Dying Light 2 How to Get a Shotgun

There’s one weapon within Dying Light 2 that you may not be able to spot because you’re not paying attention. If you don’t want to overlook this rare item, check out our tips on how to acquire it.

Unfortunately, there aren’t weapons like machine guns and pistols in the second chapter of Dying Light: the opponents now fighting in close combat or throwing them using spears or shooting with the bow. In the case of the latteroption, there are blasting arrows; however, to utilize these arrows, you need to invest in upgrading. And, of course, the automatic crossbow. But we’ll talk more about that later.

The arsenal without firearms is simple, but you do not have to think about reloading your gun and finding the right ammunition. There’s only one weapon available in Dying Light 2 for which they could be useful the homemade double-barreled shotgun that has the catchy term “boom stick,” killing zombies with a gang within proximity.

There’s only one weapon for the entire game; however, what a weapon! It’s only a shame that you’re not able to fight the gun much because its strength is only sufficient for two shots, even though you don’t have anything to reload it with since it’s impossible to locate ammunition. So it’s a good thing you can make an entirely new gun instead of the damaged one – provided you have the plan, that is, of course. But we’ll explain the scheme too.

Where can I purchase a shotgun, the only weapon that is available

Find this weapon on the second map of the game. It’s located at the Center. To obtain this weapon, you’ll be required to complete specific tasks. The shotgun is obtained through the second mission ” Renegades” in Central that will become available in your primary mission ” Observatory” when you receive the phone call. You must deal with the Renegades to take the shotgun.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s only sufficient for two shots. Once each charge is fired, the gun will fail, even though it won’t be possible to refill it. If you’d like to continue firing, you’ll need to build an entirely fresh “boom stick” your self.

The scheme is available to purchase immediately after you have completed the quest. It is available for sale for 400 at Peacekeeper’s Floating Fortress, located in the Wharf on the Center map. Access to it will be open at the beginning of the primary task “Welcome Aboard.” It is also possible to use the Exploding Arrows scheme available at the store.

It’s a shame it’s true that the iconic zombie-shooting weapon known as the shotgun is small in the world of use. However, with its specific responsibilities, the “boom-stick” is a great choice with the ruthless destruction of enemies. bloody pieces. In a sport where you are constantly engaged with your opponent in close-quarters, having the ability to kill the head of a dangerous creature is worth the effort.

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