Dying Light 2 secrets and surprises

One of the most exciting aspects of open-world games is the hidden secrets in hidden areas on the terrain. Dying Light 2 also offers something for those curious: by exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of Villedore, there are strange weapons, references to popular franchises, and even evidence of aliens. Find out more about the game in our collection.

As we did in the initial part of Dying Light, we also revealed its secrets. Dying Light 2 also has intriguing surprises for interested gamers. Here are the most exciting of them, in case you’re scared of missing something or do not want to spend your time looking for it on the map, preferring to be aware of where and what’s hiding.

Each hidden treasure is accompanied by instructions for finding it, which means you just need to go to the correct place. It’s necessary to find it first, but most revelations require you to follow the story to an exact point. [toc]

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  • 1Cybernetic Hands 2177
  • 2Left thumb GloVa
  • 3Korek Amulet
  • 4Form of Destiny
  • 5Fun unites. Everyone can have fun.
  • 6. Level of DOOM.
  • 7Fading Power
  • 8. The Sword of the Lady.
  • 9Hoverboard.
  • 10Flying broom.
  • 11Sneakers “It’s me, Marian.”

Cybernetic Hands 2177

While Cyberpunk 2077 started, to put it simply, it wasn’t trendy, but it’s hard to deny that the visuals proved to be fascinating. The mantis blades on their own? The deadly blades that emerge from the Cybernetic Arms of the protagonist appear elegant and distinctive. The designers of Dying Light 2 thought similarly and included similar weapons within the gameplay.

To obtain it, you need to finish it by completing the “Broadcasting” game quest and entering the safe zone of the VNC TV tower. Then, ascend to the top of the tower, and use your glider for a southwesterly flight towards the building with the high antenna, where the army cargo dropped by THB-UT0 can be found. Keep this location in mind as you’ll need it in the future.

After landing on the top of a skyscraper, go up to see another skyscraper with trees on top. Fly over it by using the glider once more. When you arrive, speak to the mysterious figure known as Liquidator and ask for the blueprint for the weapon that is secret.

Cyber-Hands aren’t equipped with unique characteristics, and there’s no cybernetic about them; they’re just blades attached to your wrists. But, piercing zombies with these blades is very enjoyable: The process is quite impressive, especially when you add the electroshock enhancement.

Left thumb, left thumb

Every kid has at least shot his index finger using an arm in the shape of the gun. Dying Light 2 allows you to recreate this; however, you don’t need to think about the shots this time, as your adversaries will fall dead! All you have to do is acquire the secret weapon known as “Left Thumb.”

Go up to the top of the VCN TV tower and fly toward the building with the army cargo. The next time, don’t take off away; instead, search for that electrical box. Use the cable to locate the board with the yellow marking. This is the parkour space that you can explore. Once you’ve reached the office, there’s a switchboard. Connect the cable you brought to the one next to it, then head down the stairs.

Then, you will be able to start to turn on, one at a time, every electric panel within the building, following when you will find that the VGM control panel that controls the door in the middle of the panel will come on. Enter the door using your VGM access key, and you’ll be in the remote area known as the Techland developer’s room.

When you are inside, you must locate the bed that houses the bear toy, walk towards it, and press the interactivity button. The bed will be marked with “sit near the fireplace.” There will be more cubs on the bed, and once the last one is seen, the Techland poster on the wall will change in appearance and reveal the image of the weapon you’re seeking. You’ll now be able to take out enemies with fingers at them, isn’t it cool?

Amulet Korek

The game Dying Light 2 is full of intriguing weapons. However, the issue is that you can’t use them throughout the game as they begin to weaken, and you aren’t able to restore them. There is an in-game trick that allows you to fix the issue.

It’s all about the amulet Korek that is put within the slot modifications and provides 500 units of strength, and the amount of applications isn’t limited. It lets you repair your preferred weapon as often as you like and not let it go.

The design for the room is in the Techland room for development mentioned earlier. To get there, walk to the living room and sit on the four poufs around your table (the ones with the “sit in front of the fireplace” sign). If you do it correctly, the drawing will be visible in the middle of your table.

Firepot of Destiny

Imagine the scenario where you’re in the city infected and throwing a cast iron frying pan at zombies. It comes back to you as boomerangs with every throw, and you’ve received the pan by a telepathic rooster flying in from space. Crazy, isn’t it? However, with Dying Light 2, it’s even possible.

The location of this secret is the Renegade Fortress located in the newly acquired Lost Lands in which the Colonel, as well as his troops, have established themselves. Therefore, you must reach it after completing some significant portions of the challenge. It is possible to do this before meeting with Colonel Jessie or after clearing the base. In the latter case, fewer enemies make it much more manageable.

