Endzone: A World Apart Test

In the Early Access phase last year, Endzone quickly won over many players. In April 2020, the genre-based game sold more than two million copies via Steam. Like Anno and Die Siedler, Endzone was created by a German team, specifically by the studio for developers Gentlymad, located in Wiesbaden. But the Hessians aren’t a significant firm like Ubisoft and here are just 11 (!) ambitious developers who have created the most successful construction game in history. Genre game in the post-apocalypse.

However, at its core, Endzone resembles less the classic series and more the action-packed indie tip. It was removed from the market in 2014. The idea of establishing a new settlement far from all civilizations, the homeless, and hunger create the constant threat of survival. The plot of Endzone is also based more on stress rather than the cozy city-building. The setting differs from Banished: A World Apart. It wraps up its grueling settlement adventure in a post-apocalyptic future.

The concept is undoubtedly similar to that of the Fallout series. Terrorists brought the world to chaos. As nuclear power plants exploded and caused massive destruction to civilizations, some people locked themself in underground shelters. One hundred years later, survivors return to the surface to rebuild their lives. But there are new types of threats and dangers.

That’s where we step into. Endzone is not a story in the larger sense. The tale is merely read off in a brief introduction. The game World Apart does without a continuous campaign. However, this doesn’t make the ending less dramatic. Rarely has a game communicated its survival idea to us in a realistic way.

Even without cutscenes or an intriguing tale, Endzone grabs you from the very beginning. Starting from the beginning, it is imperative to be vigilant to not fail immediately during our final mission. The irradiated soils, acid rain droughts, and vicious Sandstorms can quickly turn our lives miserable.

In Endzone, There aren’t clear goals. Each game starts with just a few survivors and a bus that has been destroyed as our main point of entry. The aim is to create a community that is as pristine as possible and, most importantly, to live. So long as it is feasible. All else is secondary. Because it’s likely to be in a post-apocalypse real.

The interminable struggle to beat the game

To accomplish this, we must be vigilant about two primary resources: food and water. Therefore, we swiftly construct an accessible footbridge near the lake, where the porters can get the essential moisture needed for survival and keep them in the cisterns. Or, we could keep the rain in separate catch basins. However, it is usually contaminated, and who would want to drink water contaminated by radioactivity … It’s not like our people do not develop ears from their stomachs; however, they become sick. If they fail to take preventive measures, it can lead to the grave. That means for us that the beginning of the process is if we don’t have additional settlers, the game is ended.

We must plan our food supply with the same care. This is why Endzone offers a range of options that should be utilized because a varied diet reduces the risk of developing diseases. For example, people gather fruit and berries in the forest; anglers take fish from the waters hunting game, hunters hunt for food that can also breed in the pastures, and farmers grow fruits and vegetables in the fields.

In Anno 1800, we could not dispatch workers with no limits and only have a certain number of laborers to distribute them wisely. Endzone goes on to say that there are only so many laborers in the market as residents live in our town. Therefore, there aren’t enough people to cover all branches of economics, including other things, wood must be cleared, and scrap has to be taken away.

Therefore, we spend a significant amount of hours on the meal in which we distribute the free trained workers for tasks. Due to the lack of workers, one particular farm is usually forced to close back to the beginning, as the priorities change based on the current situation. For example, if there is a drought threat, having as many water movers as possible is essential to get the most drinking water before the lake completely dries up. Researchers and teachers are not as crucial in this stage. Therefore, micromanagement continues to be a significant element of Endzone.

Did we mention that Endzone isn’t a goal? But that’s not completely accurate. A few small side-missions are possible, and we are typically required to shut precisely the valves we aren’t functioning. For instance, if many people are suffering from radiation levels, we frequently receive orders to make the maximum amount of medication within a short time.
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Before committing, it is essential to be cautious. Even though we’re blessed with lots of medicine that are urgently needed and a boost in confidence (yes, motivation and mood are vital in times at a time when our world seems in danger), If we do succeed, however, if we fail, the game will acknowledge this by causing a massive reduction in the energy of our colonists. As a result, they can work much slower or, in the worst scenario, abandon their tools completely.

Unmerciful Scenarios

The folks and gals from Wiesbaden provide a modest campaign alternative. In the Early Access phase, the developers provided ten prefabricated scenarios where we can create as freely as possible under extremely different conditions.

In the second scenario, for instance, we begin with a reasonably advanced settlement in the area of most demand. However, the resources are nearly exhausted, the next round of drought is coming, and most of our residents have no roof to shelter their lives. We need to take action quickly and save the things that can be saved. We must soon construct an emergency camp to meet the demand for beds. It’s not a refuge but a houses.

Anyone who tries to meet his personal needs through increasing the population simply by creating new huts is likely to be hit with a chilly cost. If the colonists multiply rapidly, they’ll get their revenge by a massive use of the resources. Once we’ve got too many people and women in our town eating the entire food we have and resources, we won’t be able to solve this issue as quickly. The general rule is that Endzone penalizes errors with full force; sadly, we cannot take action.

