Dying Light secrets and surprises

A variety of zombie-themed games have appeared in the past, but a lot has since been forgotten. Yet, Dying Light did not suffer such a fate, and is this is no surprise, as, among other benefits, it offers numerous interesting locations and objects that will entice interested players. On them, we’ll talk.

In the game Dying Light, you play Kyle Crane, an operative for VHM, an organization that aims to discover a cure for the virus that brought about the zombie apocalypse that struck Harran. Harran. In the career mode, you can be free to explore Harran’s city and its secrets. Some of them are hidden quite carefully; however, it is worthwhile to discover them. Easter eggs from developers can be found in various places on the map, and that’s why we encourage you to explore the area since Easter eggs are interactive. Easter eggs have a unique interactive, and some come with a reward for finding them. Here are some local landmarks.


  • 1 Super Mario
  • 2 Easterlings with guitar
  • Three photos of zombies
  • 4 Secret SHIZAbomb
  • 5 Sword EXCALIBUR
  • Machete Korek
  • 7Loot Cave is from Destiny
  • 8 QR-codes
  • 9 Left 4 Dead reference
  • 10 Plants vs Zombies

Super Mario reference

To gain access to Old City, head to the lower-left corner of the map, near the edges of the game. There are several close-knit buildings, and you’ll see one on the top of one shaped like an L. There’s also an emerald-colored chimney within it.

Click the interaction button, and Crane will hit the chimney. After that, the level known as World 1-1 will open up for players to play. In this level, you will find the “Pisa suit,” which lets you fly through rooftops as flying squirrels. To unlock it, you need to hit your head on an invisible pink cube then climb up on top of it. That’s the place where the blueprint for the suit will be located.

Easter on a guitar

Here’s a simple Easterling. In the tower, and then into the room where Crane lives, There’s a guitar leaning against a wall. If you press the interactivity button, Crane can play music with the guitar.

The range is modest, with the most essential songs. However, when you are on the course of the mission at school which you can infiltrate the school to take bombs away from Rais the students. There is a locker and inside it, a guitar and an instructor to play the guitar. Grab it then; upon returning to your tower, you can try to play the guitar once more. Crane will play a song that is longer.

Photos of zombies

There are notes in the room of Crane’s room in the career mode. Crane will hang pictures of new kinds of undead and provide a brief description when you encounter them. When the tale progresses, other objects associated with certain stories will be revealed within the room.

Secret SHIZ Bomb

Another entertaining interactive Easterling However, it’s not a guitar this time. Instead, you’re playing checkers with a mysterious stranger. You must climb to the top of the tower and walk around it in the form of a circle. There is a canopy along an edifice, and there is a table with a board beneath it.

You can interact with the board once every day. When you return on the next day, you’ll notice that an opponent who was not identified has made a move. Respond, return the following day and repeat the process until your game has been completed with the winning prize, the SHIZ bomb, which SHIZ drew; the SHIZ bomb is placed on the board.

The sword of Exalibur

The game has players obtain a weapon called EXCALIBUR that references the legend of the Excalibur King Arthur’s sword. You’ll also have to take it out of the stone as well. The stone is situated in the suburbs and is only barely above sea level.

Take a walk toward the rock, and you’ll find the corpse being pierced with the sword. Do not look him in the eye and begin to pull the sword away. This isn’t a quick process and should take two minutes in real-time, and patience is required. If you succeed in the end, make sure to step aside as the corpse is likely to be lit up. If it reaches the ground, it will be left with the mark from the blade.

Excalibur isn’t a terrible sword. However, it has an annoying flaw that makes it not an ideal weapon. It isn’t repairable, and it has a low level of toughness, which is 7. You can, however, make a new model using the blueprint, but it’s not as good.

Machete Korek

What a pleasure to acquire Imbo weapons just as you begin to play and not worry about your safety during the initial stages. When playing Dying Light, this is also feasible – there’s an extremely powerful machete that can be obtained from the very start of your game.

You can find it on the top of an abandoned building in the shape of a C. Make use of the exterior of the air conditioning system to ascend to the top with the help of parkour.

There will be a variety of stacked boxes on top of one another. Go up the stairs and look at the toolbox in blue. You can kick it up to 40 times, which will cause it to break, and you’ll be rewarded with a great machete that can do 485 damage with 35 endurance. The name is a reference to one of the designers.

Destiny loot cave

The players of Destiny will remember how a mundane cave turned into the most sought-after location within the game. In the end, it was a spawning zone in which, before the patch, allowed you to eliminate enemies the moment they appeared and harvest the loot until you could eat it all. The creators of Dying Light decided to perpetuate the spawning area within their game by creating an identical cave in the upper right corner of the game’s map.

To reach the cave, go through a hole that is appropriately formed and then swim underwater until you reach the cave. Inside you’ll find several corpses, as well as plants. After a while, there will be a message that will come through “Decide the fate of your life. Be the legend. You’ll also get legendary loot” then zombies begin crawling out from all over the place and advancing in waves. After you’ve eliminated the entire group, you’ll get the following message in addition: “Enough! Patch 1.0.2 is now installed. It is recommended to complete a few tasks.”

Find all the treasures from the zombies. Among other things, there’ll be some important items that can be traded later. You can also find resource chests within the cave as well as an idol you can take along.

QR code

If you go up to the top floors in the elevator. Make a right when you exit and you will see a picture depicting Jade Aldemir on the wall. In the lower right corner is an QR code. By scanning it the code will lead visitors to Harran City website.

Link to 4 Dead 4 Dead

When you’ve completed the prologue you are granted access to the new safe zone. Near the shelter, there is a shop that’s sign says “Left 4 Bread”. This is a pretty obvious reference to the popular zombie game Left 4 Dead.

Plants Vs Zombies

In”on Air,” or the “On the Air” mission, in order to protect that the town from being destroyed and you are able to descend from the tower via rope to the rocky area. From there, move forward, ascend the small wall and proceed towards the right until you spot the orange flower that is poisonous.

When you interact with the flower, you’ll be transported to a local game that is a localized version of Plants Vs. Zombies world, featuring huge plants as well as waves of moving zombies.

While you’re having fun, keep in mind that zombies remain hostile to you. Don’t allow them to get close to you.

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