Doom Eternal: Die alten Götter 2 Test

I know people who find themselves frightened by the game’s speed. It can be difficult to see visually and using your reactions. But, it’s all part of the challenge. Suppose you do not lose your train of thoughts every five minutes in Doom Eternal; if you don’t enjoy the moments in which chaos and incoordination cause you to take action instinctively, you’re not doing it right. Yet, amid the incomprehensible web of lasers or plasma beams, which transform the flesh of demons that have transformed muscles into a charcoal barbecue with fiery explosions, lies the smile of a childishly amused gamer who is still yelling, “both, what a blast” regardless of the moment of his virtual death. The mind-blowing fascination with the buffer overflow that is human perception is an integral part of the idea, and I love it.

However, I will point out that the initial DLC failed to balance the tension between playability and chaos. Even on the lower difficulty levels, there’s nothing but frustration as hordes of monsters cover each other like clinging chess pieces, there’s something wrong with the one-man-against-the-rest-of-the-world formula.

The criticism ought to have been heard because The Ancient Gods. Part 2 is much more balanced. It’s not perfect, but it’s more. However, it is more clear and less dependent on the timing of the day. I’d say the strategic value is higher, although that may be somewhat out of line with Doom.

What is this manifesting in? Let’s start by stating that a baseball bat won’t smash you straight out of the bat during the first chapter. This is the way the first chapter in Ancient Gods Part 1 felt. It was beautiful, strong, and courageous. We ran into the wall and bounced off it, and then bravely took another shot at it. Ancient Gods Part 2 shows some grace at the beginning. It is the first time you learn about the various demons you’ve become accustomed to to replenish your brain, or so it’s said before they blast the brains of those who play. In the ideal scenario, it’s the reverse direction once the muscles memory kicks in and, to ensure it doesn’t take too long, the initial waves of foes remain tame and manageable.

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You’re allowed to go into new zones gradually as you progress, and with each section, you will encounter another creature with unique features. Sometimes, a friend is armed with tough armor that can be broken with the plasma cannon—other times, a timid coward who you curse. Doom Slayer slowly sucks the life force from his skull until you can slash through your skull’s top using the melee attack. The scumbag is always at a distance and can escape to safety whenever it detects a threat. The fantastic thing is that you can watch them in a single sequence. In the final one of these levels but puppy protection is over. Chess baller returns with the issue of who you’ll be reading the riot act first and with what weapon.

Additionally, all weapons used in that game’s primary mission are readily available, making it an issue of tactical ammo distribution and the amount of life force available in addition to armor. Beware of any misinformation either will be able to be exhausted, forcing monster milking to occur again. However, there is a different variation. Alongside fire throwers, the ice gun non, and chainsaw, an enormous Hammer is now available that can do a lot of damage and increase milk yield when used with other weapons. Mounds of frozen or burned flesh are enough to heal and provide ammunition to replenish depleted resources to the maximum. The more complex the challenge, the more critical this step is. Plus, the more valuable upgrades to the hammer are earned through taking on specific tasks.

The Ancient Gods Part 2 doesn’t take long to ignite. It’s not long before new nuances expand the game, so pros do not get stuck in a rut quickly. Exploration is also a significant part of the beginning. Utilizing The butcher’s Hook (a grappling hook that shoots out of a standard shotgun), the brave slayer traverses vast canyons using multiple grappling checkpoints. They are so frequently that you are quickly accustomed to the immense accuracy required when multiple jumps around the corners are needed. An intelligent move that ended the often improbable boost-jump competitions in the past.

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More information about orientation is now available through the automap. Small armor pick-ups indicate the correct direction in breadcrumb style, but they do not lack a decent sense of direction or an eye. On the second floor, I was lost in the shuffle for nearly an hour due to the reality that a window was opened a ruined. It was embarrassing, embarrassing for me, and it was not the case for Id or their graphic designers who once coax stunning images from the engine.

The design is flawless no matter the scene, be it the snowy fields, a bombed city (which the Slayer travels through on the cool dragon), or the gray-on-gray Capital of Hell. While nothing can come close to the beauty of the earlier places, it could not be achieved without creating repeated design elements. To compensate, some great photos of the tracker and overall stage are used to create an impressive backdrop to the story.

That brings me to my last point: the plot and the long-awaited finale. To avoid spoilers, I’m unable to give too much detail; however, one thing is sure I was expecting more from the conclusion. Strange, really, as I wasn’t a fan of this plot the majority of times. Tia was a great character, but I was a little dissatisfied. The finale is spectacular, and the conclusion also includes an”aha” moment. However, it didn’t bring me emotion, joy, or other emotions worth mentioning. “Interesting,” I stammered in half awe. Who is the real Doom Eternal for the plot?

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