Efootball 2022 Test

As we approached the major update, I decided to walk through the old green to see the game’s current state before the change. There was nothing new in the game’s scope since its launch. Except for a few licensed teams, perhaps short friendly games were possible offline, even with fake teams, such as Madrid Chamartin B (Real Madrid) online games. The graphics kept looking like an earlier PS3 game.

In terms of gameplay, little progress was evident compared to the release and passing opportunities appearing and goals scored. But there was not a sense of control or flow in the match. The decision to put my leg behind the ball in defense or even shoot at goal in the penalty zone of the opponent was always a bit of a lottery.

The ball is moving faster

The update will make eFootball 2022 an easily controlled soccer game. The player and ball will move around the field. Keeping the ball within one’s group in a controlled fashion brings joy to me. But, in the same way, it is a slow process and almost a ponderous manner. The veterans of PES recognize this as a fundamental fact because the “weight” that comes with the game has been the main distinction from the rapid-paced FIFA. However, this is changing with eFootball 2022. The weight element has reached a new level in quality.

The body movements of sprints or feints have to be precisely timed, or else the ball could be thrown into the face of the opponent. The timing and position of the player are equally important when it comes to dueling since referees will quickly sound the whistle to prevent heavy jostling or late striding. In more than any other sport, the physical and technical demands of the athletes are crucial.

The low centre of gravity with top-quality dribbling abilities results in precise, tight ball control, which allows swift movement even in cramped space – the most notable example is Lionel Messi. Tall players, however, may feel less agile yet have strength in their bodies and have the advantage over headers or tackles. BVB striker Erling Haaland, as an example, is a prime example of this.

Also, the graphics are substantially enhanced. The constant rhythm of the game allows a wide range of animations to be observed, for example, the shift of the weight in a turn or the angle of the foot to make an outside instep. Some subtleties are also evident when replayed, such as amazingly recreated faces or small but significant touches during an offensive play. Additionally, it is pleasing to see the trappings: when the ball is thrown out of space and players demand ball players to release the ball, when a goal is scored, the cameraman sprints towards the area of advertising and then sets up his tripod to record the party of the winning team.

There is, however, the need to make improvements. The lines of the kickers flicker badly, the grass continues to appear like a carpet for playing as well as the number of licensed teams that play offline friendly matches is tiny. For games online, more groups featuring real players exist, but the ingenuity of the jerseys and logos can’t be modified due to the absence of editing tools. In addition, the game needs to be more refinement. Each time glitches are introduced, such as the typical PES microsleeps in attack and defense. For instance, strikers may start running several times but stop for a moment at the time of passing, thereby sabotaging the potential of an attack.

A team’s dream

The update is also bringing another game mode and that of the friend kick. The myClub game mode that was in the past is now going under the name of Dreamteam. The principle behind it remains: I form an all-star team of players of soccer who I play with online and offline to earn rewards. However, some aspects have been altered.

First, I don’t have to rely only on the famous luck of the pack to get new kickers to join the team. They can now sign specifically with earned currency (the old GP GP) through the store. Like in the earlier PES games, every player can be improved through exercises or missions. The top team of Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo is expensive yet already has a good beginning rating. There are, however, youngsters, such as the Barcelona midfielder Pedri who are available for purchase at a cheap cost. It takes longer to build this talent and to develop their potential.

Another new feature is the capability to allocate points to various attributes following each step up. If I want a bouncy central defender, I alter his preferences in terms of overview and passing. If I wish to my attacking midfielder to be able to make an effective shot at the goal, I enhance the power of his shooting and finishing. Even the inclination for certain types of playing can be altered. For example, a striker created for counterattacks will soon be able to take on a slower increase in speed.

The new choices are beneficial as they permit players to form teams far more extensively than before. However, the individuality of the players is valued more. But once points are distributed, they cannot be reversed, which is why it must be considered carefully in which direction the growth should take place. The fundamental values already point in an exact order for me to raise the strength of a full back, but there is no flying force even at the top level.

Online? Better not!

There aren’t many chances for me to get my team out on the field right now, however. To compete against the AI, whose level of difficulty degree can be finally adjusted, I play one-off matches, and I receive a couple of GP and training items towards the conclusion. The maximum return is reached after only several games. As of next week, the team is left to play to enjoy the game and some experience points.

The previous model, which rewarded me with the opportunity to meet up with new (and possibly excellent) players, was removed. This is also true with the chance to randomly select new kickers using earned currency. The changes, naturally, are based on the financing of the free-to-play title in the back of your mind since the fastest route to joining the top team is by using your money.

The few online competitions held weekly are similarly pathetic in terms of the reward. The only thing that is ongoing currently is the eFootball league. where I earn points from several games and slowly move up the levels. I frequently play teams of legends and stars, who I play against my zero-eighty-fifteen-man squad. It’s possible that in a game focused on simulations, it’s mostly the player’s performance that matters. Not the opponent’s strength; however, my (hopefully excellent) soccer skills would be the deciding factor. But Konami again thinks differently.

I’m able to erase a lot of games after just a few several seconds. It jerks so severely that a half-coordinated kick isn’t even something to consider. Some times, my players respond to inputs with a different delay or even stop for a fraction of a second after switching players. The practice of running over balls is well-known, particularly for defense. It is funny to see the pileups when players run after the ball in the penalty zone. These wacky interludes have become regular in my experiences thus far.

When you add the physicality and speed that is already time to get used to, The frustration levels shoot to dizzying levels. I tested it with every setting in the player search (good connection, but not arbitrary) and at different times but did not notice significant variations. It is likely that only the aforementioned soccer gods decide on the direction and outcomes of online soccer games …

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