Ea Denies That It Considered Halo Infinite One Of The Reasons For The Problems In Battlefield 2042

The insider Tom Henderson recently leaked information from an Electronic Arts internal debriefing: A company spokesperson allegedly commented that Battlefield 2042 was partly to blame for Halo Infinite -its background made the DICE shooter appear sloppy. Now, EA is publicly declared that the situation was completely different.

The stories do not accurately reflect the discussion and the context. It was a thorough and humble internal discussion about the latest announcement of Battlefield. It was about the lessons we have learned and the next steps we will take, not the external factors to blame.

A spokesperson from EA made remarks for PC Gamer

It appears to be that EA does not denigrating the fact that Halo Infinite was in fact mentioned, but it insists that there was something else implied.

The news reached Tom Henderson, and he made the decision to add the context of his story by quoting a long section of an internal discussion at EA:

Early access was launched at night on Thursday across the United States and Friday morning and afternoon in Europe and Asia. The game played well. The time interval between game crashes and crashes was within the limits of industry standards. Early feedback was favorable. Retention of players throughout the day and the weekend appeared to be high.

Then things began to shift. On the following Monday on the following Monday, the Halo multiplayer came out. It was a tiny part in the gameplay, however it was refined. It was not a great match to it, due to the polishing and bugs we faced.

Laura Miele, the head of EA studios during an internal meeting (from Henderson)

Henderson Miele Miele by making his remarks: “I know that stuff such as this is supposed to keep morale high within the workplace, but as an engineer, I would be furious if I were to hear this kind of nonsense. In addition, the players. The game was not successful because it was delayed by an entire year. You ought to have spoken with real players from Battlefield. It’s that easy. “.

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