Encased Review – The Lamp Postapocalypse Review

In contrast to the previous pandemic in 2020, this year was full of exciting games from American developers. We’ve not had the chance to play the brand new King’s Bounty and Pathfinder because they’re both in development. St. Petersburg indie studio Dark Crystal Games pleased us by not making a sequel, nor an upgrade, but rather an entirely new, or as they call it, “intellectual property” – post-apocalyptic scifi RPG Encased that seeks to earn for the name of “the new Fallout of your dreams.

  • Producer: Dark Crystal Games
  • Publishers: Prime Matter, Black Tower Entertainment, Koch Media
  • Date of release: September 7, 2021

The past repeats itself, and when I look at Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and Encased, it’s hard not to be drawn into making comparisons. Like I did with Baldur’s Gate and Fallout in the past few decades back. At the time, I was a fan of The “high Fantasy” in Forgotten Realms was more attractive to me than post-nuclear romance. Today the two games are identically “over the over the top.” This is why I had to pull myself away from the incredibly addicting Pathfinder… so that I could be even more enthralled by Encased. I will share my experiences with you in the review.


  • 1. Apocalypse inside the Sandbox
  • 2 Made with Heart
  • 3 Not exactly the lost old
  • 4 Not great, but still nice
  • 5 Verdict

Apocalypse within the Sandbox

Encased is a fictional setting. The covered location is believed to be unique and, in fact, is. A different 1970s set that uses almost the same technology where there was a Cold War ended almost simultaneously with the “hot” Vietnam War because an odd object known as the Dome created by aliens or by an ancient civilization dubbed the Forefathers discovered in the desert backwater.

The countries dissolved their long-running conflict and created an international corporation known as CRONUS. Its sole mission was to discover the Dome as a new frontier for humanity filled with promising scientific artifacts and artifacts. The most striking thing about CRONUS’s border is that it did not require deep ocean diving or space travel and was situated in a restricted space on land – a type of enormous Sandbox.

However, there was a disadvantage when you entered the Dome. There was no way for any living thing could escape. Cargoes did not suffer and could be shipped in a non-manned manner. Relicts significantly advanced humanity’s technological capabilities and was a lucrative enterprise. A city was built around the Dome, and the stream of people who wanted to travel to the next frontier of humankind would never stop, even though the road was only a single-way route. One of these volunteers was a character you could make yourself or select from pre-designed options.

Perhaps a valid question is the location of the post-apocalypse. It’s the Dome isn’t the most welcoming place with enough radiation, potentially dangerous anomalies that are in line with the Chernobyl Zone, and is not exactly the most welcoming creatures; however, at first, we face a lot of routine and mundane tasks but with a slight naivete on the uniqueness of the area. However, in a matter of minutes, the whole thing “falls into its place,” and right in front of your eyes, a tidal wave of unknown energy causes massive damage, destruction, and lost communication with the outside world.

You wake up – it is revealed after two years – and are confronted with the typical scene of a post-apocalyptic setting. Bandits, destruction and mutants, a bizarre religion, quasi-states of survivors clinging to the trappings and luxuries of the old way of life and fighting each other. To top it off, the Vortex (they call it the Vortex here!) has granted some people the ability to psionize. It’s similar to Outriders in retro fashion, but it’s not on a distant planet or a reserve within the desert. However, she will also have to save herself.

Made from the heart

As you may have already observed, despite the formal new setting, the game is an incredibly common simple spherical-shaped post-up in a vacuum, brimming with direct borrowings and innovative interpretations of numerous concepts. However, as the composers declare, it’s only seven notes, and the same is true of the plots, of course. The only person who can be accused of Encased of plagiarizing is someone who has no heart. These borrowings seem like a tribute to predecessors, brimming with warm and loving.

Stranger things that you can throw bolts on. Asidewalk picnic refueling. The “die or die” survival guide. A caste society with pants that have different colors and divisions into the administrative military, scientists, technicians, workers, and technicians. A sexy female gangster dubbed “Your Mama” and an appearance by one of the patriarchs from the national gamejournal.

In general, almost all NPC here has an initial and last name that can be spoken or often describes the international community that has been created beneath the dome. Encased is only like my beloved and similar to the genre “Dungeon Watchmen” regarding citations, references, fanservice, and humor. The latter’s inclination to the military and criminal genres.

The overall look is beautiful and organic but also light and warm. Contrary to Pathfinder, which, even though created in Russia and translated into English, Encased was initially written in Russian. In a regular discussion or description of an item, memes or phrases could be inserted specific to our particular cultural field and, when translated to English, could disappear from its wordplay or meaning entirely.

It encased attempts to convey the story you’re making. There’s a distinct “My My Story” section within the quest log. It’s which is constantly updated and the dialogs written by the author, which gives the stories being told an almost book-like quality. They’re voiced like some dialog lines. Unfortunately it’s an unusual approach that isn’t always seamless with the game.