Enter the pumping station and look for the grate on the floor. It is removed by pressing the button for interaction, then jumping and swimming underwater until you get to the ladder. Go up it, and if you find another, climb it as well. Continue in the direction towards the pipe in yellow until you come to the steps to climb. Near the bottom of the corridor is a room with an orange tent, and within it is a cage that houses the Rooster.

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Speak to the rooster, and he’ll inform you that he’s a representative of the New Galactic Federation stuck on Earth and tell him to take him piece that is part of the spaceship. The location of the spaceship will be indicated by the satellite, which means you won’t have to search for something.

Find the piece and present it to the rooster. He will invite you to take off in it. However, you will not be in a position to. The rooster will go away, and a sketch of the Frying Pan of Destiny will be drawn on the table that you can make. It’s a fun weapon to play with. Frying Pan doesn’t deal that much harm, but it does come back into your hand following each throw, much as Thor’s hammer. This is highly convenient because you don’t need to be close to the zombie to grab it. It’s a great weapon.

Fun unites. Everyone can play!

A city awash with zombies isn’t the best place to play soccer. However, things won’t be the same following the zombie outbreak, so why not try a different approach? Things that bring you back to an era where everything was good. This is the reason you should get an original throwing device, that is, the soccer ball.

To accomplish this, go to the soccer field with a fence to the north of the Trinity neighborhood in Old Villedore. Once you have cleared the area of zombies, take the soccer ball and then drive it towards the goal by kicking the attack. It won’t happen. However, it is expected to. You can leave the area quickly (the Station can be used as the trick as a destination), Then return and score a goal. Repeat the process several times.

After the third goal, you’ll be able to see lightning. After the sixth goal, you’ll be able to take the “Shocker” sword “Shocker” sword, and after the ninth goal, the zombie will appear in the field, who initially starts dancing and is thrown into the attack. If you kill it, you’ll see the soccer blade at the end of the area. It’s almost useless in fights (except for the ability to stun enemies it strikes); however, it can be used by any player in the same room as you, which means you can play soccer.

Level of DOOM

In the initial Dying Light, the developers hid Plants vs. Zombies and Super Mario levels in the game’s world. However, in the sequel, they went deeper and recreated the initial stage of DOOM. The route to it starts with the well-known VNC television tower. Once you’ve reached the top and navigated to the floor, take the broken glass, go inside and open it by entering code 666.

Inside, you’ll find an extraordinary object – a black toy duck with glowing eyes that glow red. It’s the first of five ducks that you’ll have to collect to unlock the level. Other ducks need to be found throughout the game around the world at one of the islands in Hounsfield, on an island within the waste lake in Hounsfield, and in the trunk of an underwater vehicle in Wharf, as well as at the observation tower of the Observatory (a hook-cat is handy in this case) and on the docks at the boundary between the newly acquired lost Lands along with Lower Dam Air (sitting on an iron post on which the ships are attached).

After finding all the ducks, return toward the rock. Inside, take the elevator to the lower level, go through the basement that is flooded, and then enter the room with two entrances. The left is one you utilized during the mission, but the one on the right leads to an elevator; that is what you require. If you take the elevator, you’ll arrive in a massive room with an altar at the center of it.

Put a duck on each table, after which the room’s electricity will be turned on. Then connect the shields using wires to make a pentagram on the floor. On the middle platform, the flame will start to light up, and above it, a shotgun will be visible in the air. Grab it, and the test known as “Hangar” begins.

When you reach the secret level, the graphics will change the appearance of pixels. You’ll be unable to jump or utilize the majority of your capabilities. But you’ll be able to use a powerful shotgun that can do damage from 1993, which is a nod to the time of DOOM. Don’t be concerned about ammo; it’s unlimited.

The shotgun is provided to you during the game. However, players have discovered an exploit that permits you to take it along. To achieve this, you must take everything in the slot for fixtures before beginning the walkthrough, freeing your hand’s left side. Once you’re in the level, you must pause the game and press “Exit,” which will take you back to the menu you were in. The shotgun will be in your inventory with other accessories when you next enter the game.

Fading Force

The fans who love Star Wars are in for an exciting experience when they play Dying Light 2. The developers added a new weapon known as Fading Force into the gameplay that allows you to raise your foes in high air and then strangle them, just like the iconic movie antagonist Darth Vader did. You, too, can kill someone in this manner while imagining yourself as an imposing dark theocracy.

