Epic Games Store Updated Achievements Section

Epic Games has revamped their My Achievements area of EGS and has introduced a number of new features that will soon be added to the store, including -ratings and polls, as well as a notifications center.

Updated My Achievements

The most current version of My Achievements is available to each Epic account owner.


  • Everyone has a profile image derived from the initial alphabet that is their user name. On the right side of your page, you can view your achievements and the number of games you’ve played and enjoyed.
  • The Achievements tab displays the progress you’ve made in games and the number of Achievements you’ve earned, your last achievement platinum, evidence, and unlocking of every achievement in the game. When you click on a game, it will reveal your accomplishments in the game.
  • The Friends tab displays a list of your contacts in alphabetical order. If there are many friends, they will have multiple pages. You can click on your friend’s name for a look at their profile.

A new update for Epic Games Store is coming soon. Epic Games Store will allow users to alter the look of the site and gain more options for customization via accomplishments.

Ratings and polls

When you quit the game, you’ll see scores and polls that have several answer options or the option of either yes or no. For instance, “How difficult is playing the game?” is a four-choice question.

Answers to these questions will assist users in learning details about the games via the store page. The more people respond to these questions, the higher the ratings and suggestions from the community accumulate to give more precise details.

Additionally, the answers will to populate the categories pages and will help to create more precise and specific categories that are available through EGS’s EGS home page.

Notification center

All notifications sent out, including a request from friends and wish list alerts, will appear all in one notification center located in the right-hand corner on the left side of the shop.

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