Elite Dangerous Odyssey Review – Fear Your Wishes Review

One of the most significant improvements to the space simulation Elite Dangerous has been released. Odyssey lets players experience an entirely new level of play and allows them to get off their ship on their own. Check out the review to see whether the addition was successful or not.

  • Producer: Frontier Developments
  • Publisher: Frontier Developments
  • Please note: May 19, 2021
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  • 1. What is the game’s purpose and why this addition is necessary
  • 2Philosophy of footwork
  • 3 Who improved and why?
  • 4What did go wrong?
  • 5Graphics and atmosphere
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What is the game and the reason you should consider an additional supplement

Elite Dangerous is the brightest representation of a genre that is rare today – space simulator. Its strengths include online gaming elements as well as one of the largest universes in the development of the genre.

Odyssey is, then, provides the eagerly-awaited possibility to travel the pathways of distant planets by the ground, as well as to enter the inviting spaces of stations bearing their symbols. The players have been begging for since the first day of Odyssey on the open market. The dream of the players is now a reality.

Philosofia, the Walking Game

I’m not one writing about or from self in the reviews I write, however at this point, I cannot refuse to make an exception. Elite Dangerous has been with me for five years. Very few game universes can bring out the writer’s humble personality for this long a period of time and require him to be attentive to every aspect.

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I’m not the best reviewer.

The idea of being able to escape an spaceship have been circulating in the world of gaming for quite some time and, in general, the number of people who want to step onto the surface of the planet has always been greater than the number of their adversaries.

The updated lighting is also helpful in creating the right ambience. In the initial run of the game following the release of the update it was difficult to identify the familiar elements. At first it was apparent that the surroundings were more dark and lights stand out more in the darkness of the infinity. The stars, stations and nebulae that are visible in the background are stunning as do the light sources of the settlements in the night.

The majority of the effects that are space-based in the game have been improved. Shots that hit shields, exploding ships flying between systems, and more, such as.


Unfortunately, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey isn’t going to be the lifeline for the project that’s been dangling in the waters for quite a while. The idea of a strolling layer of gaming sounds exciting but the game’s implementation is far from being anything truly amazing.

The technical flaws and the poor optimization do not add points to the add-on. This is why you should avoid purchasing the add-on until the root issues are resolved.

That being said that if the romance and beauty of space is much more significant to you than intensity games it is a must to see Odyssey. However, what you won’t learn of Elite Dangerous is one of the most stunning, breathtakingly large representations of our universe. Andperhaps, in exchange to have the chance to travel the world the authors must be able to forgive the many mistakes and flaws.

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