Not as old as the forgotten

The motto “Fallout of your fantasies” is partially true. The people from Larian founded dark Crystal Games. After playing Encased for a few hours, you realize that it’s more than an Original Sin in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Isometrics uses an animated camera and quests that offer various solutions to problems, the correct lines within the dialog, linked to certain traits and the status of faction members and reputation, as well as relations with your companions and turn-based combat, which includes the use of action points, and a focus on the use of skills as well as the locations of specific elements of the interface. There is only one thing missing: the exact well-developed synergy between effects.

This world Encased is divided into different areas that allow players to move swiftly around the world map and attractive loading screens on SSD players; however, the player is entirely free regarding mobility. Even with a specific goal, you can go wherever or, for instance, visit an old acquaintance who survived the catastrophe instead of rushing towards the nearest town to your destination.

However, based on the standards of today’s RPGs, the world of this game doesn’t look as vibrant enough. For example, the NPCs appear to have none of the daily routines. However, these locations are quite a few, and despite the predominant use of the land “wasteland,” it is very different from each other.

Like Pathfinder, it is the typical “nothing novel, but this is why it’s so great” scenario. Furthermore, the system of roles Encased is a lot simpler and easier to grasp the essential characteristics, skills connected to their levels of boosting passive and active abilities, and benefits.

When you first start, I’d suggest choosing an already-established character. It would help if you were beginning to consider the various possible ways to discern which one you’d like to explore and highlight the key characteristics of the character in the following chapters.

You can evolve in any direction. It all depends on the way you play. For the lazy you, there’s an option to play in a story mode that forgives most mistakes. In Divinity, every scenario that ranges from a simple lock to a complicated task comes with multiple options, and the variety of the experience is immense. In addition, there are many quests available – within the initial two or three hours, there are over two dozen.

The video above shows designers how to get through the game without the typical mix of dialogue and combat in most RPGs but in non-trivial ways. either a serial killer, or in the opposite direction, a pacifist who has weapons that are not lethal, or the most naive or reluctant – which you decide to be.

The game’s creators specifically address the influence of games on life, The so-called Proteus Effect. For instance, people who assist the characters in games tend to be more inclined to assist people in real life.

The game uses an extensive reputation system that is multi-factor that evaluates the actions and deeds of a character are judged by the character’s “Wing” (the locally-based version of the caste) as well as the various factions and the individual personalities of his companions. For example, a good reputation could provide lines and routes in conversations that were previously unobtainable to players, and a disagreement with a friend could result in his leaving. Indeed, friendship with one group isn’t always a sign of apathy toward another. Even those who appreciate intricate diplomatic techniques will discover ways to satisfy themselves.

The fans of Kraft are not going to be satisfied. The mechanics of the book are like the Divinity series in that the food is prepared on specific machines (workbenches and stoves, as well as fires) or something that can be made anywhere with the use of a special menu. Particularly important is cooking. Encased includes elements of survival through the effects of thirst, hunger, radiation, and the range of products that result from the food, which will be awe-inspiring to any spell book set in an other world.

There’s a practical advantage of using the toilet because it eliminates radiation of your character’s body. There is also a separate achievement – the game remains faithful to its humor. Also worth noting are the little gems such as text-based puzzles and random encounters (both combat-based and text-based) as well as other things like that.

Pretty but ugly

Despite all the gameplay and plot delights, the technical implementation of the game makes us feel grounded and reminds us that this is an indie-based project at the end of the day. Encased’s graphics aren’t poor, but they appear rather plain and unappealing when compared with Pathfinder or Divinity. The models of the characters are essential, as are the weapons they use. They seem to hover in the air, and the effects of explosions and other abilities aren’t impressive either. It’s like you are playing a game well; however, it is the game. It is already old.

The animations have been kept to a minimum. Sometimes, they appear nervous, and when they perform different actions, such as knocking doors down and picking up locks. but the character always follows the same motion that isn’t dependent on reality or any other way. This means, for instance, that he doesn’t smash the door but instead does strange movements with his feet and hands over it, and then it opens mysteriously. It doesn’t matter if it’s sliding or swinging. The staircase is like teleportation from the other side of the staircase.

And the sound of Encased was at the top of the world. In the beginning, we need to mention the fantastic electronic soundtrack, which is likely one of the most impressive ever recorded on our game console. Additionally, not only the original text was written in Russian but also the dubbing. Naturally, there are times when it isn’t as emotional or dramatic; However, it was entertaining to watch. For a game of this caliber, the voice acting isn’t an everyday thing.

Interface and controls are superior to those in Pathfinder and more like Original Sin, but I don’t think that the same multi-window system will be present for quest mode. In inventory mode and character mode, the interface is spread across every screen aspect. The functionality is easy to use, and the only issue is the design window that is partially translucent and has weird colors that appear a bit strange. I was also extremely satisfied by the stability and complete non-existence of bugs.


Encased has proven that they can create the best games available in Russia, and they believe in the classic RPGs. The game might not be an absolute “Fallout of your fantasies,” but my personal opinion is that it certainly deserves this name. However, it’s a great game as a standalone game and should be read by any fan of Fallout, Divinity, Shadowrun, Wasteland, and just simply good RPGs.

Don’t be intimidated by its ugly appearance. This warm lamp will draw you into more than one game. Let’s explore under the Dome

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