Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Test

The following day you wake up with the most horrible hangover inside your skull that probably no human has been forced to endure. The last night’s drunken stupor could be epic. It’s impossible to remember anything. You’re not what you’re about, the place you’re in, or even the time and place you’re in. Even the most basic notions of existence appear to be gone. The hotel room in which you’re staying seems to have been destroyed. The furniture is in disrepair, and the window that faces the street appears to have been smashed during an alcohol-fueled excitement; you thought it was best to throw your shoes through it.

[Reason:] It was not a good idea when you put on the shoe.

[Perception”Wait, what was this? Who’s talking? Why is he talking to another person in the second person? Are there other people there?

[Logic:] I’m thinking the person is talking to an entity referred to as”reader. “reader” and attempts to replicate the tone of the game this way.

[Knowledge:] Reader. Someone who reads an entire text of letters that make up words in a syntactically and semantically relevant context.

[Perception:] Who’s talking? Who are you? What is the reason you are babbling all over me?

(Logic): I thought this was the test for the Disco Elysium here! What’s up?

The test is to pass for Disco Elysium, one of the unique games of role-playing that have been played in recent years. In the beginning, paragraph what the game’s beginnings are and what’s the first scenario of the story.

[Patience, I don’t need to. I’m just trying to figure out whether purchasing is worth it. I’ll immediately jump into the decision.

[Dice test: Intelligence. Probability: 3% Dice test was not passed. It’s not a leap to the conclusion.

1. I’m lost in the endless babbling. Do you know what this is about?

You’ve read the first sentence and then read the second paragraph.

2. Yes, I’m a boozy man suffering from memory impairment. It’s not unusual for a role-playing game. What do you do now? (You continue.)

In the hallway just outside the hotel room, you come across the woman who appears familiar with you. She claims to be an officer from the police force. Could that be the case? Unfortunately, you only had the option to dress in a flimsy fashion. As a result, it’s still hard to find the shoe you tossed through the window onto the street the other night. As you head downstairs into the lobby to search for it, you’re met by a man you introduce as the person you’ve been with.

“[Mistrust]: Anyone could claim that. Don’t trust him!

[Acting:] Make it appear as if you know him, and then ask him why you’re here.

[Dice test: Self-control. Chance: 13%] Dice test failed. Your fake partner is immediately aware of the situation. In the name of politeness, you are in a pathetic situation you’re clearly in. He claims that you’ve been summoned to an investigation into a murder. A man has been hanged from a tree in the hotel’s backyard. In which you are.

[Action:] Okay, we’ll look at this right now. The faster we can leave, the more efficient. I’m looking for more experience points.

You’re going outside.

[Dice test: perception. Chance of success: 85% Dice test passed. You take a look around. You’re in the most shabby area of the main town of Rachel. It appears to be an alternate version of the world you are familiar with. Technologically speaking, it seems to be the dystopian vision of the 20th century’s midpoint, a blend of the end of industrialization and the dawn of modernity. Cars look like metal cages that roll on wheels, as do the exterior walls. Homes are black, smudge-like from the smoke of industrialization. Telephones are a new technology, accessible only to the rich and government agencies. However, modern technologies like wireless computer networks do exist.

[Curiosity Ask me to know more about this amazing game in the world!

[Dice test: Patience. Probability: 47%.] The dice test failed.


[Question:] And finally, provide us with the information about what we are. Are those voices in your mind every day?

The different aspects of who you are. Much like in the Pixar film [Logic:] Aha, that’s what’s behind this thing that has the continuous dice tests.


[Knowledge:] Dice tests A game mechanic from traditional pen-and-paper-based role-playing games, in which the actions that are carried out are evaluated against the character’s stats to test their viability.

[Patience ] Does it mean that if we had just gotten a boost in intelligence and had enough intelligence, we could have gone right to the conclusion earlier?


[Patience:] Crap.

