Discover Eliosi’s Hunt, the space bounty hunter!

Let’s start at the beginning!

Eliosi’s Hunt is an action-platform game where you take on the role of Eliosi the youthful Zelicyan who hopes to become an bounty hunter. You must overcome the weaknesses and insignificance of your race to make your dreams become a reality. On your journey, you will have to face blood-sucking tribes and mutants which you’ll be able to conquer with the weapons and equipment you’ll acquire.

It’s not your birthright to hunt!

Eliosi, the character you take on throughout the adventure,, is reckless. He’s big-hearted which contrasts against his tiny size. Therefore, he will try to get through the world that would like him dead! Additionally, despite having a “reduced” size, Eliosi appears not to be gifted with speech, or perhaps he is just too timid to speak? This is the first thing that is negative to me. It takes time to establish a connection with him; due to the reality, it is apparent that the character is rather stifled. The story starts before a screen that lists all hunts available for bounty hunters. Eliosi rushes off to select one he decides to pursue and takes him to an eerie forest! After that, it’s the characters he’ll meet or the actions he’ll take that will take him straight into other areas to continue on his journey to find recognition.

A slow hero with punch!

Inspired by classics such as Crash Bandicoot. Eliosi’s Hunt allows you to experience the evolution of the game fully. Through the various levels, you’ll have the chance to begin shooting anything that moves, obviously with the help of the surroundings. At first glance, Eliosi’s Hunt is a semblance of an adventure game.

Quite poorly optimized
game, and also the game with the game and with a “heavy” player and a “heavy. We begin our long journey inside the game, and in a Perilous forest the animals and plants (if we are allowed to define them as such) all want to see us dead. We already recognize that we are the character is greatly deficient in mobility.
Even though he’s equipped with the “dash” however, we are immediately confronted by the appearance of being surrounded with a formidable armor.

The first steps in learning may not be the most effective. However, haven’t you heard this when you were watching a program, “wait to see how many more episodes you’ll soon be hooked on!”? Eliosi’s Hunt is, for me, a person of the same type. It takes some time to become accustomed to the persona, once you’ve got the handful of Skills.

In this game, you’re part of the hunter. You become one with the hunter. As you progress, you become accustomed to his inability to move and get an interest in exploring the different levels. If the game is not initially started by the way it plays, then we can easily set before the The range of levels of the levels.

It’s the action! The more you move forward in these increasingly hostile surroundings, the more Your body is begging to be ill.

If you aren’t sure, imagine the pain you’d feel if you missed the last shot or the final platform. You will constantly be repeating “go and again.” It’s an

Die & Retry

A system that will make you want to move forward. Do not forget Die & Retry, where your death is caused by an enemy launching 15 missiles. Your only safe place to hide is in the area where you cannot sight! in Eliosi’s Hunt, dying lets you learn and re-learn until you can master it and begin to feel the You will feel a surge of force.

You’ll meet the most bizarre bosses. become acquainted with them before you return to destroying them all at once. The monsters you meet are always a challenge that you’ll need to get used to. These creatures will also be accompanied by an area where you’ll have to be aware because it is possible to dodge lasers, and avoiding the void appears difficult; try to think about traps scattered across the area under your feet and of various forms.

Eliosi’s Hunt can also require players to switch game modes to switch from, say, a ‘platformer’ to a running runner, to steer clear of, for instance, an acidic sea. You can jump from rock to rock or the plant in front of you. Be attentive to the numerous deviations offered by the game, and don’t get sucked into some areas’ size. You’ll need to make it safely to demonstrate your dedication and grow from your beginning, becoming a bounty hunter. You’re likely to be shocked many times, so keep your eyes peeled, get a cup of coffee, and be prepared for the most terrifying!

A drone, some stuff and even improvements!

There are two separate bars throughout your trip. The first is an orange bar that is, it represents life and the amount of times you’ll be hit before dying

The battery is recharged via crystals Crates, crates or any other items with yellow glitter that you see on your route.

The second bar is blue
is a bar that is dashed. This lets you determine the amount of dashes you can make it feeds itself, and is upgradeable to increase the number.

Numerous weapons will allow you to destroy your adversaries; however, be aware that all the items or weapons you find will be destroyed automatically if you are killed! Be sure to move with caution and consider your choices before selecting a difficult path. The process of acquiring a weapon is more fascinating than just going straight. During your journey, Drones will accompany you.

It is it acts as a which acts as a. It can grow and reveal its identity to you. Significant improvements like more dashes or the ability to obtain weapons with more ammunition. It’s your responsibility to move according to your preferences. Infuriate your adversaries by showcasing your skills rocket launcher.

Automatic machine guns, perhaps a flame launcher While you glide through the air, thanks to the jet-pack

The more crazy, the faster you’ll be running!

To keep you from having to start from scratch, use Save platforms – You will find a variety of paths. But, in addition to the standard path, every mission has an end date. How do I tell you… I’m not able to be competitive. To be able to Respect my control.

I was able to complete the 3 minute level within 40! You don’t have to speed run it. However, for the longest-lasting of you, it seems too simple, attempt to beat your record times. To assist you and help you play more easily (or more difficult) to all Checkpoints could be used to activate saves, or destroyed to gain the speed boost. I can see you looking around in awe. You should go out and find these Dark, sombre landscapes or sometimes, too brightly lit to display the world your determination.

The last cheer!”

If none of this hasn’t left you off-guard,, then you’re all set. Go on an adventure and prepare for the most memorable hunting experience you’ve ever had. No matter if you have just a few minutes or a whole afternoon to spend, Eliosi’s Hunt is perfect for you, the kind of person who is prone to outdo themselves.

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