Endling – Extinction is Forever Review

In July, in the middle of the month, we launched two games dedicated to animals. First, we’ve described the cat’s adventure in Stray, and now we’re ready to share our thoughts from the post-apocalyptic fox simulation Endling The Game of Extinction is Forever.

  • Producer: Hero beat Studios
  • Publisher: HandyGames
  • Author: July 19, 2022

The game starts with a devastating scene of a fox struggling to escape from a catastrophic forest fire, fueled into the woods by elements, scared animals, and massive trucks. It is not long before she makes it to safety, but shortly after, we discover that the heroine was not just protecting her life; she also brought four fox cubs to the world.

The cubs must be up to speed at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the fox doesn’t remain in her den for too long. First, she goes out to feed her food; then, after a few days, she starts taking the cubs on walks, and they are required to learn how to hunt and survive. Unfortunately, she can’t keep the cubs in order whatever her mother is trying. One of them has been abducted by a poacher, and the primary mission of the red-haired hero is to locate the missing piece of meat.

While doing this, she shouldn’t ignore the rest of the children, so each evening, the family of four goes to find food. By following the proven and fresh tracks, the fox sniffs hoping to smell the scent of a mouse, a rabbit, or even tree berries, so they can live to see through the next visit. Hunting isn’t too tricky. Simply get close to the prey and then quickly grab it up. Unfortunately, so long as there’s an animal to hunt, the planet is in a state of depletion, and food sources become harder with each passing night.

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Sometimes, while on the move, she may come across another scent. It’s the same poacher who abducted her child. After spotting an odor, the protagonist plays out scenes from her adversary’s recent past, thereby “reading” his tale. Incredibly, the screenwriters ask us to place ourselves in the villain’s shoes and even feel some in his situation, suggesting that the poacher didn’t choose to commit this crime out of a good place.

Its gameplay in Endling The game Extinction is Forever is quickly becoming routine. But did you expect something different from a fox simulation game that’s a whole life in search of food late at night and waiting for dusk to arrive in the den during the day? From one excursion to the next, the mother fox teaches her cubs, shields them from threats, and creates new abilities in the cubs. The foxes are prepared to dig, jump, and hunt as they improve their skills. After that, however, they could die of food insecurity, owl attack, and at the hands of humans who leave their homes earlier in the morning.

You must be vigilant and not let yourself relax. There’s a trap to jump over, an animal or an owl that can stealthily move around, a straggler to alert him, so you don’t lose him. If you’re unfortunate enough to meet the enemy, run away with all your might or engage in a fight; however, remember that a reckless decision could result in the heroine being one of the foxes and possibly his life.

The battle for survival continues amid a post-apocalyptic world created by humans, who have continued taking natural resources and contaminating every surface it can reach. A massive plant emits bitter smoke into the air and dumps disgusting waste into the water. The gas masks of people wearing them take down rare forests and catch half-lived fish. Foxes can also unintentionally put a plastic container around their neck and wander about as the living example of the opposite aspect of technological advancement.

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The muted tones and dark atmosphere set the tone for complete immersion. While the survival of Endling Extinction is Forever, Extinction is Forever doesn’t seem difficult. The game causes you to think over the future of the mother of a fox and her cubs even if they’re not at risk. Whatever the end of the story happens to be (and there are many ways to make up your scenarios), the fate of animals in such a scenario becomes unclear.

In particular, even if you’re not in any way affected by this game’s environment warning, You’ll still be able to enjoy the easy but addicting gameplay.

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