Dying Light 2 How to Get the Sword of Conan the Barbarian

One of the more uplifting aspects of gaming is defeating your adversaries. Mainly if you don’t simply beat them but cut them down, in a quiet area of the universe of Dying Light 2 just lurks the perfect weapon to use in this scenario, and with it, you will feel like the legend of Conan, who was the Barbarian. Let us know the location and method to obtain it.

After about thirty-odd hours of playing after the game’s launch, we started to think that the programmers at Techland were bored with the strange artifacts. There was nothing to be found in the first portion of the game – think of entire levels from Super Mario or Plants Vs. Zombies, recreated in the real world of the game. However, ghosts are still there.

The first discovery we made was the powerful double-handed weapon Barbarian. This powerful weapon, capable of dissolving zombies with one blow, is in some ways similar to the famed Atlanta sword carried in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role as Conan The Barbarian in the films with the same title. Are you ready to get it? Follow our steps.

Where to locate how to locate the Sword of the Barbarian (artifact Two-handed Sword)

Thus, the Barbarian is a sword of paschal located near the middle of the map. It is located near the second region. It is particularly towards just the left Garrison position, close to the VGM anomaly on the map edge. The building is located to the left of the map edge, with an area locked with a VGM lock. Open it and grab the sword that is waiting at the table.

In addition to the other weapons discovered in this post-apocalyptic city in the city of the dead, the Barbarian appears to be a relic of the distant past. It’s not a flimsy pile of garbage and is a fully-fledged sword with a long history, If the description is to be believed.

Note that the specific characteristics of the sword you have in the particular situation may differ. The sword we found was the following features:

  • Title – Barbarian
  • Type : two-handed sword from the Artefact
  • Description Description King’s weapon as a witness to the past as well as the star that guides knights
  • Damage Caused (115) (slashing)
  • Strength 210 210

An examination of the sword will reveal that it isn’t identical to Conan, his barbarian weapon; however, it was fashioned after its design. The Atlantean sword did not have spikes sticking out of the blade, there were no leather bands around the edge, and the finish was distinct. However, the design of the two swords is like, and the term “Barbarian” is there because of a reason.

Now, you can envision you are Conan of the present But remember that, as with all weapons used in games, Barbarian is not repairable. Therefore, it is sensible to keep it in reserve for battles with tough opponents so that you don’t waste the sword’s power for other trivialities.

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