Epic Games Store Has A Shopping Cart

The time has come to announce that the Epic Games Store has got an online shopping cart! It’s in the top-right part of the application and on the store website right next to”Wish List.

Let’s look closer at this brand-new feature. Its “Add the cart” button lets you purchase multiple items. If the “Buy right now” button is still available, and you can purchase only one item at a go and then proceed to checkout.

Additionally, the cart includes an “Add to Wish List”> button if you decide to change your mind and decide to hold off until an appropriate time.

The cart process is usually standard, but it is not without innovation:

  1. Take a look at the items in your cart and compare the prices in local currency.
  2. Choose the method of payment you prefer.
  3. You can enter an author code in order to donate 5percent (at the prime rate negotiated by Epic Games) or more than the purchase price to the person you want to help. Author codes are now applicable to all eligible items within the cart.
  4. Make payment and complete purchase.

You can try the cart, as an instance, at The Game Awards 2021 sale with award winners and nominees. The offer is valid until 11 December 19:00 MSC.

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