Epic H3 Test

The EPOS H3 has two different cables which can be swapped directly from the headset. On one side, there are about two meters of line with a double jack to connect to a PC. Conversely, there’s an even shorter cable with a single jack for gamepads, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. The H3 can conveniently be used on PCs, Mac OSX, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch mobile devices. In other words, it’s an all-rounder. So, no additional software is needed. Plug it in and let it go is the gist.

The headset’s connector can be considered more or less exclusive, and both options can be bought at EPOS at a moment’s notice. The lengths of cables are achieved with both cable options encased with a soft, breathable fabric which means they are rarely stuck in. There aren’t any control buttons for the cable. However, the microphone that is not removable can be disabled when you flip it on (flip-to-mute), and general volume control can be controlled through a rotary knob in the right ear cup.

The headset’s base is a headband of metal. An attractive, crisp grid is utilized to adjust to the head’s size. The ear cups are adjustable; however, they are not rotatably joined. The pads are soft and covered with faux leather, except the area that contacts the ear. You can expect the appearance of velour, which will keep sweat out. The earpads are re-usable and are available in the EPOS store should you need them. Due to their design and the padding, the comfort of wearing is comfortable, even for those who wear glasses.

The headset, therefore, closes very effectively, and ambient noise is barely heard, a very animated colleague has confirmed to me, and from whom no sound was heard. The build quality is generally good and of a high standard compared to the price. In addition, the H3 comes in two colors, Onyx Black and Ghost White The latter is more appealing for PS5 owners because of its appearance.

Particularly about audio, EPOS is expected to be a step ahead since the older Sennheiser headsets certainly belong to the top-tier headphones for gaming. With a price of 119 Euros, our expectations were a bit tepid. However, the EPOS H3 proved that we were not to be so.

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The headsets cover an area of frequency from 10-30 Hz, which is significantly higher than the standard 20-20,000 Hz range and quite unusual for this price bracket. We started by listening to various music tracks because, for a true all-rounder, an excellent gaming headset must also be able to cover this spectrum. It is often a weakness that many gaming headsets are built to be used in gaming and are perceived as highly bass-heavy.

The H3 has a surprising, impressive appearance in this. The sound is balanced with enough energy to convey music with a smooth and precise touch to the ears. The bass is quiet and slow, and there’s no loud Rumble. It hits us right on the nerves. The midrange is also heard very well, with plenty of energy in the lower tiers. However, the higher ranges are also well-represented, so vocals will never be lost in the mix. If you are playing acoustic tracks, the highs show the potential of their instruments. Clear and crisp, clean and clear.

The H3 doesn’t give down during gaming. The sound of explosions and gunfights is the ears in a compelling way; dialogues are highly palatable, and orchestral music is easy for drivers. The mix is somewhat violent, which shows particularly when playing action-oriented games. Combat scenes featured in Outriders, Destiny 2, or Call of Duty have plenty of punch, but they do not lack clarity and details. The directional perception is not affected in any way. If things become more complex and complicated, the H3 could shine just as.

The same applies to films. In this case, too, the H3 provides a convincing performance. The sound quality can be improved when you connect the soundcard to an additional source. EPOS offers related products for this too. The H3 offers an impressive sound quality that can beat most competitors at this price. This is remarkable for an all-rounder.

This leaves us with the microphone at the final. We’re not a huge fan of flip microphones that are not detachable. However, there are only two models that can be used for this. Sennheiser, as well as EPOS, has long relied on this particular model. The flip-to-mute function is flawless, with an obvious switch point. The microphone boom might be slightly rigid, and the headset might slide slightly when you flip it up or down. But, it’s not an issue. However, the voice transmission is excellent and free of any interference. Test recordings provided us with accessible to understanding and primarily undistorted recordings. Not necessarily the best recording quality, but enough to be able to use voice chat.

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Update 09/14/21 – EPOS H3 Hybrid:

Additionally, EPOS has released another model of the headset called it’s called the H3 Hybrid. It differs from the H3 only in some minor particulars; we’ll add them to this review to make it easier for readers’ benefit.

The main difference between EPOS H3 and the H3 Hybrid is that the H3 Hybrid offers BlueTooth in addition to the USB and 3.5 Jack cable connections. The USB cable can also be used to charge BlueTooth. BlueTooth battery that gives an average of 30 hours of playing time. It’s beneficial that the ports on the cable and BlueTooth can be used in tandem. You can stream music with your smartphone or tablet while playing or use an external chat app like Discord to connect, and it’s feasible, particularly for games that cross-play.

Another exciting new feature is that the microphone boom can now be removed. An earpiece can cover the port after it is taken away. Another microphone inside the earcup can be utilized as an alternative such as to play without the microphone arm. However, you can still make calls using BlueTooth. We could not find any significant differences between the two models regarding sound. It’s also entirely unsurprising, given that both headsets are identical in design.

EPOS will pay for the latest features but. With 179 euros for the H3 Hybrid is 179 euros, the H3 Hybrid is a total 60 Euros more costly than the standard H3 version. In that case, you must look at waiting for a bit of longer, as this H3PRO Hybrid is also supposed to be followed by a genuinely wireless headset shortly.

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