DOOM Eternal’s Secret Weapon

How to unlock all the keys and unlock the Hangman’s Gate for you to gain access DOOM Eternal’s secret weapon.

A different DOOM Eternal hidden feature is The Dissolve weapon. It’s a secret that should be known to everyone who has been playing DOOM 64 at least once. The energy cannon is an alternative to the BFG-9000, the most powerful gun that will not be locked until the second half of the course of play. It is important to note that both weapons use the same ammo type.


  • 1 How to unlock secret weapons
  • 2 Jubilation
  • 3 Base Sectarians
  • 4 Bloody Supernest
  • 5 Committee Complex
  • 6 Mars Core
  • 7 Taras Nabad

How do you unlock a secret weapon

First, the weapon is suitable in view. When you enter the Guardian’s Fortress, look through its hallways. You will see a gun hidden beneath a glowing red shield of energy in an area. To take off this protective dome, you must apply six divine keys. Each of these keys is a reward for passing an Executioner’s Gate. There are precisely six gates. We’ll show you how to obtain all the keys needed for”The Executioner’s Gate.


    • Executioner’s Gate After walking the area with falling platforms above the fiery lava, use your jump pad to go close enough to the wall to find the hooks, then climb up to the highest point. The ledge to your left is the Executioner’s Gate.
  • Key to accessing The Executioner’s Gate Begin to move away from the Executioner’s Gate. Take out the enemies on the ledges in the cave to the right. Go up to the top ledge, then return. In front of you, you’ll see an acceleration booster that resets the counter for jerks. You can jump to it and then speed up to the ledge in front. From here, fly in the opposite direction from where you came from. Once you’ve reached the high, you’ll see an underside platform with keys to get to Executioner’s Gate.

Sectarian base

    • Executioner’s Gate is located in the same place as the demon that was crucified to death you must hit. Just in the front of it.


  • This is the key for getting to Hangman’s Gate: From the Hangman’s Gate, move to the opposite end of the room, towards the demon crucified. There are walls on the left and to the right of the statue to hang hooks. However, you don’t really need them. It is necessary to drop under the statue, turn and then jerk up to the ladders. This will allow you to get through the long hallway by using the booster. You can also get the key to the Executioner’s Gate.
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Bloody Supernest

  • Executioner’s Gate Step onto the platform that is large. You have to insert three colored keys. Reverse your position with your back facing the keys. On the left side of the building is a grey platform made of damaged pipe (two levels beneath Virus Technologies). At the top of these pipes lies the Gate, but its entrance is blocked until you eliminate all the demons in the vicinity.
  • The Key to the Executioner’s Gate Before you search for the key to the Executioner’s Gate, you need to obtain the bloody blue key required to tell the story. This is the third key in the story. Go to the place from where you started your journey. There is a massive meat structure in the middle with fangs and a blue barrier that blocks the entrance. If you’ve got your blue-colored key, you can enter the structure. In the back is a blue jumping pad. As you jump, locate the highest wall to climb up while you’re in the air. Then, as you move in the direction of the wall, Accelerate with jerks, and you’ll be hooked. Go within the structure and then through the hole in the floor. You will reach the room where the key to the Executioner’s Gate is kept.

Committee Complex

    • The Executioner’s Gate The gate is visible from the conference center’s lobby near the start of the facility and is located on the damaged off-platform. If you already have the key, simply jump to it and speed up.
  • This is the key to The Executioner’s Gate When you are in the conference center’s lobby, ascend to the top floor. There you will see the broken window behind which you observe the bar in yellow. However, don’t rush to the bar outside. Instead, climb even further over the steps to the left. Take a leap off the balcony on the right side and hold the wall. Take off to the opposite room, lit by an orange glow. The key is.

Mars center

  • Executioner’s Gate If you’re looking for The Union Aerospace building, which you can access after jumping over the platforms that are broken on the outside (near the final point of the quest). After jumping on the jump pad to gain access into the building, make a left and then jump across the building to enter the building. There are plenty of tentacles and an entry point for The Executioner’s Gate. It’s not possible to enter it from the other side. The gate is on just to the left.
  • the Hangman’s Gate Key: Go to the main room from the Hangman’s Gate. Here you will find the key. The key is turned to face the other side. Take the room on the left, and click on the yellow control panel. Eliminate all enemies to ensure that they don’t hinder your progress. Return to the main room and discover the platform to the left of the wall. It has red windows. On it, climb and jump over the ventilation grate to the left and smash it. Go through the vent, then make a right turn to find the key.
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Taras Nabad

  • The Executioner’s Gate: Complete the second lighting puzzle by using switches located on the right and left sides of the stadium. You’ll direct the light to the sign on the floor. Go down the elevator to the part that resembles the sewer. After exiting the elevator, turn left to locate an Executioner’s Gate.
  • The Key to the Executioner’s Gate You must first solve the second puzzle using the radioactive water. To accomplish this, pull the insulating costume, dive into the water, and then hit the green wall that is destructible. The level of water will gradually fall. Refill your suit, jump into the water, and proceed to the open doorway. Then, swim to the surface, refill your suit, and aim your gun towards the green target within the pipe on the opposite side. Go back to the pool and crush the wall behind the grate with a raised edge. The water will disappear. Hit the metal cube using a green target, then climb up it and leap onto the wall that is in the corner. Once there, hit the target in green to unlock the gate beneath. Follow the corridor down and stay on the left. Make a left turn, disregarding the story marker, and ascend the steps to find an entry point to the Gate of the Executioner. Then, a door will open that will lead back to Executioner’s Gate.

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