Encased Test

In the classic role-playing game Encased, you’ll end up in the Dome, a massive dome-like structure where many residents live, without understanding the structure’s true nature. The point is that once you’ve ended in the Dome, you remain there for the rest of your life. The entire process is controlled by the megacorporation CRONUS, which, in turn, is split into various regions referred to in the form of “wings.” Each of these wings has an assigned task: members of”Blue Wing” are employed in security, while those of “Blue Wing” are used in security, whereas”White Wing” focuses on security “White Wing” is responsible for medical and scientific research. In contrast, the “Orange Wing” includes only ex-cons entrusted to manual labor.

This social structure within the Dome is not just crucial for the plot. However, it is also important to the editor of characters. You can not only alter what your character looks like but also assign him one of the wings. The wings give him extra bonuses for specific abilities and attributes. This also impacts how NPCs perceive him. For example, a former criminal isn’t so well-liked by the public in the same way as scientist types.

The story itself it’s certainly intriguing and includes some thrilling aspects. This isn’t just due to the over 12 ending sequences you can view after you’ve completed the story. But, there’s one major drawback: how it is presented. The majority of the time, the narrative is shown in the text. So, it’s not just exhausting over the long term because there are many pages to read – but it’s also dull. This is a shame, as the overall atmosphere is relatively consistent.

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Of explorers who are struggling

But, we get to the actual gameplay and, consequently, to the most crucial aspect of Encased. The main focus is exploring the vast world of games, uncovering the game’s secrets, and uncovering the truth of a particular mystery. While you’ll be inside the Dome, it’s not tiny – quite contrary. The areas range from rooms packed with technology to shabby wrecks. It is worth looking at everything closely because you’ll find clues, hidden objects, and more everywhere. It will not only add to you with inventory items but will also fill your account with exp points. If you level up, you’ll have the ability to select a variety of skills and attributes you increase in, and you won’t feel restricted in your character’s progression. This leaves plenty of opportunities to experiment.

However, it’s not all end with peaceful explorations of the game’s world. There are encounters with hostile NPCs that are impossible – as a fight. When an incident happens, the game shifts from real-time to tactical mode. Your adversaries include not just creatures like cockroaches that have changed and other critters of the same kind but actual people that have experienced physical or mental trauma due to being affected by the anomalies of the Dome.

Whichever fight you take on the game follows the turn-based system. You’re given a certain number of action points for each round. Once they’re exhausted, then it’s your opponent’s turn. Therefore, you should consider what actions (movement attacks, movement, etc.) you’d like to use your points on.

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The tactical aspect of Encased is evident exceptionally well. You’ll be dreadful if you don’t have a thoughtful plan and skilled actions. In most cases, you weren’t prepared for the eventuality in advance. For instance, even the most potent weapon for range won’t help if a mob of rodents is approaching you. Even the smallest rodents can quickly become your fate if you don’t employ an adaptive strategy. The fights in Encased are often tricky, very difficult, and unfortunately, unfair. For example, it’s occurred to us several times that we felt secure behind a protective cover. However, we were fatally injured despite having blocked lines of sight.

There is an opportunity to improve the quality of graphics. The game’s developers have decided to go for the slightly smoky iso-perspective, which comes with a rotating camera at the very least. Although the game’s world is well-constructed and has some significant aspects to offer, however, the overall experience feels outdated. It shouldn’t bother Fallout fans from the initial hour, but it could be a problem for those of the younger generations. Music in the background, on the contrary, is more uplifting and matches the dark ambiance of the Dome exceptionally well.

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