Doom 2016 Secrets and Passcards

The enthralling and heartbreaking 2016 shooter Doom, which, if you don’t mind the overly simplistic title, was a nearly perfect reboot. Gamers have experienced a lot of series reboots that were downright awful in recent times, so to be able to appreciate the amount of respect that Doom’s creators have displayed for a well-loved classic like Doom is awe-inspiring.

In keeping with the tradition of the id Software tradition, The game was full of passages that required the players more than two years to locate the entire collection. People who have played for a long time and are familiar with the genre will smile when they read this list. However, many newcomers might not have noticed these passages.


  • 1. Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3
  • 2 Commander Keen
  • 3 Demon Destruction
  • 4 Iron Helmet
  • 5 Sean Bean
  • 6 Faces of Dumgai
  • 7 Dushek
  • 8. Icon of Sin
  • 9 ShareWare
  • 10, Authorization Olivia Pierce

Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3

Despite the complicated themes of religion and violence, Doom has never taken its concerns too seriously. Although the series has always offered a lot of potentials to tackle more dark issues, id Software has preferred to concentrate on the gameplay, and that’s for the best.

In 2016, the Doom reboot picked up this theme – but despite more growth in the plot, it’s only a thread connecting places and hordes of demons.

One great illustration of this type of not-serious tone is the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 slot machine hidden behind containers located in the Special Research Complex level. It’s the same boring absurdity featured in the 2004 game Doom 3, where it first came out.

Commander Keen

Before being popular for Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake, id Software was known for a less well-known but loved series of action-platformers for PC. Keen is a world away from the modern conceptions about id Software and is unlikely to make a comeback in re-releases or Remasters.

Doom 2016 may signal that Keen might be dead, and not in a literal sense. A skeleton sporting the famous helmet can be located in a cave within the Sanctuary of Cadingir. One Reddit user said that this could indicate a significant proportion of platforming in the latest version of Doom; however, the likelihood is that he’s digging too deeply.

Demon Destruction

Commander Keen isn’t the only instance of references to the universe of video games available in Doom 2016. In the game’s Lazarus Labs, attentive players observed that a secret minigame could be activated when they interact with one of the screens in Olivia Pierce’s workplace. The three-in-a-row game, which is like Bejeweled and Candy Crush, is an amusing way to play (and an unintentional objective) within a contest that focuses predominantly on the wrath of the hell-spawn.

It’s certainly not the most stylish passchalk; however,, it’s guaranteed to keep a player’s attention more than Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3. Perhaps it would have been better if Olivia had not played as much Demon Destruction and done more of her work. It wouldn’t have ended up the way they did.

Iron Helmet

Many times, do you make a trip to Necropolis? We’re not saying no. However, it’s been discovered that within one of the final stages in Doom is a tiny hint of another iconic Bethesda game. In the dark cave of the game’s famous alternate world, a skeleton sporting the helmet, which looks similar to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There’s no doubt about it.

It’s important to realize that this doesn’t necessarily refer to the Dragonborn himself. A lot of NPCs wear such helmets. However, it’s difficult to tell something for certain. In addition, there’s an arrow that is sticking from the guy’s knee – which is not a subtle reference to the popular meme.

Sean Bean

Anyone who’s seen Hollywood actor Sean Bean at least a few times is aware that Sean Bean has a sinister tendency to be killed in nearly every film he is involved in. In every film from “Goldeneye” to “Lord of the Rings,” Sean Bean’s characters don’t stay for long.

The Doom universe isn’t an exception. You can see his name on the death list at the start of the game. One of the most intriguing things is that the team behind the game didn’t refer to the actor in the first place, but he’s the name of some of the game’s creators. Therefore, we can now conclude that it’s an accident. We wouldn’t be shocked to see the actor in a film coming up within the world.

Face of Dubai

While the first two games of Doom enjoyed a lot of fun showing every character’s facial expression, in the subsequent two games in the main series, this feature was removed for a mysterious reason. In some particular circumstances, the faces of Doom’s Marine from Doom are visible during Doom 2016.

If a player dies through an explosion in one of the old-fashioned levels of Doom sprinkled throughout the game head of the model will fall off, and the glass of his helmet will break, revealing the familiar grimace of pixels. It’s an odd but cute ghost story. No, whatever the advancements in graphics have advanced, Doomguy will stay that for the rest of time.


Nowadays, Doom 3, created by id Software in 2004, appears to be a “lousy sheep” of the series. At the time, its graphics were cool that they might melt your video games. However, it’s not a huge hit today. But the creators of 2016’s Doom reboot don’t forget this game. Lazarus Labs has little to offer as a reference.

On the seemingly unimportant shelf, gamers who have completed either the initial and the BFG versions of the earlier 2000s games will immediately recognize Dushekub. It was probably the most memorable aspect of the campaign; however, it’s an ornament that you cannot use and put on.

Sin Icon


It’s a fact how the head of id Software co-founder John Romero can be seen hanging from spades in front of Icon of Sin, the final boss of Doom II. If you replay the villain’s words at the start of the fight, you’ll hear a hidden message from Romero himself.

You can do the exact process with the sitting Icon of Sin in the 2016 edition of Doom. Shoot a missile at the center of the massive head of the creature, and you’ll hear the same speech reversed in the gruesome and terrifying scene of Necropolis.


Shareware, today being replaced with demos and free trials, was a method of distribution that developers used in the mid-1990s attempted to increase sales and more people playing their games. Users could play the initial portion of the game free and, If they enjoyed it, then purchase the full game.

This approach has helped the earliest games from id Software gain this level of fame, and the creators paid tribute to it by incorporating an achievement of the same name in Doom 2016. It is required to make and publish the SnapMap map. Given how unappreciated the multiplayer game has been, not all could know this feature.

Authorization Olivia Pierce

The passchalk in question is the final one discovered in Doom 2016. Someone has carefully analyzed the seventh track in the soundtrack for the game known as Authorization, Olivia Pierce, and discovered hidden dialogue that could be heard by tuning certain frequencies.

Around the 50th second mark at the end of the game, viewers will listen to Pierce’s comment, “You know, you could not have saved them otherwise.” The little phrase is concealed; however, given the lack of interest Dumgai showed in Olivia or the game’s plot generally, it’s doubtful to believe he cared about the secret message she left behind.

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