Dying Light 2 how to get immunity boosters and stay outside longer at night

You play the character In Dying Light 2 is unlucky enough to contract this zombie-like virus. Because of the infection, your average time in darkness is dangerous: under such circumstances, the body cannot fight off the virus for a prolonged duration, and following a brief period, the end of your life is in sight. There are, however, ways to alter the timing of your alarm by boosting the immune system towards the disease. We’ll tell you about the methods.

At the beginning of your game, evening excursions are a bit difficult. However, within five minutes, you’ll be rushing towards the closest secure zone, where ultraviolet light will help stop the spread of the virus. You can extend the duration of your raids using Immunity Boosters, which are specialized items that are difficult to acquire but highly beneficial as they add valuable seconds to the clock, which will count down the remaining minutes of daylight.

Two kinds of substances keep infection at bay, such as Immunity Boosters and UV Fungi. The focus of this article is on the latter. The time of darkness during Dying Light 2 is still more adventurous than the first game. There are also safer areas to go to in the evening than in the daytime, and the risky Jumpers only appear when your level is raised to the story of the Third Chase. Therefore, the night is the ideal moment to pursue your essential prey, and that means you’ll need Immunity boosters within a matter of minutes.

How can you increase the timer for your immunity?

Also, before going for long nights, make sure you have Immunity Boosters. Additionally options, you can pick UV mushrooms that are more sluggish. However, they have the same impact. We suggest focusing on amplifiers first since there’s a massive variation in the size of the effect and duration. It isn’t that difficult to choose them over trying to select mushrooms.

UV Mushrooms are essentially useless; They can add just 30 seconds to the duration of your timer. You should only gather them in scarce situations or give to other survivors at certain activities. For instance, you could encounter a person who requires an amplifier; however, you’ll receive the same benefit if you offer him a U.V. mushroom in lieu.

There are two methods to extend nighttime excursions by collecting Immunity Boosters and searching for VHM inhibitors. Inhibitors are kept in specific containers that are scattered throughout the map. If you find containers near you, they will be revealed to you through a particular notification from the biomarker, and you may also verify their presence on the map.

If you see an inhibitor, Try to find it. Each one will increase the duration of the virus resistance Timer. Only a handful of them can allow you to remain in the open for longer, and in this scenario, every second of extra time can be well worth the wait.

Where can I find free immune boosters

Alongside the primary ingredients, there are also immune boosters inside bottles of inhibitants. You can purchase these almost everywhere; however, why would you spend your money on something that you can get for no cost? To keep your supply up, be sure to look at the following regularly:

  • Containers for inhibitors. The immune boosters are always present in them, regardless of whether you’ve already opened the bottle
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Military convoys and evacuations (marked in the maps). You can search for all trucks and tanks if you spot the convoy. You’re likely to locate the Immunity Enhancer within.

The best part about searching for cheap Amplifiers is that they’re energy-efficient, which means you can return to their original condition every day and take the items you discover.

There’s a military convoy close to the first settlement that you can access, and it’s an excellent source of amplifiers. If you encounter plenty of enemies to fight, you could simply leap off a high point and die. Once you resurface and return and all enemies have gone. This technique lets you obtain amplifiers with minimal effort.

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