Eight Important Features That Have Improved Horizon Forbidden West Over Zero Dawn

Game Informer has published another article on the findings from their careful examination of

Horizon Forbidden West

This time , they’ve identified eight improvements that could be beneficial over
Zero Dawn.

A few of the details below are reminiscent of the huge preview of Game Informer However, some updated details are still available.

New cutscenes and improved graphics

With our significant enhancements, our cutscenes now have fully motion-captured scenes, enhanced facial animation, as well as a excellent casting. The quality of the cutscenes remains constant across the whole game not just minor episodes.

Narrative leader Benjamin McCaw

According to GI, The dialogs appear much more natural during the demo, particularly animated facial movements. Eloi is a multifaceted character with various emotions she communicates by her gaze and her body expressions.

Livelier settlements

Comparatively to the prior game, we increased the size of the population of our settlements and civilians, enhanced our crowd control system animated and created a more realistic sound. Everything feels a bit more real and real.

Benjamin Makko

A good example comes from GI. When you enter the tavern, you can see drunk residents muttering something cryptic. Inside, the tavern’s interior is filled with people who rant about their issues while dancing and singing about their drunken experiences as they bang the beats across the tables.

Reworked skill tree

The new progression includes six playstyles: melee fighter, combat warrior with range and Survivalist (health and resource), trap master, spy, and machine breaker. Each style comes with 20-30 skills, including active and passive. The proper combination of clothes and abilities can boost certain parameters by up to 300%.

Additional skills to scan and finding relevant information

Eloi detects more critical information regarding the environment. For instance, the points to be seized can be highlighted with yellow, and when he scans enemies and their weaknesses, information about their vulnerabilities, primary characteristics, and drop-off resources are displayed. The mechanical parts are marked with purple, making it easier to target and avoid being lost amid the chaos of combat.

more valuable rewards for side quests

There was more variety and a greater sense of having achieved something and received a nice reward. We think that’s an additional aspect that could improve over the previous aspect. You can purchase an awesome weapon or cool piece of gear, which will be a big help on your next adventure or adventure.

Game director Mathijs de Jonge

Less loaded interfaces

The game begins in minimalist mode, in which the screen shows as minimal an interface as it is possible. When you are in this mode players can move your finger upwards on the touchpad and instantly display all of the crucial information such as the quests and health, along with an inventory.

Matijs de Yong

Additional familiarity with the partners

One major difference between the two installments is that you interact more with the main characters. We’ll try to maintain this rule through the third installment. It’s not only with characters from in the storyline itself but with some of the side characters, and they’ll not disappear in the end after one mission.

Benjamin Makko

The ability to make quests that can be upgraded

The crafting menu includes one button that creates the quest to mine elements. This means you no longer need to go looking for resources blindly. The button will trigger quests and clear the path to discovering the missing elements.

It was in Horizon Zero Dawn crafting was built upon metal fragments. In the sequel, we attempted to strengthen the connection between machines and combat, which is why the majority of upgrades require specific materials from machines. You’ll need to hunt certain creatures.

Mathijs de Yong

Other details regarding Horizon Forbidden West are available here. You can also wait until the game’s release, as it’s just an hour away. The game is due out on February 18th, 2022, for both PlayStation.

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