Doom Eternal: Die alten Götter Teil 1 Test

If Doom Guy releases the most giant gun in the world of lasers, he sprints through a sci-fi nightmare at a staggering speed, pumps four-meter-high mountains of muscle that are full of energy blasts, and does a few glorious kills that have a high gore factor in the background the adrenaline rushes out of the nose, mouth, and ears. The force of your fist crashing into a minion’s throat in the name of HP and ammo refills that the entire skeleton falls towards its anus is a very satisfying, even if macabre action.

The spectacle has never been simple. You must be at the system’s top nearly every moment if you wish to make it through, even at the lowest difficulty. This hasn’t changed with the new story DLC named The Ancient Gods. It’s the opposite. The level of the play follows the same thread from where the main game ended. How often did I need to remind myself to be strategic, even on the most chaotic of battlefields? To pull out the flamethrower and ice cannon whenever required, and not to spend the vast calibers on tiny shufflers, Always move forward and never abandon a standing target.

As it’s only the first part of a larger narrative, This DLC has only three levels. These include the science station, similar to an oil rig situated on high stilts over the ocean, a dark bog with poisonous fumes, and a mysterious hell cave. But, each place will give off a new level with an abundance of enemies, often leading to dead ends and many new obstacles. Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods is an identical game, but it’s more complicated, more complex, and occasionally as brutal as a punch in the nuts.

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Think about what’s required from you. Doom Eternal has previously been one of my wife’s games – even if she was watching me from behind while I was playing- didn’t know what was happening for prolonged durations of time. As a result, there are instances where I’m unsure of myself, and I react reflexively as my brain and eyes respond to the chaos of weapons, monsters, and the abstract levels.

All you need is to increase the intensity like eyeball towers made of dog-eared eyes which are only destroyed by precision strikes from afar, Marauders who can only be defeated with counter-attacks, but they can attack you in pairs after the initial 30 minutes, and the regular appearances by the Spirit monsters of Doom 2016 whose leaders you must eliminate in two steps to stop them from resurfacing endlessly.

The old school can be too much at times. It rips the camel’s back in specific locations since certain constellations can be more stressful than entertaining to play. Imagine a 3-meter-wide hallway guarded by a cyber demon. What’s the truth? These monsters were previously unstoppable end bosses on an open field. Because of this, the acrobatic interludes that include the double or boost leaps snubbed by many are refreshing breathers. They are still around, but, as always, Id Software takes it to the extreme in some places.

I’m not sure if the developers in this DLC campaign are brutal intentionally or if specific components have simply been unwisely optimized than in the game’s base. However, the game is always playable when you’re patient and willing to spit. It’s not because of the arsenal, as all resources are set at the maximum from the beginning. Doom Guy has all weapons, including runes, weapons, and upgrades, right from the start. It is, therefore, not possible. However, you can change current runes as soon as specific secondary talents appear beneficial. You can use, for instance, the “slow movement just before death” talent. This has helped me save my life many times.

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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One, The first expansion for the campaign of DOOM Eternal by id Software, is available now for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 PC, and Stadia. Of course, this cannot be completed without the proper trailer for the launch to inspire you to play.

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