Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Test

Every kind of fetch and deliver services, the slaying of specific enemies, the gathering of precious resources, or simply the transmission of messages is your responsibility from today on. Sometimes, you just need to talk to the character on the left of the screen. Then converse with the character away to the left, and you’ll earn a lot in experience points, cash, and an inscription.

They are essential. To be able to take part in treasure hunts, CJ needs a so-called adventurer’s permit – and for it, he’ll need a specific number of these stamps. What may appear to be a sort of instruction is a common theme throughout the game: Every side mission completed is acknowledged as such and helps advance the city’s development. But, you don’t pick up the tools on your own. Instead, you simply deliver the required material to the right people. A couple of seconds after that, the building is complete.

Powerful Trio

At first, CJ is still playing the role of Samaritan by herself. In a short period, the two are joined by Garoo, a huge kangaroo equipped with a broadsword modeled after Cloud Strife. Then, Isha, the mayor of Runebarrows, joins the party. The reasons for their adventure are different, but they always come together during fights.

Each character is assigned a specific key: CJ wields her pickaxes, Garoo lunges with his sword while Isha shoots magical projectiles. If taken as a whole, this isn’t much of a distinction. However, powerful combos are formed if you switch characters after an attack. The result is that slime, bats creatures, werewolves, and occasionally bosses such as golems are out of the way quickly.

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It also earns you experience points and many resources that will aid in the urban retread and help your team. When the store you want to shop in is back up and running, You can improve your weapons, armor, and capabilities and make and buy different potions.

The two-dimensional battles don’t run without a hitch. It’s because your squad is slow to get to business. This is evident, especially in the combos: The enemy prefers to strike during the tiny gaps between two attacks, ending your attack sequence as fast as it started. Dodges and blocks also tend to slow down. It’s still possible to progress without difficulties thanks to the many restart points and the healing potion. But, the battles won’t turn into a lot of fun and thrilling at any time.

More construction More building, less bashing

You don’t need to do many fights, but. The journeys into the forests, mines, or even the icy mountains usually take only a few minutes because you’ve finished the main quest (and usually a few additional quests, too). Therefore, the continuation of your pursuit is generally out of the question. Instead, you’ll need to go back to the town to talk to people and present your next section of the tale. There will be lots of text since the people of Runebarrows are social and, therefore, will answer even the most basic requests in detail. If the conversation becomes too overwhelming for you, you can end the chat at any point and go through all the essential information in the short quest log.

The changes to the area and the changes in the area, linked to the numerous quests, are surprisingly rapid due to the many fast transport points and quick loading times. But, the game will ask for them frequently so that it can feel as if you’re in a teleporter. For example, from the dungeon, you travel to the area of residential and then drop into the blacksmith’s workshop, and then it opens up on the farm afterward and moves to the next battle area via a second quick hop. Unfortunately, this constant loop cycle doesn’t allow the game to flow and leaves the main story a piece of paper with no traction.

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For the eyes, However, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a treat for the eyes. The action RPG mixes 2D characters in high-resolution pixels clothing with exquisite 3D backgrounds, engulfing the entire scene in vibrant colors and then adding beautiful animations. It’s nothing like the stunning visuals of your progress towards rebuilding the city; this point must be considered an investment into the future. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising serves as a prequel for the game of roleplaying Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, due to release in 2023. You’ll be able to play with various content, including items you have collected, for Hundred Heroes. Additionally, certain characters and elements in the narrative will also be picked up

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