This is the reason that is what makes Disco Elysium so special: that your character’s statistics remain “alive,” so to say. You must use them when you perform ability tests to accomplish challenges, gather information from your friends, or comprehend contexts.

[Aggression Crock! Character stats allow you to do more damage during fights and endure longer.

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When playing Disco Elysium, there are no fights. The entire game revolves around talking with other players and exploring other worlds. Battles are only fought “verbally” If you choose to. By making smart choices and the effective use of your skills.

“Indifference:” Sounds boring.

[Dice test: knowledge. Probability: 5% Dice test was not passed.

You’re not familiar with video games. It’s the absence of a traditional combat system that is what makes Disco Elysium the most fantastic role-playing game of recent times. It’s true; it’s what makes it a true role-playing game, not a cloaked action game with some characters and perks such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Mass Effect if the truth is what you believe.

[Dice test: know-it-all. Probability 97 The test was successful. If this is so amazing, however, there will be a lot of implications in the tale that will have long-lasting impacts. A lot of people have said that …

There is. Indeed, only the most reputable cannot see the consequences for a while and are revealed to the public. Do you take on the tasks of the corrupt union boss, just as you would in any other game of role-playing, or do you refuse them down so as not to be bribed but could shut doors in the process? Do you aid the depressed youngsters set up the drug lab at the church, or do you adhere to your tenets as a policeman (if you had any guidelines)? Do you assist the bookseller in getting rid of the curse in her house, or do you mock her for her beliefs?

When playing Disco Elysium, your choices and actions eventually define the character you’re playing The honorable cop who’s lost his identity and is trying to find his way back? The nihilistic hedonist who just snarks about every aspect of life? The reality-driven narcissist who has rock star status? Perhaps even a brutal Neoliberalist, corrupt Marxist, or self-important racist could be a possibility, depending on what you’re looking for. Finally, your character must be a well-rounded bodybuilder with a taste in art and high-frequency tech. Do you want to play him as this?

Disco Elysium doesn’t make the error of many other RPGs that feast on the sheer awe of its vast game world and brim it with side quests that can be interchanged and collectibles. It instead keeps the game setting simple and straightforward and controls the duration of the game to a reasonable level between 30 and 40 hours, which is a remarkable way of integrating every aspect of the narrative.

[Curiosity ]: We’d like to know more about this story. As of now, all we have is the notion that there is a one-time drunk that is required to solve a crime investigation. Don’t let me roll the dice twice before you start!

The murder investigation is, in reality, an incident in the McGuffin in Disco Elysium that is an opportune narrative hook and an event that triggers the actual story, designed to introduce players to the intriguing game’s world. It’s the time of The Great War, which put to the death disco’s Golden Age of Disco (hence the game’s name) and brought it into an entirely new world order. Moral and humanistic ideas have been destroyed in the flames of the revolution. Capitalist corporations have seized control and are enforcing oppression on the masses with the promise of prosperity which serves only the purpose of maintaining the status quo of the rich and the poor, increasing the gap between them.

Rachel The city you live in is currently under the control of an obscure union government that promotes socialist ideals and claims to be a champion for the people who work; however, they only use them to stay its grip on power with a ferocious corruption. The conflict turns into a strike of dockworkers, who are rebelling against oppression by capitalists but are unaware that their dreams are being used as pawns by the ruling class. In this turbulent period of political and social conflict, you have to mediate between the opposing parties to secure your salvation or risk losing it for good.

-1 Morality. Heal yourself quickly!

Magnesium is a key ingredient. Averted death

[Curiosity:] My gosh, I wish I’d never asked. I believed there was a real story to tell here, not just Marxist propaganda like the elementary history classes in the school.

This is something that you need to learn about. Its tale of Disco Elysium is not a hero’s tale but a story of personal development. It is not a story of individuals and actions as much as a long period of philosophical debate about philosophy, politics, and ideologies, as well as the issue of where you fit in the process. It can be lavish, meaningful, and opulent, exhausting and heavy at times, but it is an unimaginably engaging experience for video games.

