DOOM Eternal Древние боги – часть вторая Review

  • producer: id Software
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Publisher: March 18, 2020

The stakes get higher during the final chapter. The war for the creation itself is currently underway when the Executioner Doom is assembling an army of soldiers to battle against the Dark Lord, and the outcomes of the fight determine the universe’s fate. If he can defeat his sworn adversary, all the demons that emerged from hell will be destroyed. If the hero wins… it’s a good thing you and I know that a hero who’s been able to send many enemies to the grave will never lose.

It isn’t realistic to expect to win without difficulty, but. In the beginning, id Software honestly warns: that it’s going to be tough even at the beginning of difficulty “I’m too young to be dying.” The game “Absolute Nightmare” should only be played by those confident in their capabilities.

Demons are now even more numerous, with a variety of new types. Stone imps are only an alternative shotgun. The zombie squealer is best left alone. It is loud when it dies. This makes the other demons more powerful. My biggest mistake was that I killed the squealer while fighting against two marauders (obviously). The baron with armor is powerful armor that needs to be destroyed – only after that will he suffer damage. The cursed prowler applies an impediment to the Executioner the Rock, and you have to locate and kill him to restore the abilities. The shielded specialist can block all damage. Therefore it is best to hit him with your back.

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There are monsters from the first game and the first game of The Ancient Gods, including the spooky spirits that need to be sucked out using a plasma gun. Also, they’re ready to attack in waves, launching attacks simultaneously and attempting to take over the player. Therefore, if you’re looking to survive, you must be moving regularly: move quickly around in the battleground, refill your health armor, ammo, and health, Take advantage of opponents’ weak points, and don’t stop.

The game’s climax occurs in the final boss fight. Unfortunately, the main antagonist may be too formal. The Marauder’s excessive use of violence, the Executioner of Doom’s power of regeneration, and the five combat phases makemake him an invincible creature that must be dealt with at strictly specified distances and times. In the 4 hours it takes to finish the DLC, you’ll be spending about half of the time-fighting bosses, absolutely no joke.

In the 4 hours, it takes to finish the DLC in the timeframe, you’ll be spending about half of that time-fighting bosses.

In terms of new tools to take down demons, the game encourages you to master using the Guardian Hammer, which hits the ground, stuns enemies, cuts armor off of some, and knocks power-ups out. This adds a new level of calm when you are in the heat of battle; you can unleash a massive punch on opponents, benefit from confusion, collect resources, and analyze the situation to determine more actions.

I love how DOOM Eternal makes you constantly switch devices and weapons, providing immune monsters or the vulnerability to certain types of harm to the player. You cannot utilize only, for instance, the Super Shotgun or Minigun; however, you will be required to execute individual keyboard actions that adapt to the conditions in the field.

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The story unfolds within the context of three new locales that include the Guardian planet, post-apocalyptic earth, and Hell. Of the three, the second is the most intriguing and stunning with its high-rises and natural beauty of the reclaimed land.

The other areas aren’t as memorable, and there’s nothing to do The collection of collectibles is minimal, and there are few jump-based trials. The big-scale battle, based on Avengers: The Final, which was teased in a trailer for the sequel, takes place in the background while The Executioner of Doom travels to the hideout of the Dark Lord through the backstreets of the area. This is a disappointment: I’d like to fly a dragon or ride an RC vehicle, not just watch episodes with similar scenes.

DOOM Eternal: Ancient Gods – Part Two is a conclusion (but does not end it) with the reboot in the DOOM series and provides an additional 3-4 hours of the presence of numerous monsters. The graphics are superb, the music is somewhat lively, and the fight scenes are explosively exciting. The bonus is well worth the purchase, and more so to better understand the plot, but be prepared for more complex challenges.

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