Doom Eternal secrets and surprises

As with many different games, Doom Eternal is full of Easter eggs waiting to be discovered. In this case, we’ve attempted to locate eggs that aren’t widely had the pleasure of seeing.

In these dark days of pandemics, social distance, and self-seclusion with TV series, video games are hardly the only thing that can fill our minds before succumbing to boredom. Doom Eternal is the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2016’s Doom reboot, which debuted amid the epidemic. We even got to attend an offline version. Much to the delight of Doom fans, The game exceeded their expectations by offering lively gameplay, stunning graphics, and, most importantly, plenty of Easter eggs.

Finding them, as in the previous section it’s not an easy task, and in the initial replay, you’ll be unable to spot these. Just move around a corner or up the ledge, then take a look further, and you may discover something you haven’t had the chance to see. Here are a few hidden secrets in Doom Eternal unknown to many gamers.


  • 1. Farming Lives
  • 2. Familiar Death
  • 3. Bookworm
  • 4. Do you remember those sounds?
  • 5. Secret Cat Scene
  • 6. Cheat Codes
  • 7. Hidden Message
  • 8. Timeless Classics
  • 9. Justice for Daisy
  • 10. Funny Remarks

The life of a farmer is

In the age of nostalgia for the old-fashioned games, Doom Eternal allows you to accumulate extra lives in the event of an unexpected loss. This is a crucial factor to survive, as, in comparison to Doom 2016, the level of complexity of Eternal is significantly more complex.

Earth enemies cause more harm, and more puzzles require platforming and less ammo. Thus the secret to winning the game is to choose the right strategy. And one strategy most modern gamers might not even be aware of is farming.

When you gain life, you can quit the game and begin the process to begin again. This is tremendous assistance in the brutal fights in the game’s final stages. But that’s not all; you can use weapon upgrade modules to obtain the most potent weapons. If you discover these, you simply refresh the checkpoint, and your inventory is not changed. Great, isn’t it?

Familiar Death

It’s not the most exciting, boring, but a fun comparison to the classic film. We all (or most of us) are familiar with the end in Terminator 2 when after smashing the T-1000 and the T-1000, the Terminator decides to take on himself to prevent his technology from getting repaired. Amid the fiery metal, he gives an angry John and Sarah the finger as a sign of his humanity.

If you are on every Doom Eternal level with lava, the death is re-created. Just jump into it and then die. As soon as the screen is dark, you can see the Executioner in Doom will display the same gesture to the player.


There are many interesting things you can find at the Executioner’s base. However, the thing that will catch your attention most is that the demon slayer is a fan of reading. If you look closer at his shelves, there are books like Demon Farm, Guts of Wrath, and of course. “Fifty Shades of Execution” (Fifty Shades of Slay) Parodying the well-known classics.

The game also has parodies from games within the Hangman library, like “The The Survival Guide for Sanctuary Residents” (Fallout) as well as “Why I’m Cool, part 2,” performed by the legendary Dork Norkem (Duke Nukem).

However, one of the most poignant lines is a reference to YouTube celebrity Mark Fischbach, Markiplier. The book is called “How to Comb Mustache,” composed by Clifton. Fischbach. It was the name of Mark’s father who passed away in the year 2008. Through his YouTube videos, Mark frequently spoke of his passion for Doom. Doom series is a thoughtful way to thank the fan who is a true fan.

Do you remember those sounds?

In Doom 2016, you’re able to incorporate the look and feel of the weapons of Eternal, the first Doom series Eternal; however, it doesn’t end there. If you bought Deluxe Edition, you could include the classic Doom sounds. To do this, you’ll need to go to the section for sound settings and choose an appropriate setting.

We’re not sure whether these sounds will be made accessible to everyone However, at present they’re only available to players who own Deluxe Edition. Deluxe Edition.

Secret cutscene

If you’re able to take down the infernal creatures again, you will also get the secret cutscene right in the end credits. It’s not easy to define it as vital since it does not add any character or depth to the characters and is purely for enjoyment.

In this video clip, the demon has fun playing with his collectible Executioner Rock toys, one that is an undemon and the second with the appearance of Dumgai from the older games. He plays with them as children, and he chants them with his voice until it is time to hear the familiar click of a shotgun’s firing. The scene is over. It’s not deep but in the spirit of insaneness that defines the latest style of the show.

Chit Codes

In addition to the extra life-span, Doom Eternal also decided to explore old-school gaming by introducing cheat codes. But, you cannot just type in to enter the IDDQD cheat code and switch into god mode as you did before. Similar to other cheat codes, you’ll need to go through all levels and uncover all their secrets in the hopes of getting one of the famous cheat codes.

They are the typical infinite ammo and immortality, as well as a variety of intriguing options that will enhance your game experience. For instance, there’s the code to give an audio-over when you kill an enemy, blasting enemies with confetti, and even making it more difficult by removing the ammo and health bonuses falling off of enemies. Find all cheat codes to become an unstoppable killing machine.

Hidden Message

The most fascinating finds from Doom Eternal await you on the map tab of the menu for pause. It’s not entirely clear what the audio file is. However, some say that it’s a hidden message from the creators.

There’s no way to tell if it’s truly an encrypted communication or simply disembodied demons. However, if you listen to it, you’ll realize that it’s not the usual demonic cries we constantly hear in games. It might need to be reversed or processed to understand it.

Eternal Classics

Although an excellent connection to the original, Levels of the original Doom series did not work as well with the new engine. Id Software realized this. Therefore, you’ll be able to start two of the classic Doom installments in all their entirety on your PC in the Hangman of Doom hub.

The first chapter opens after the main campaign has been completed, and Doom II can be opened by entering this code FLYNNTAGGART. Is it Flynn Taggart? The real name is The Executioner of Doom. The name is a reference to him in the universe of books.

Justice for Daisy

In 2018, a bizarre tweet surfaced in the Doom Twitter account. Doom Twitter with a picture of a rabbit carrying the sign reading “justice to Daisy.” If you’re not aware, Daisy is Executioner Rock’s pet rabbit. Daisy is seen to be decapitated near the top part of “Your body is worn out” level…or could she be?

It’s possible to see Daisy walking around the various levels, but you’ll need a keen eye to do that. The Executioner’s room near the base of his room is a rabbit cage filled with food and a photo of the Executioner who is hugging Daisy within his hands. It is easy to spot the rabbit right from the beginning if you take a close look at the logo for the game.

Funny references

If you’ve attempted to search for secrets and passages throughout your journey, you’ve likely seen a toothy, grin-y fish–on an angler’s rod, within the ice, other. For people born after 1990, Let’s talk about it a bit – it’s a fish with a head that’s dumb, known as the Dopefish, which is dubbed the second-most stupid creature in the world. Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy was first presented to the public.

Suppose anyone is unaware that commander Keen is a platformer that runs horizontally series, whose main character was Billy Blaze, the protector of Earth from alien threats. In social networks, it’s widely believed that he’s not just the grandchild of B.J. Blaskowitz, the main character from the Wolfenstein series, as well as an Executioner’s father. Rock.

There are more commander Keen areas in the game, such as the mission six-store with snacks called Dopenuts and Keen Candies. The Executioner’s bookcase where you will find another bizarre Keen-themed pass chat, which features the skull helmet, skull, and the ray gun. Creepy

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