Drive Buy review – Not bad, but not enough Review

On March 31st, Drive Buy, an arcade game that features couriers who struggle to be the first to transport packages throughout the city It was released on PC as well as Switch. In this review if the title is worthy of the cost of admission.

  • creator: Glitchers
  • Publisher Glitchers
  • Publisher: March 31, 2021

It is possible to create an enjoyable delivery game. trucks Drivers, Euro Track Simulator 2 Dead Stranding, Totally Reliable Delivery Service show that. We don’t think Drive Buy is quite as impressive as the other titles listed above.

The game lets you select your delivery men, design your cars, and take to the streets in the evening to deliver packages. You can also play against other players who are doing the same.

There are three options available. Delivery Battle is about making deliveries. Whoever has the highest number of deliveries within the time allotted wins. Pay Day offers a race against time to see who is the richest wins. In the end, Piggy Bank challenges you to manage the head of a huge piggy bank. The longer you hold it the more rewarding.

You can take on your rivals or by completing flawlessly tasks or, even more intriguingly, with boosters that are scattered across the map. Land mines, landing missiles, EMPs, and money-sucking magnets are just a few of the tools that will make a difference to your adversaries. The vehicles are easy to control, swift in speed and manage to skid quickly and, with the right techniques, you may even master the art of avoiding projectiles.

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The cars are simple to control, they are quick to accelerate, and immediately into the skid.

This is the point at which Drive Buy’s good qualities stop, however. It actually seems to be in early access rather that released. In a game which is able to attract a crowd there isn’t enough material. Three modes and two maps are boring the first night cars, regardless of whether they’re vans or sports cars, share the same traits as well as the bare-bones gameplay not enough to motivate players to advance and unlocking more characters and vehicles, and other items for customization.

The game is packed with a lot of contents.

Additionally, the developers aren’t able to obtain enough information from your Steam account and ask you to create a new account with an email confirmation to sign in to the game. At this point, we’ll probably get rid of a significant portion of the gamers who don’t want to put in the time and effort making an account for things they don’t know about.

In the end, Drive Buy is too boring to appeal to a large public. The game isn’t quite as impressive as, say, Fall Guys or Fortnite and isn’t cheap You could spend less than 2 000 rubles for something else that’s more intriguing. Perhaps , with the use of a different distribution system and more content, the project might have been more appealing however, at the moment it’s a good chance to be ignored and eventually shut down in the next few months.

The project is likely to be unnoticed until it comes get over in a couple of months.

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