Eldest Souls Review – Alone Against the Gods Review

We finally played the latest boss-fight RPG featuring the exhilarating game’s title Eldest Souls, created by the indie group Fallen Flag Studio, and are eager to share our experiences in a brief review.

  • Developer: Fallen Flag Studio
  • Publisher:United Label, CI Games
  • Please mark the date:July 29, 2021

The happenings of Eldest Souls take place in a realm where humans and gods used to coexist quite well. As is usually the case with dark fantasy tales, a wicked dictator was revealed within the all-powerful Axill. Brothers villains took over his will, and humanity by their aid, were to be enslaved.

The oppression continued for years until the human race revolted and began war against gods. With the help of numerous losses, the humans defeated their slaves and imprisoned them in a citadel, surrounded by walls made of pure lunar obsidian that was indestructible, and destructive to immortals.

As time passed, the world prospered and did not realize that in the walls of fortress Eskill was carrying out gruesome experiments on his captives. In the following centuries the gates of the Citadel suddenly opened which brought famine and despair to the world. The crops were devastated, rivers were drained and an unimaginable destiny awaited those who didn’t have the time to hide behind the city’s high walls.

Men took the remains of obsidian, then melted into spearheads, and set off on another crusade however, as soon they sacked the Citadel the demon army surpassed the warriors’ the speed and strength. The assault failed just before they made it to the gates and the army was doomed to a humiliating death. A few soldiers were fortunate enough to make it through.

The great moon , which once brought life to gods and humans, after separating into a number of parts, is not resisted all the rage and broken its last obsidian fragment. You, a courageous knight whose sword was forged out of a fragment that was once the moon’s, will set off to the Citadel to end the gods, end the plague, and take revenge on the evil Eskill.

Eldest Souls is an isometric, pixelated action game where every enemy you face is guaranteed to be a king. The player must traverse the mazes of a fortress that is populated by powerful creatures, and build the power of the knight, and conquer the enemy in extremely challenging and quick fights.

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The game isn’t just the name which makes this game akin in its gameplay to Dark Souls. The From Software’s work From Software inspire gloomy music and a feeling of despair and the hunt for strange objects that could be useful in odd locations, and encountering peaceful travelers and finding items that aid the player in understanding the complexities of the game’s universe.

What I enjoyed:

Eldest Souls can be fun to play.The knight combines fast blade attacks with high-powered strikes, and the hero executing a powerful lunge ahead. The longer a player charges his attack, the more the swordsman’s lunge. If he strikes the target with maximum force vamirisme effects work to restore his health after attacks.

Additionally, following an attack that is fully charged for a time, the player can use an exclusive “blood blast” attack that can penetrate the opponent’s defenses and inflicts additional damage on them. Vampirism being the main source of health regeneration rapid and powerful attacks that include defense piercing as well as evasions and dodges, the quantity of which is strictly controlled by stamina meters, form the basis of Eldest Souls’ combat.

I was really impressed by the system of progression. When defeating opponents players, they earn skills points and can use them into any of three different fighting styles. Only one of them, and the other styles will be immediately blocked. The knight will gain the ability to be unique and also two branches that have 22 talents that enhance the style of combat chosen by every means.

The knight with the whirling strike technique is able to create powerful bursts of attack that deal damage to the entire area and, whenever he swings the knife leaves fall off the blade, slamming into the enemies in close proximity. The Furious Strike style transforms your knight into a Berserker, and boosts his strength of attack as the sword turns red and explodes in shock waves. Counterstrike is, however will reduce damage to the attacker by allowing the warrior to assume a fighting posture and rebuff the attack with an extremely powerful counterattack. If the counterattack succeeds it also grants the knight the benefit of a temporary shield.

There are also free slots within the talents tree. Three slots are placed between the branches and four are allocated for the skill that is active, which includes the powerful attack with the bloody explosion as well as the spurt. When a god is killed and gaining the shard in a unique form with its strength. Each time the shard is manifested in different ways and gives an extra ability or an incredibly powerful modifier for the existing skills.

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In this case, for example when you defeat the first guardian with black tentacles hanging from the bottom of his armor The knight will be able to summon them to attract enemies and objects or to create areas of damage with dark tendrils swirling around the area. The strength you receive from a defeated boss is contingent on the location you place the shard. Shards are able to be placed in any order to alter the combat style and styles, in contrast to the unused skills points that are used to purchase skills.

Eldest Souls has great bosses. Fighting them is exciting, but also extremely challenging. Particularly in the beginning as your knight is completely unfamiliar with the gameplay. Every opponent in the game is distinct and has a formidable range of deadly capabilities. When you’re able to take control of the person and remove the health of him, he alters his behavior, changes and then goes into a rage which increases his potential for combat numerous times over.

The things I didn’t like about:

The game isn’t designed for ultra-wide monitors.

The display isn’t frameless in any option, and when you are in windowed mode, a black frame is displayed on top, and the bottom border of the screen extends over the screen. In the end, those who have a widescreen are forced to play in a tiny screen or await patches when they’re due.

Eldest Souls is very small. On average, the first game takes between about three up to 4 hours. The game’s playability is aided by increasing difficulty and variety of combat styles, however I’d like more content on consoles.

Do you think it is worth getting?

If you’re fond of boss-fight and souls-like games and you don’t have a thing against graphically pixelated images, Eldest Souls has a excellent chance to please you. The game’s atmosphere is great, it’s combat is at the top of the line and the people of the Citadel will be sure to greet you the warmest welcoming.

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