This is the most critical point in the game: even though the mechanics of assigning people, building homes, and paving paths are reminiscent of famous genre films such as Anno or The Settlers, Endzone ultimately does what it wants to do and does it in an utterly smug way. While our city is expanding and running perfectly, it’s never focused on building a flourishing and luxurious city but rather on keeping the settlers in our settlement alive.

In Anno, we could still find a solution fairly quickly in case of shortages in the supply of a particular resource or an improperly planned trade route. In Endzone,, we usually have to look on in awe after a disaster as our world’s population squanders away. However, the game offers a lack of feedback to help us comprehend the causes of our troubles. For instance, the infrastructure remains an issue. Our employees often must walk far distances to move products from one place to another even though we’ve constructed all buildings near one another and constructed supply warehouses. Our concept isn’t working. However, it leaves Endzone far too much in the darkness.

Additionally, the amount of water and food we need to sustain the current population levels isn’t always made evident. It’s not often that we realize the amount is insufficient until it’s too late.

Endzone continues to be a source of motivation. If we’ve failed in this city’s infrastructure, we instantly would like to do it again. In our scenario such as this, amid a long day, we’re still trying to organize our workers properly and maximize the water supply. After we created a couple of homes, the number of people increased as our hard-earned food source decreased faster than you could call “nuclear.”

The outcome: for another four hours, we made up for the mistake of overpopulation. Many refugee camps offer shelter, but there isn’t any risk of multiplying in these camps. In such a refugee camp, private space isn’t there at all in the sense that it is not there. It’s a bit tricky: due to the massive demand for food, we must designate nearly all available males and females (children are not employed but are consuming resources) as fishermen or farmers.

The manufacturing branches’ wear out the tools and clothing from this since these requirements also require a supply. For instance, because of the more or less intense doses of radiation, our employees need protective clothes. Simple scarves are simple to make. However, they do not provide protection when there is significant radiation. In the event of major contamination, at the very least, masks with activated charcoal are essential.

Therefore, perfect coverage is seldom possible. This is the reason that makes Endzone so attractive. Every situation and crisis calls for a different approach, and fresh ideas and concepts are required to win the battle to stay alive. Equally important is planning and preventive construction. The less we plan for a coming drought or soon likely become heavily polluted storm, the more likely we are to lose. Luckily, a weather forecast calendar will always show how the weather will alter shortly.

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If our settlers aren’t in need in the future, they’ll pass away. They are getting old! Therefore, we must monitor the offspring as well. For instance, in schools, we can establish through the curriculum whether these useless rebels will turn into complex workers in the future or just take better careful care of their clothes, i.e., consume them less. Adults who have died, however, must be properly buried in a graveyard. If the deceased are scattered all over the streets, it could influence the mood of the residents.

Amazingly busy

This means that there’s an enormous amount of tasks to complete and be aware of. But, Endzone doesn’t put much effort into explaining its various mechanisms. While there’s a lengthy tutorial, it doesn’t fully provide all scenarios, and a game of the present is designed for new players without the hassle of a typical tutorial. But, at the start of the story “The Bet,” we are instructed to look for seed without any explanation, and we’re confused. If, however, we are aware from the introduction of six hours that we can locate origins by sending out missions.

Through these, much similar to Anno 1800, we send Scouts into the game to take objects. To do this, we provide the players with adequate rations and require lots of patience. In addition, Endzone offers us the possibility of unlocking the latest technology through research. But, this is somewhat ad-hoc. Research generally plays its part only late; even then, it is a more minor role than we’re used to in other games of strategy. For instance, we’re allowed to build an automated weather station that can be used to protect our fields and rain basins, shielding them from acid rain.

For single research on this building, however, takes an inordinate amount of time and also requires additional information points. To further build, we need to also collect more information over the course of expeditions, using equipment for research. In this case, Endzone overstates the situation a bit because we would like to be rewarded for numerous hours of micromanagement instead of spending a lot of hours on just one construction.

Beyond the research, there’s nothing more to learn or discover as the game develops. The building types are all accessible from the start. Also, there isn’t any level of population. Our simple settlers always remain simple settlers in an apocalypse post-apocalypse, which is not appropriate. But, this could turn off some building enthusiasts. For one thing, city sims such as Anno as well as Cities Skylines motivate with ever different building styles and possibilities. Endzone, On the contrary, keeps us engaged by providing constantly changing weather that becomes more difficult to combat over time.

Although A World Apart is very demanding and complex, however, it’s not one of the most challenging monsters like other genres since the cycle of production is generally very brief. It is rare that a resource goes over more than two manufacturing centers. There is no comparison to the way it was in Anno 1800 when pocket watches needed six products to be produced.

So, the primary question is how much Endzone will inspire players to even the”endgame. It is generally believed that Gentlymad helps solve this issue with a screen that shows the game-over screen in the middle regardless. As long as a match continues and the longer it goes on, the more challenging it gets. In the end, even the most well-organized settlement gives way to Mother Nature. The motivation is derived from making mistakes and being able to recognize them earlier when your next attempt. The time will tell if skilled pros can discover enough content to keep playing the “late game,” or the case is that Gentlymad will only release fresh content through DLCs. If this is a success, it will be more than ideal. Even if we be able to sink further and too much time in the game …

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