Weapons can be acquired by completing the Hangar challenge described in the preceding paragraph. Once you’re on the level, look for the room with acid pools. Next, walk over the bridge and then carefully study the right wall within the corridor coming your way next.

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The process of finding hidden secrets is like the search for hidden secrets in DOOM. Here is a similarly ordinary wall that is thereby interacting with it. Once you’ve reached the correct spot, you can access a secret passageway. This will take you into an undiscovered room where a map awaits you.

Mistress Sword

In addition to the Star Wars reference, another clue can be found on the level of DOOM: the illustration on the sword “Sword of Lady” is a reference to the weapon Link used in Legend of Zelda. But the weapon in Dying Light 2 is not a sword due, for some reason, but rather a machete. And it’s incapable of killing an individual: the damage it causes is essentially zero. So it’s either a joke, or its sole objective is to provoke enemies.

To locate the blueprint, you’ll either need to find 3 of 5 gems or, at the beginning of the level, take the left-hand side and hit the button on the column. Whatever you do, the room with the acid and the bridge will lead to a hidden room. an explosive zombie and the box that holds the blueprint are waiting to be found.


When exploring Villedore, you’ll discover not just secret weaponry but atypical methods of transportation that can also be a reference to famous franchises. For instance, the hoverboard – the infamous flying skateboard from the film “Back to the Future II” where the main character can glide across asphalt roads and over the surface of the water.

You can accomplish similar things if you decide to engage in a personal challenge. First, you must find the flying board, which means you’ll need to travel on St. Paul’s Island. Next, find the church to St. Thomas, restore the power supply, and enter the room within the bell tower via the open windows. When you are near the radio, press the interactivity button. After that, you’ll hear the recorded message while the hoverboard is set to be visible in the room.

Take the hoverboard out and follow your survival sense of smell: you’ll be able to see the trail, and following it, you’ll find another hoverboard board resting against the red brick wall. Take it, too, and follow the path to the bridge that marks the boundary between the districts, and a new board is waiting to be picked up. Collecting the boards in this manner will eventually reach the final one, lying within the back of your vehicle. But, again, take it out, and you’ll be challenged with the need to navigate through the water.

The hoverboard is only available during the test, and you aren’t able to take it with the test. You can, however, use the same technique as during DOOM Shotgun. DOOM Shotgun Test: remove all attachment slots before when the trial starts and at the time it begins, then press pause and close the menu. However, do not depend on this method because the bug and bugs may eventually disappear from patches.

Broom with a flying flutter

It’s unclear if this mystery is the result of a Harry Potter reference or just an homage to the witch tales or not. However, Dying Light 2 has an actual flying Broomstick. The possibility of flying over the city is a great idea and getting to it isn’t too difficult. You should be sure to visit this Easterling.

Then you can reach your destination is to climbing the VNC TV Tower again. Go up the elevator to the roof and look towards the east side of the building; there’s an additional roof with an overhead crane. Fly there on an aircraft, land on the roof, and climb up towards the structure (a cat hook could be helpful for this). Be mindful not to fall from the top. When you’re at the top, you’ll see mushrooms you’ll need to gather until you get to the point where the “Baba Yag” challenge begins.

In the course of the challenge, it is necessary to fly through the city on your broomstick. You’ll have to go through checkpoints. However, you could also take a different path to just travel until the game takes you back. Your Broom will be taken away when you’ve completed the game.

Sneakers “This is me, Marian.”

In the game Dying Light, you could discover a whole secret level made by the Mario game and a branded planner suit. The game Dying Light 2 to it was not devoid of references to the comical plumber. This time, the reward for meticulous exploration of each area of the map is the sneakers that read, “It’s my name, Marian.

It’s also an elegant piece of clothing. When you wear them, you’ll be able to leap higher than you usually would and have the chance to do a triple jump that is not possible even with pumping. But, unfortunately, you need to learn a crucial aspect of the story before discovering its secret in the Lower Dam Air.

If you’ve already had a possibility of getting there, go to the dam and search for the crane with a cargo container hanging off its boom. Find the door, unlock the door using a lock and then enter. It seems like this box was the home used by Kyle Crane, the protagonist of Dying Light. This is a double passport.

When you are inside, you can sit down on the cot near the table and wait. After a few minutes, the flash of lightning will light up the room, and the bundle will be placed on the table with the shoes you’ve always wanted. After you have worn them, you’ll witness a distinctive animation each when you do three jumps in a row. Finally, the camera will turn to the side of Aiden, and he’ll do an aerial leap over his head and laugh like Mario. Strange, but enjoyable when you don’t get puzzled by Aiden’s absence of charge at the moment of the jump.

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