as impressive as the subtleties of acoustic instruments used in classical music or unplugged sessions with clear vocals. A smoky double bass sound does not disturb the inner ear. Therefore, the GTW 270 Hybrid is not just ideal as gaming headphones but can turn out to be excellent general-purpose headphones for any mobile device. If not due to the flaw of lack of a voice chat when on dongles.

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