[Patience Patience … And a bit pansy, I’m afraid.

Gloppy and exuberant, in actuality. In the game Disco Elysium, you have to read lots. A lot of a lot of reading. This is why the game is frequently compared with Planescape: Torment that, apart from the sheer amount of texts, the game does not have much in the way. In contrast to the first version, the dialogues in the final version of Disco Elysium are now also well-dubbed, which makes the entire experience more enjoyable to play (although it’s rather odd that certain dialogs were dubbed while others weren’t [Addendum: This is believed to be a glitch in the test version which was later fixed with an update. From Version 1.3, every dialog line is dubbed). If going through this test to this point appeared to be a chore for you If so, Disco Elysium is probably rather not the game for you.

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[Dice test: memory. Probability: 85%] Dice test is successful. I’ve read up to now, and there’s familiar plenty. There was the video game genre called text adventure.

Indeed, the idea isn’t at all improbable. While you can experience the game world utterly contemporary in a 3D environment with iso-perspective and gorgeous watercolor optics, much of the game’s action is available for reading in the text box, similar to a text-based adventure. If you also remember the genre of adventure gamebooks (or choose-your-own-adventure books in English) from your youth, then this comparison is even more apt.

“Memory”: The memory of hero appears to have lost his memory.

“Know-it-all”: Well, great, it’s completely original for a game of role-playing …

(Curiosity:) Surely, you’ll be able to tell us more about it.

[Dice test: memory. Probability: 34% The test was not successful.

No, definitely certainly not. This would ruin everything. You might discover more about it when you explore the world of games. The girl at the front of the bookshop appears to be familiar with you, and the drunks along the river claim that you may have enjoyed a wild night with them in recent times. It’s odd … it appears that you’ve been around for the past week to investigate the matter, but you don’t recall the incident. You start to get the impression that the memory loss wasn’t an unintentional side effect of drinking. However, it could have an actual and, most importantly, an intentional cause. You’re not sure if you would like to know …

Level advancement. +1 ability point

You store the new ability point in memory. This allows you to roll the test using dice. The results you record can be added to the test.

[Dice test: Memory. Chance: 76% Dice test has been successful. It’s hard to remember who you are or what you’ve been doing over the past week; however, it is inevitable that it has been a result of drinking and drug use. A lot of drugs and alcohol. All of the things in Revachol appear to be connected to drugs and alcohol. This depraved and sinister world can’t be endured in any other way other than through drugs and alcohol.

Do you feel like I hear about something related to drinking and substances? (You’re in. ).

It is imperative to drink a sip from that bottle as fast as you can. It is best to take the entire bottle in one swallow. It will boost your stats; however, it can cause harm for your health. It doesn’t matter because it’s already infected. It’s you’re fucked … As the burning liquor is flowing down your throat, the vomit is already flowing from the opposite direction. The scent of booze and puke mingles with the smell of sweat in your clothing and the poop in the drain into exhalations that seem to emanate from the deepest part of your soul.

[Sense of Taste [Sense of taste]:] That’s quite crude. Also, it’s romantic …

It was more of an attempt to mimic the style of writing used in the game. However, Disco Elysium emulates a literary technique that pays a lyrical homage to the power of mind-expanding chemicals and the effects they produce, especially the beatnik movement from the 50s and 60s and the most famous of its proponents, Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs You’ve likely encountered. The broken heroes from The Black Series and film noir with their poor self-concepts that portrayed masculinity midst of a world filled with faded ideals are also reflected throughout Disco Elysium. As with the real world of the 1920s, when economic depression manifested as a mental crisis, The Disco Elysium world Disco Elysium seems stuck like an album in a constant pause of spiritual self-destruct. Disco Elysium is at least more interactive than plays.

[Patience Oh, I’m sorry, stop it! Do we have the chance to skip the end of the story? [Dice test. The probability is 100%. Final …

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